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USA and Pakistan may strike a secret deal about Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 2 Décembre 2017

Dear Editor

Sub:- If India does not give-up its blind faith in USA, then India may face another dismemberment

-----When President Trump instigated [in the backdrop of military alliance of ~ 40 Sunni Muslim countries sponsored by Saudi Arabia (SaAr) and headed by former army chief of Pakistan General Sharif] about 50 Sunni Muslim countries on May 21, 2017 at Riyadh the capital of SaAr to bring-about regime change in Iran and to eliminate terrorism from Sunni majority NAME region (including Syria) allegedly perpetrated by militant-Jihadis supported by Shia Iran then it is bound to be done because Emperor (USA / Prez Trump) wants it.

This is easy said than done because USA knows that when SaAr and its allies from Gulf counties could not defeat Shia Houthis, the Iran supported Jihadis in Yemen then how these Sunni countries of Middle-East can succeed in such a gigantic program against Iran. It is precisely here that the military alliance of Sunni countries (Sunni-NATO as popularly known) comes into picture especially the Sunni countries East of Shia Iran including militarily powerful nuclear Pakistan.

USA knows that this Sunni-NATO is a precursor to Sunni-Caliphate sponsored by SaAr which is quite feasible because Turkey (the old caliphate) is a member of US led European NATO which Turkey will not like to leave in order to lead a new Sunni-Caliphate. Hence rich SaAr [which has two most sacred places of Sunni-Muslims (Mecca and Medina) on its soil (hence command immense respect from entire Sunni-Muslim world) and which has already invested huge resources in spreading Wahhabi Islam all across Sunni-Muslim countries / societies] is the natural choice for entire Sunni-Muslim world if Sunni-NATO supports SaAr in its ambition to become Sunni-Caliphate (of course with the major military support from Pakistan). Though this connivance of USA in Sunni-NATO (and ultimately Sunni-Caliphate) will be dangerous for the safety and peace of the remaining world but when Emperor wants it (out of enmity against Iran) then nothing else matters.

But Pakistan is not a naive country and it will assist USA and SaAr in realizing their said objective only when Pakistan is supported by them in snatching at least Muslim Kashmir (if not Hindu Jammu and Buddhist Ladakh of J&K) from Hindu majority India. USA has no choice than to accept this condition of Pakistan (USA without Pakistan can’t achieve what it publicly committed itself against Iran on May 21, 2017 at Riyadh) because otherwise USA will lose its credibility and clout in the world which Emperor cannot tolerate or afford to.

Otherwise also it will not be difficult for USA to give Kashmir to Pakistan (through militarily operation by Sunni-NATO) because India has neglected / avoided Kashmir solution (which is nothing but unification of Kashmir / J&K) because Hindu India does not want to shed its blood for Muslim PoK. Hence USA can always tell the world (may not be directly to its newfound friend India) that in the interest of human rights it had to support the military solution (through Sunni-NATO) to gory and chronic Kashmir problem which has already claimed the lives of over one hundred thousand and has caused immense sufferings to the people of J&K (especially Kashmir)

Of-course India is again grossly underestimating Islam and its militant-Jihadis. India is still not realizing that it faces existential threat if doesn’t retrieve PoK before consolidation of Sunni-NATO. The people of Hindu majority India are traditionally naive & gullible hence they grossly underestimate blood thirsty militant-Jihadis of Islam (though Muslims at-large remain peaceful). Even up to first week of August 1947 Indians did not believe that India could be partitioned. With the result on August 14/15, 1947 India was trifurcated into India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) when during partition ~ 1 million people were butchered in communal violence and ~ 10 million were displaced in most gory situation.

Now again India is facing serious threat of dismemberment (likely in J&K and North East) if India does not retrieve PoK before the consolidation of Sunni-NATO as mentioned at:- OR

Demography & political situation of and around undivided India has changed drastically hence this time destruction will be much more because (i)- Islam and its militant-Jihadis will be much more powerful due to Sunni-NATO (ii)-. Before partition population of Muslims compared to Others (Hindus, S.C, S.T, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsees, Jews and Misc.) in undivided India was 24 % (93.58 million Muslims in total of 390 million) but now in 2017 the Muslim population (including, as per media, 40 million illegal immigrants out of which as per government 20 million are in Assam State of India alone) is 33 % (189+204+149+40 = 582 million Muslims in total 1339+197+165+40 = 1741 million population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and (iii)- In addition to it the militant-Jihadis are in geographically continuous Afghanistan. And about 4.5 times (1741 / 390 million) increase in population of undivided India will further exacerbate the situation.

It will be educative to Indians and for rest of the world to watch whether new friendship of India with USA will bring rich dividends for India or for Pakistan (pining for taking revenge against India for the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 by India in the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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