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Tasteless pomp & show on Republic-Day in sinking & poor India in presence of 10 ASEAN

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 27 Janvier 2018

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- Pompous celebration / show by demoralized & poor people or nation is cruel vulgarity

----Poor people also have right to celebrate their festivals but only when they endeavor to come-out of their poverty and demoralizing condition, otherwise such so-called celebrations are nothing but cruel vulgarity (as it is cruel to suffering members of the family). Same apply to poor & sinking nation like India too. The Republic-Day was celebrated in India on January 26, 2018 with all pomp and show in India’s capital New Delhi where from the 10 ‘Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) their leaders (President of Indonesia, Prime Minister of Singapore, Prime Minister of Vietnam, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Thailand,, State Counselor of Myanmar, President of Philippines, Sultan of Brunei, Prime Minister of Laos and the Prime Minister of Cambodia) were Chief –Guests at this Republic-Day celebrations. But the stark reality of India is very depressing which is evident from following three facts, out of many:-

(1)- The history of last 70 years of independent Hindu majority India is ample proof that Hinduism is simply incapable of transferring it into pro-democracy egalitarian, prosperous society. The hierarchal & discriminatory caste system of Hinduism has made Hindus a moribund society. The reservation policy with demoralizing tag [of Dalits (oppressed, the schedule castes SC), ST (Schedule Tribes) BC (Backward castes) and OBC (other backward castes) etc who are majority of Hindus] which is fatally harmful for a democracy has [notwithstanding what Government of India (GOI) boasts about India being world power) has rendered India a poor country where about half of India (mainly small and marginal farmers) is starving (extreme malnutrition) and every 30 minutes a farmer commits suicide in India as mentioned at and there is vulgar income inequality in India

All the problems of poor Indians can be solved by deploying huge State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion. But Delhi Police is a thoroughly compromised organization which is not taking action under criminal laws against derelict public servants of IT Department under Section 177, 181, 199, 202, 217, 218 IPC read with Section 271 (1) (C ) 276 (C ) of The Income Tax Act and Section 13 (1) (d) 13 (2) of The Prevention of Corruption Act despite http://www.newsnat ion-disclosure-on-blackmoney- kharabpati-farmers-take-agricu lture-route-t.html and https:/ / India-bound-to-get-Rs--1000- Trillion-income-tax-as-Delhi- Police-steps-in_a31456.html and also despite mention of this unrealized huge State-capital in recently published book 'Demonetization and the Black Economy' by Professor Arun Kumar (Retd) and its mention by Debroy, the senior economist of NITI Aayog. What is worse, no one is raising voice in India for the recovery of this crucial immense State-capital of $ ~ 16 Trillion, though it can solve all the problems in India (especially of poor) which are emanating from paucity of funds.

(2)- India is a country being run on rule of law and judiciary enforces laws. The Supreme Court (having vast powers under Article 141 & 144 of the Constitution where laws declared by Supreme Court are binding on all courts and all civil & judicial authorities work in aid of SCI) is naturally very important institution for good health and proper functioning of democracy in India. But on January 12, 2018 India was appalled to watch on TV four Supreme Court Judges (SCJs) addressing a press conference where they not only released a letter written by them to Chief Justice of India (CJI) and there was controversy after this letter in November 2017 about Medical-college admission scam in which accusing fingers were raised towards CJI but to a query by media during said press conference one of the 4 Judges also said that the case of Late Judge Loya (in which BJP President was accused in a case which Judge Loya was hearing) is also the reason for the lack of confidence of these 4 SCJs in CJI. Clearly during this press conference these 4 SCJs have accused CJI of bench-fixing with the criminal intent of (A)- Favoring the present ruling dispensation of Union of India (B)- Hiding the criminalization of SCI.

