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Trump should go for P-to-P contact through IPP than G-to-G contact

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 14 Décembre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

---- It is natural that before Donald Trump goes in White House on January 20, 2017 as US President of economically and militarily most power country of the World he will get suggestions from all over the World regarding what he should do during 4 or may be 8 years of his Presidency. In this hour of din of suggestions and expectations from all the sides, Trump will do well if he falls back on Americanism because it will be best not only for Americans but will be good for rest of the World too.

Trump should understand that USA is getting respect and attention due to achievements and Americanism of its founding and forefathers hence If USA stops being leader of free world it will go in the dustbin of history. In modern World it is not merely economic power (which oil rich countries of NAME region also had one time) but human values which bring sustained power to any country. Because in present World of Science & Technology (which resulted in democracy too) every human being has become important hence without promoting human values no country can sustain its progress and power.

Hence Trump will blunder if considers support of Americans (especially of white Americans) for isolationism and protectionism. Trump should realize that in every country it is the burden of a particular group of people to ensure that the country keeps on progressing and its values and power remain intact. It is so in India too where every Indian contributes in national life but every progressive national movement emanates from and is carried out mainly by Hindus of North India (using Devnagari script and its variants). Similarly African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans etc also contribute in the national life of USA but Americanism has been and will continue to be protected & promoted mainly by White Americans who made America what it is today namely the super economic and military power of the World.

Hence Trump will serve USA well if he instead of keeping Americanism in libraries, implement it globally. Getting jobs for Americans and protecting Rule-of-Law by tackling illegal immigrants should be left to his team by Trump. USA should understand that globalization driven by advance in Science & Technology is going to stay and strengthen. USA lost on job front because USA thus far has been pursuing wrong policy of sending only capital in other countries and not labor with it. Globalization will provide more jobs to Americans if American capital (instead of giving capital to the companies of host countries) establishes American companies in host countries and goes abroad with American labor. Therefore instead of adopting suicidal policy of isolationism and protectionism USA should go all-out for globalization (while sending American labor with American Capital).

Trump will succeed in promoting globalization if practices fundamental global Christian values of humanity (and not formal religion, Christianity). Trump should concentrate with a missionary zeal only on protecting and promoting human rights of the people all over the world. For this mission to succeed (i)- Mandatory Protocol MP-1 instead of Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR of UN, in the interest of enforcing human rights all over the World even militarily if needed (ii)- Participatory Philanthropic Institutions (PPI) for education & health-care (to start with first for health-care with contribution from employees and employers and their representatives in management in addition to government representatives) and (iii)- International Political Parties (IPP ) registered at UN- will be minimum needed.

In this mission, the People-to-People (P-to-P) contact through IPP than Government-to-Government (G-to-G) contact will be crucial as is evidence from the example of India. During on-going illegal and inhuman demonetization US government is dealing with and caring about Government of India (GOI) whereas not bothering about people of India who are suffering immensely (even ~ 100 people killed) during this draconian demonetization. US Government does not understand that pampering and protecting GOI at the cost of ~ 1.3 Billion people of India is not in the long term interest of USA.

Rather USA should have insisted for bringing constitutional and other authorities (namely President, Prime Minister and his cabinet, Supreme Court Judges, RBI officials) to justice [in the interest of protecting right to life and property under Article 21, 32, 300 A, 78, 56 (1) (b), 124 (4) of The Constitution and section 26 (2) of RBI Act and for killing people by GOI & RBI by negligence under section 304 A, 34 and 120 (B) of IPC] so that nobody can dare to kill and harass the Indians in this and similar manner in future. Had USA done this then innocent 99 % of ~ 1.3 Billion beleaguered people of India would have been grateful for ever to such friendly USA.

But USA did not do it because presently there is only G-to-G contact and there is no P-to-P contact between USA & India. The P-to-P contact is possible and can be made easy through IPPs. If some political parties function in USA and in India too then obviously such IPPs will not only have influence on the Governments of USA & India and will be best guarantee for P-to-P contacts between USA & India but it will also spread Americanism in India and similarly in other countries (where such US sponsored IPPs will function including in Muslim NAME and AF-PAK-Kashmir regions which are bleeding and weeping profusely). Though Trump was not an active functionary of his Republican Party before Presidential election but now Trump should devote his maximum time on converting Republican Party into an IPP.

There is one more compelling reason for launching US sponsored IPPs. In most of the countries ~ 80 % of the socially & economically humble people are suppressed, oppressed and exploited by ~ powerful 20 % of the people. This is evident from the case of India too. Most of Indians could not protect themselves against criminal demonetization. All the constitutional and other authorities failed to protect Indians from massive harassment (where even ~ 100 people were killed) by this draconian demonetization. This clearly proves that Indians if left to them are unfit for democracy. The situation is even worst in most of the Muslim countries where even democracy is not there. Therefore the American value namely democracy can be spread all over the World only when US sponsored IPPs function all over the World (because most of the people, while practicing Americanism, need protection from the established vested interested which gets threatened with the advance of Americanism).

It is hoped that Trump will realize that - as life is evaluated after death his Presidency will also be evaluated through his legacy only. And there can be no better legacy for Trump than to harness the energy of Americans for extending peace and prosperity to entire World which will benefit Americans the most. Moreover Trump can always count on divine assistance in this noble mission.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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