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UpFront with Mehdi Hasan to launch on Al Jazeera English

Alwihda Info | Par Alwihda Info - 25 Août 2015

Award-winning British journalist Mehdi Hasan will be hosting a new weekly current affairs show on Al Jazeera English from September 4th.

UpFront will be broadcast from Al Jazeera’s brand new studios in Washington DC Fridays at 19.30 GMT. Taking on Hasan’s successful and rigorous style of interviewing, showcased on Al Jazeera’s flagship one-on-one interview series Head to Head,
UpFront will ask the questions that often get left behind. The programme will give a refreshing perspective on the week’s news through sharp interviews, vigorous debates, and political satire.

UpFront will set its own agenda and develop in-depth global topics over 25 minutes of high quality news and current affairs, setting itself apart from weekly review shows. Strongly anchored by Al Jazeera’s global perspective, UpFront will have exclusive high-profile guests and give space to a provocative, inquisitive and robust Mehdi Hasan.

On the upcoming launch of his new show Hasan said: “I’m incredibly excited to be launching UpFront in September, asking the questions that our viewers across the globe want to hear asked - and answered. Interviews, debates, explainers, and more - we'll aim to deliver them all. It'll be a challenge. And, I hope, a weekly adventure."

Giles Trendle, Acting Managing Director of Al Jazeera English said: “These highly challenging, dynamic and provocative weekly review shows will surprise and inspire viewers, as Mehdi challenges guest after guest to reveal the stories behind the story. The shows will be rigorously intellectual and unashamedly forensic.”

Unveiling Al Jazeera English's sophisticated and vast new studios in Washington DC, UpFront will feature a variety of hard-hitting segments to deliver key ideas and house high-level debates. Key amongst these will be:

The Headliner: A one-on-one interview with some of the biggest global political and cultural figures of our time. Hasan will challenge the guest, seek answers to key questions, and highlight vital issues.

Reality Check: A powerful two minute segment illustrated with innovative graphics, busting the myths that constantly permeate mainstream media, cutting through the spin to reveal what really matters.

The Arena: Voices from across the world confront, debate and share their ideas in this global forum moderated by Hasan. Unashamedly adversarial, the arena features two high-profile guests tackling the crucial topic of the week.

UpFront will air weekly on Al Jazeera English on Fridays at 19:30 GMT, and will be repeated Saturdays at 14:30 GMT, Sundays at 04:30 GMT and Mondays at 08:30 GMT, from September 4th to November 20th 2015.

UpFront episodes will also be freely available online after they first air. Go to for more information.

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