What 4 SCJs said is allegedly a criminal contempt by CJI under section 2 ( C) (ii) (iii) of Contempt of Court of Act because it prejudices, interferes and tends to interfere with the due course of judicial proceeding, interferes and tends to interfere with, and obstructs and tends to obstruct, the administration of justice. These 4 SCJs were legally expected to complaint to President of India about alleged criminal contempt committed by CJI and were further expected to pray to President that impeachment proceeding be initiated against CJI so that CJI can be removed from office in order to facilitate prosecution of CJI for criminal contempt of court [Judges of courts-of-record (the SCI and High Courts) cannot be prosecuted in office by anyone other than the Parliament through impeachment]. But these 4 SCJs preferred to go public.

This was scandalizing and lowering the authority of SCI and which is a criminal contempt by these 4 SCJs under section 2 ( c) (i) of Contempt of Court Act. The CJI should have initiated (with a copy to President of India) the contempt proceeding against these 4 SCJs (on January, 12 after said press conference by these 4 SCJs) but for the reasons best known to CJI (maybe he is afraid because these 4 SCJs may be having solid prove to establish said bench-fixing by CJI) the CJI has preferred to remain silent.

In this matter President (under Article 86 and 143 of the Constitution or otherwise) and the Prime Minister should have seen to it that the impeachment proceedings against all of these 5 Judges (CJI and said 4 SCJs) are initiated under Article 124 (4) of the Constitution (on the contrary government of India has reportedly said that it is an internal matter of SCI and it will be solved by SCI itself as if thorough criminalization of SCI is an internal matter of SCI). When President and Prime Minister of India are tolerating and condoning rather complicit (by their acts of omission) in thorough criminalization & corruption of SCI by considering the Judges including CJI of Supreme Court above criminal-contempt-laws then what will be the fate of Indian democracy, is any body’s guess.

(3)- India was made India by Britishers through rule-of-law. Vast territory of undivided India (along with Pakistan and Bangladesh) was ruled from Centre by laws (including four major laws IPC, CPC, CrPC and Evidence Act). Hence if rule-of-law is destroyed then India will disintegrate. Age old rivalry between Hindus and Muslims has destroyed secularism and rule-of-law in India. Like said disadvantaged castes of Hindu order the Indian Muslims (who along with disadvantaged caste constitute overwhelming majority of India) are also demoralized and are not filing following petitions in SCI for restoring rule-of-law in India, mostly out of fear and anti-secularism:-

(i)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of Observer of SCI also with a prayer that SCI should direct GOI to be ready to requisition UNPKF in case Hindutva forces create law & order problem all across the country during restoration of Babri-Masjid (if India can send its security forces in other countries for maintaining peace through UNPKF then for maintaining peace security forces of other countries can also come in India through UNPKF)
(ii)- Query about retrieve of Muslim PoK in the interest of removal of AFSPA, SPA etc from J&K and terrorism threat from all across India (through writ first in J&K High Court and then in SCI, if needed)
(iii)- Prosecution against guilty found by Sri Krishna Commission about 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai / Maharashtra (while rightly asking for deportation / action against Dawood Ibrahim etc, the guilty of serial blasts which were direct fallout of said riots)
(iv)- Constitutional obligation regarding public debt under Article 292 & 293 and not under FRBM which is unconstitutionally promoting unethical unbridled usury (interest earning) an anathema in Islam
(v)- Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots regarding responsibility of and punishment to executive magistrates and security & armed forces in stopping riots under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C.
(vi)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy which is giving reservation to also those castes of Hindus which once ruled in India. [In ‘Rajtantra’ State run the people where as in ‘Prajatantra’ people run the State hence the moral of the people should be higher than of the State in any democracy. But the people who consider themselves as Dalits backward etc their moral cannot be high. There is nothing wrong in reservation especially to those who otherwise do not get proportional representation in government, but it should not be in the name of demoralizing tag (fatally harmful for democracy) of SC, ST, BC, OBC etc. Rather reservation should be given only in government service on merit (and not in education or elections) to any recognizable human group whichever demands it proportional to its percentage in population].

If leaders of said 10 countries are in Delhi merely as Chief-guests during Republic-Day celebrations then it is OK, but if they carry the impression that by following the policies of India their country will progress & prosper, then only GOD can save these 10 ASEAN countries.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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