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Sunday TOI (part of first partition) should shut-up if doesn’t know what to say on Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 17 Juillet 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Without asking for retrieve of POK, recommending referendum by STOI in Kashmir, tantamount to asking second partition of India (ii)- Management and owners of Timesgroup doubly guilty of threatening territorial integrity of India.

----- Sunday Times of India (STOI) has crossed the ‘Laxman Rekha’ on July, 17 when it published an article “Burhan Wani is dead but he’ll live on till we find out what Kashmir really wants]” by Shobhaa De where, in view of large scale on-going violence in Kashmir, she said that – ‘[Let’s see if the present government has the guts to go ahead with a referendum to resolve Kashmir crises once and for all]”.

It is not the general public but the best minds who run any country and exercise influence on the power structure of any country. In India it is the English educated class which mainly represents the best minds of India and which is influenced by English media and timesgroup (TOI / STOI / TimesNow TV) is the leading prominent English media in India. Freedom of expression entails that people should be allowed to express their views, sentiments etc freely but not for some persons who have special responsibility to protect the State. In addition to constitutional and statutory authorities the press is also expected to exercise restrain while expressing its opinion through editorial etc and while letting journalists and columnists to express their views, opinions, sentiments etc. in media. The STOI obviously has crossed this ‘Laxman Rekha’ on July, 17 by said statement about referendum in J&K. This dereliction on the part of editorial staff of STOI is due to historical reasons.

The responsibility of India’s partition in 1947 lies mainly on the leader of freedom movement Mahatma Gandhi - who was superb and political genius in civilian matters similar to what he did in South Africa without demanding freedom. But Gandhi was a political humbug when comes to martial matters (by demanding freedom of India which means freedom from martial power of regime and that too especially without raising guns against Britishers unlike what USA did). This led to estrangement of Hindus from Britishers and ultimately led to the partition of India.

But TOI is also responsible for 1947 partition of India because it (then also being leading media) did not enlighten the Indians about political absurdity of Gandhi (and his spineless followers Nehru, Patel, Azad etc). This absurdity is evident from the policies and activities of Congress under Gandhi once World War II started. Gandhi even advised Viceroy of India to ask Britishers to not fight the Germans and instead lay down the arms and fight Germans spiritually. Congress even sabotaged Cabinet Mission Plan (the last and best chance to avoid partition of India) by agreeing to include Muslim League (led by Jinnah) members in interim government (which, in present scenario, tantamount to absurdly including Congress members in BJP government of PM Modi) and then saying that because Hindus and Muslims can’t run the government jointly hence partition of India on communal lines. But TOI never enlightened Indians about these absurd and self-defeating policies of Congress in pre-partition India.

Anybody who does not know how to protect the territorial integrity of the country does not know even abcd of politics. Therefore it is no surprise that Congress brought-up under Gandhi (who partitioned India) messed-up Kashmir issue completely though its solution is simple (the retrieve of POK). Moreover it is no further surprise that BJP governments also (the B- Team of Congress whether under Prime Ministers Vajpayee or Modi) have been and still is groping in the dark about Kashmir solution and is not retrieving POK. Rather PM Modi should first talk to Pakistan for retrieve of POK and if Pak refuses to hand over POK on table then India should retrieve POK militarily.

As far mass scale present alienation of Muslim majority Kashmir (under the influence of theocratic Pakistan) it is only due to simple reason that India has not retrieved POK and Kashmiri Muslims have become irresponsible & emboldened due to coward no-martial Indian State. Once POK is retrieved and THEN AND THEN ONLY article 370 of the Constitution is abolished (only after retrieving POK and not before it because otherwise Hindu majority India will forget POK once demography in Kashmir is suitably modified by abolishing Article 370) which will make J&K like any other State of India and then TOI or STOI or its editors or columnist can easily demand referendum in J&K or in Kashmir.

The STOI / TOI / Shobhaa De should not forget that unlike non-martial & coward India [which absurdly thinks that by merely writing in the Constitution or by unanimous resolution of Parliament, entire J&K (including POK) has become an integral part of India] Pakistan much smaller than India tried to take Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 during Kargil etc. Hence because acquiescence and inordinate delay damage the title due to adverse possession, Pakistan is increasingly having better title on J&K than India.

These journalists of STOI / TOI should know that the politics of mainly Congress and BJP has brought the situation in J&K to such an unfortunate point that (what to talk of Muslim majority Kashmir but even in Hindu majority rest of J&K too) it is impossible to count pro-India people in J&K on fingers who believe that J&K (including POK) is an integral part of India and that is why these anti-India people of J&K never demand the retrieve of POK.

Therefore instead of again becoming a party in paving the way for second partition of India by demanding referendum in Kashmir / J&K – the STOI / TOI and its journalists (including Shobhaa De) during PRESENT NON-MARTIAL INDIAN STATE, should first demand retrieve of POK.

At the same time management and owners of Timesgroup (mainly Sahu Jain Family which has major stake in Bennett Coleman Co. LTD) are doubly guilty of threatening territorial integrity of India. Sahu Parivar became party to first partition of India as mentioned above and now is going to become party to second partition of India (by allowing in its media the recommendation for referendum in PRESENT situation in J&K) for the simple reason that though Sahu Jain Parivar is a leading and prominent member of Digamber Jain community but does not understand the basics of Jainism.

Jainism was founded by Terthankar Rishabh Dev (Adinath) who controlled State (including military) and not by 24 th Teerthankar Mahavir who renounced State. Jainism is the first religion which combined Saint and Warrior in its founder. This was followed by Islam (by Prophet Muhammad and later on through Caliphates) and Sikhism. It is a different matter that Sikhism was started by Saint Guru Nanak Dev and resulted in combination of Saint and Warrior in tenth Guru Govind Singh.

The betrayal of founder Teerthanker Rishabh Dev by Jains has resulted in a pathetic situation where Jains [who once ruled one third of undivided India (as late as up-to the time of Teerthanker Mahavir) as is evident from Hathigumpha inscriptions of Kharvela period at Udaigiri near Bhubaneswar, Odisha] have been reduced to ~ 1 % of the population of divided India.

It is hoped that Sahu Family (by following the basics of Jainism) will also keep a watchful eye so that journalists and columnists of timesgroup do not succeed in threatening / damaging the territorial integrity of India by such irresponsible recommendation (that there should be referendum in Kashmir / J&K which is nothing but tantamount to second partition of India in PRESENT situation).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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