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USA dangerously neglecting political explosion of nuclear Indo-Pak on the issue of Israel & Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 26 Octobre 2019

Shakopee, MN, USA

--Since World War II the USA has been managing global political order (mainly through UN) and has succeeded to the extent that it could at-least avoid World war III. Presently the USA is tired and wants to retire from this responsibility and wants to revert back to traditional US-isolationism (which also made USA to decline the membership / leadership of ‘League of Nations’ after World War I and which was the main reason of World War II). This is evident from the policies where the USA is increasingly distancing economically (by way of protectionism), politically, militarily and strategically, from rest of the world including from its allies and protectorates.

[like Ukraine which lost Crimea in 2014 despite Budapest Memorandum, or Saudi Arabia (which purchased armaments worth hundreds of billions of dollars from USA) which suffered most humiliating drone & missile attack on about 60 % of its oil production on September 14, 2019 without any retaliatory strike, or devastated-Syria where its allies are left high & dry without achieving the absurd demand of USA of removing Assad regime before election in Syria, or Afghanistan where USA is practically offering its government to forces which USA & its allies have been fighting for 18 years, or Iran nuclear deal (consented by P5+1 and UN) which was cancelled arbitrarily and unilaterally, or secularism never demanded by USA in Muslim countries though lack of it is the main problem in most of the troubled Muslim countries]

But the USA should understand that no other country is coming forward to replace / assist / co-operate with the USA in managing global political order and if USA also stops taking interest in managing global political order then the global political vacuum, in increasingly globalizing world, may harm the vital interests of USA too. Therefore the USA should shed its pretensions of altruistic motives and instead should seriously address the Indo-Pak dispute (on Kashmir) between two countries which both are nuclear and will come closer to war if Maulan’s Azadi (freedom)-march / ‘Jalsa’ (public meeting) / ‘Dharna’ (sit-in) issue and human rights issue in Kashmir & Kashmir dispute are not tackled with requisite alacrity & seriousness by the USA, in the given backdrop as given below:-

(1)- First and foremost the USA should not underestimate Islam / communal-card especially in a theocratic Islamic State of nuclear Pakistan. Had the Azadi-march based on secular (economic) issues the major opposition (secular) parties PML (N) and PPP would not have given its leadership to small religious party (JUI-F) of Maulana, a religious leader. Maulana is talking about economic issues only to initially attract the people & other opposition parties. But once Azadi march starts or reaches Islamabad, Maulana will confine only on “Kashmir-ka-sauda with Israel, USA and India” [as Maulana talked extensively during a meeting-speech where he accused some retired Generals of taking money from Israel and dared (which no secular politician could ever do in Pakistan) Pak military to remain in limits and keep away from politics as mentioned at ] and this will charge the entire politico - religious environment of Pakistan which is the only reason that PML(N) and PPP are constrained to follow Maulana.

(2)- The agitated political commentators (some even recommend Ghazwa-e-Hind) have been saying on Pak TV channels that by the time Maulana reaches Islamabad 3 months would have passed for lock-down in Kashmir and then winter will set-in hence for another 5 months Kashmir can easily be kept under lock-down by Government of India (GoI) and by the end of 8 month's lock-down, the moral of Kashmiris will be broken to such an extent by Indian security forces that PM Imran's policy of waiting for “bloodbath after curfew is lifted in Kashmir” will flop (these agitated Pakistanis ask that - will then Imran government go to Kashmir in March 2020 end, only for bringing the dead bodies of Kashmiris ?). Therefore Maulana will agitate Kashmir issue during Azadi march or at Islamabad by saying that Islam & Muslim majority J&K [also due to Indian Defense Minister Rajnath’s public vow to now (after ‘annexing’ J&K by India) bring PoK to India] are in danger by Zionist forces (with the complicity of India and USA) and this is bound to create such political storm in Pakistan that (what to talk of Imran Government) it will put even Pak military on sever test.

(3)- Opposition parties PML (N) and PPP are motivated about Azadi-march as their leaders (Shariffs and Zardari) are sent to jail during Imran government. But Maulana is highly motivated about this Azadi-march due to the reason not made public by him. Maulana is not fighting for his political survival (as some politicians and political commentators in Pakistan are saying) but for his religious survival. Imran government have been trying to bring ‘madarsa’ (Islamic schools which provide huge power and resources to Maulana) under government control and it was reported in media that for this purpose Imran met George Soros in USA on Sepetember,22 as reported at and which has further infuriated Maulana to no limits and Kashmir issue has come as a God-sent opportunity for Maulana to take-on Imran government.

(4)- The suspicion about Imran being the planted ‘boy’ of Jews was also raised by his former wife through her book ‘Reham Khan’ where she writes that “[The former Director General of ISI General Ehsan ul Haq in Sadruddin Hashwani’s home confirmed to her the Imran’s connections to Americans. According to General at a meeting in 1996 (where Sir James Goldsmith the father-in-law of Imran was also present) Henry Kissinger told the late Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub to look after ‘our boy Imran Khan’] and “[It was pointless to expect Imran to defend her against baseless allegations hurled at her for the purpose of breaking their marriage as Imran’s actions were tied to purse strings (of Jemima, the first wife of Imran and daughter of Sir James Goldsmith) in London]”. These allegations of Reham are bound to be exploited by Maulana’s party to prove, as they say, that ‘Imran is Israeli agent’.

(5)- Remaining Muslim world [which is almost (except Turkey, Malaysia, and Iran) silent on what has happened about J&K on and after August 5, 2019] will also join the chorus with Maulana & opposition parties of Pakistan against Israel for the simple reason that it will give them opportunity to effectively humiliate Israel through Pakistanis what they could not do through Palestinians

(6)- Such an explosive situation is being mishandled by Imran government which (without realizing that freedom of expression is good not merely for the citizens but also for the government and State in general) is trying to stop / obstruct this peaceful Azadi-march / Jalsa / Dharna of Maulana & major opposition parties by way of arrest of political activists, road blocks etc. By such unconstitutional and illegal measures government of Imran (brought in power by Pakistan military as publicly alleged by opposition in Pakistan) is provoking violence in Pakistan which creates a genuine suspicion that it may be with a motive for bringing military rule in Pakistan as is being warned by a cabinet minister that “Whenever, Ulema ran any movement, martial law was imposed in country” as reported at (As opposition says, military placed Imran in power and now Imran wants to place military in power)

(7)- The USA should also not neglect Kashmir problem and the violation of human rights of Kashmiris since August 5, 2019. Rather Prez Trump should publicly ask GoI to ensure plebiscite in a time-bound period generally on the basis of or . The US Congress should also pass bi-partisan resolution in order to ensure plebiscite by India in United-J&K without any further delay and immediate restoration of human rights in Kashmir.

It is hoped that the USA will take seriously the highly likely political explosion of nuclear Indo-Pak on the issue of Kashmir & Israel and in order to avoid it USA will ensure that (i)- The Pakistan government allows peaceful Azadi-march / Jalsa / Dharna of Maulana & other opposition parties and (ii)- Indian government immediately restores human rights of Kashmiris and carries-out plebiscite in United-J&K without any further delay.

​Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayl of Americanism’)
Shakopee, MN, USA.
​​​Whatsapp: 7353541252

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