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90 percent of Hangzhou residents ‘happy’ to host G20 summit: survey

Alwihda Info | Par peoplesdaily - 28 Août 2016

Tourists gather along the Broken Bridge, the most scenic spot on the West Lake of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, on Saturday. As the G20 Summit approaches, officials have imposed limits on the number of tourists from August 20-31. But the number of visitors peaked in the second weekend after the restrictions were implemented. (Photo: CFP)

By Zheng Jian from People’s Daily
To make the upcoming G20 summit successful, Hangzhou has spared no efforts in security and environmental protection, said a senior official of the host city.
With accommodations and events spread among districts, Hangzhou faces challenging security tasks, said the official, adding that this would inconvenience local residents.
To minimize its impact on their lives, the local government has conducted some rehearsals and drills at night, he stressed.
Though many Hangzhou residents may have experienced temporary inconvenience, a recent survey shows that most of them fully understand and support the preparations, the official said.
According to the survey, 95 percent of the respondents feel proud to host the summit and 86.2 percent feel happier.
Thanks to its enormous endeavors on environmental protection in recent years, Hangzhou enjoys a better ecological environment.
He denied some Western media reports that Hangzhou had shut down polluting enterprises for the event, adding it is part of the city’s efforts to implement the nation’s new development concepts rather than for the summit.
The city did so with the aim of restructuring the economy and by reducing obsolete production capacity as well, the official added.
As the summit’s host from September 4-5, China has vowed to make the G20 Summit a most important economic cooperation platform, to inject new impetus to world economic development, peace and stability, officials said.

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