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AI Beauty Ranking: The Most Attractive U.S. Presidential Candidates for 2024

Alwihda Info | Par Alwihda - 31 Octobre 2023

In the realm of politics, first impressions can play a pivotal role, often shaping voters' perceptions and decisions. To delve into this intriguing facet of politics, our team conducted an assessment that combines technology and aesthetics. We employed three distinct AI beauty evaluation tools to rank the most notable U.S. presidential candidates for the 2024 elections based on their physical appearance.

Republican Ryan Binkley emerged as the frontrunner, crowned as the most attractive presidential candidate according to AI. His combined score reached an impressive 241.6 out of 300 points.

The second spot on our list goes to biotech millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy, yet another Republican, amassing a total of 229.2 points.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis secures the third position with a score of 228.4 points, but North Dakota's governor, Doug Burgum, is hot on his heels, boasting 228.2 points.

The combined average score of our pool of 14 candidates, as assessed by the three beauty evaluation tools, stands at 206.2 on a 3-300 scale, indicating that voters will have an attractive selection of candidates to choose from.

Tail End of the List:

Chris Christie finds himself at the bottom of the ranking with a total score of 161.8 points.

Joe Biden trails behind with 170.5 points, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. closes this segment with 188.9 points.

The comprehensive ranking employed three different attractiveness evaluation tools: the Beauty Score Calculator, Pretty Scale, and Face Beauty Analysis Test.

"We focused exclusively on individuals who have officially announced their presidential candidacies, and these candidacies are taken seriously", according AssociatedNews Network.

"While physical appearance is subjective, our team's approach of employing AI beauty evaluation tools to rate presidential candidates' appearances offers a unique lens through which to view the 2024 U.S. presidential election. It's a reminder that, in the world of politics, first impressions and aesthetics matter as much as policies and platforms", said AssociatedNews Network.

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