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Rohingya crisis provides golden opportunity to Jihadis for Pak-B.Desh alliance & Caliphate, if India doesn’t wake-up

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 27 Octobre 2017

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Media reported a military coup plot in Bangladesh engineered by Pakistan (ii)- Jihadis will use rehabilitation in Myanmar of ~ 0.65 million displaced Rohingyas to bring not only Pakistan and Bangladesh together but also other Muslim countries (iii)- Half of Sunni Muslims live East of Shia Iran with Indian geographical barrier (iv)- With Pak-B.Desh alliance and Indian barrier gone realization of Sunni Caliphate will be easier especially with Sunni-NATO in place (v)- Pak-B.Desh alliance and millions of B.Deshi infiltrators in N-E along with renewed Doklam will be huge security problem for India (vi)-If India doesn’t wake-up it will be too late.

--------After separation of West Pakistan from East Pakistan in 1971 (which brought Bangladesh in existence with the military support of India), the security situation for India have been very comfortable but now it has come under serious threat due to immense chances of Pakistan and Bangladesh getting closer, militarily, because of Rohingya crisis. As per media report there was a military coup plot in Bangladesh engineered by Pakistan as given at . This is not surprising because Jihadis will use rehabilitation in Myanmar of reportedly ~ 0.65 million displaced Rohingyas to bring not only Pakistan and Bangladesh together but also other Muslim countries. The Rohingya crisis (ethnic cleansing by Myanmar as per UN) has provided a golden opportunity for Jihadis for the purpose of realizing Sunni Caliphate and for facilitating Pak-B.Desh alliance including military and which is bound to be a huge security threat for India if India does not wake-up promptly as mentioned below:-

(1)- Even if no military coup (in the interest of reviving East Pakistan which Bangladesh was before 1971) takes place in Bangladesh the Jihadis will see to it that Bangladesh adopts a tough policy towards Myanmar in order to send displaced Rohingyas back to Myanmar. Moreover these Jihadis (including Jihadis from Bangladesh) are bound to pressurize Govt of Bangladesh to even resort to military arm twisting of Myanmar [with the help and assistance of Pakistan’s military (including ISI) and Jihadis] in case Myanmar refuses to take these displaced Rohingyas back in Myanmar.

(2)- As far China is concerned Myanmar can’t rely on its support in case of said military arm twisting by Bangladesh because Jihadis will raise the bogey of ‘Islam in danger’ and will pressurize Pakistan to destroy & sabotage the China-Pakistan-Economic Corridor (CPEC) and which China can’t afford. Moreover God only knows if China may be behind all these crises in order to teach India (a new ally of USA mainly against China as perceived in China) a lesson for what India did against China at Doklam and about CPEC / OBOR and during PM Modi’s visit to USA (when India mentioned freedom of navigation in South China sea in joint declaration),

(3)- The Jihadi implications of Rohingya crisis was already in the making as mentioned at .Half of Sunni Muslims live East of Shia Iran with Indian geographical barrier. With Pak-B.Desh alliance the Indian geographical barrier will be gone and the realization of Sunni Caliphate will become much easier especially when Saudi Arabia sponsored Sunni-NATO of ~ 40 Sunni Muslim countries is already in place which is headed by former Army Chief of nuclear Pakistan, General Sharif.

(4)- Pak-B.Desh military alliance and millions of B.Deshi infiltrators in North-East of India along with renewed Doklam will be a huge security problem for India because it has a potential of cutting the entire N-E from India by chocking chicken neck (which connects N-E with rest of India) which China is also coveting in order to take the State of Arunachal Pradesh (which China claims its own territory) from India. Not so peaceful N-E festered with separatist’s uprising all over its history of 70 years with independent India and additional Bangladeshi Muslim / Jihadi infiltrators in N-E will also go a long way in separating N-E from India.

(5)- In such a grim security scenario India has only four options:-

(i)- As West (USA and Europe) has accommodated many mainly Muslim refugees from NAME region (including Syria), pending rehabilitation (of all displaced Rohingyas) back in Myanmar by world-community through UN, -- India should ask its new ally USA to appeal to all US-Allies especially in Pacific and South & East Asia to accommodate all the Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh. Not a single displaced Rohingya should be left in Bangladesh because otherwise it will give Pakistan an opportunity & excuse to form an alliance (including military) with Bangladesh (which will be a disaster for India) as has been explained above.

(ii)- BJP came in Government in the State of Assam mainly on the issue of identifying, tracking and deportation of Bangladeshi illegal migrants in Assam. Hence Government of India and of Govt of Assam should immediately start the process of sending all the Bangladeshi infiltrators to Bangladesh from India.

(iii)- IIn order to put Pakistan at its proper place, India should immediately talk to Pakistan for the retrieve of PoK (even militarily if necessary) as mentioned at OR

(iv)- The dispute with China is legal (unlike dispute with Pakistan which is political) hence India should pressurize China to constitute a judicial commission (preferably through UN of which China is a privileged veto wielding permanent member) in order to settle Indo-China border dispute without any further delay.

Therefore India should wake-up before it is too late and instead should take above mentioned measure in the interest of warding-off the most serious challenge to its security, territorial integrity and sovereignty.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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