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Assad and Russia unnecessarily worked-up w/o understanding legal implications of UN Syria Resolution

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 13 Février 2016

Sub:- (i)- Now boots-on-ground are not needed to eliminate terrorists ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc from Syria (ii)- Sunni terrorist have to merely handover their territories to opposition to frustrate Shias through elections (iii)- After elections entire Syria bound to come under Sunni majority government (iv)- Assad and Russia unnecessarily worked-up without understanding legal implications of UN Syria Resolution

-- Of course boots on ground were needed before December, 18 UN resolution to eliminate ISIS etc but now situation has changed. The salient features of December, 18 UN Syria Resolution are:-

(i)- Opposition is party to UN Resolution that means Russia acknowledge opposition has some territory and is willing to fight terrorists (ISIS. Al-Qaeda etc) as per UN Resolution.

(ii)- UN Resolutions acknowledge there are three types of territories in Syria namely Government territory, opposition territory and terrorist territory. The fate of Government territory and opposition territory will be decided politically through elections.

(iii)- Govt and opposition can bomb territories of each other till ceasefire is announced (while taking care it does not frustrate UN Resolution’s mandate which expects both parties to support and accelerate all efforts to achieve a ceasefire).

(iv)- Assad and Russia can not expect international / UN protection while bombing opposition territory by saying it is terrorist territory.

(v)- Terrorist territories (under ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc) will be decided militarily before elections.

But people have not understood one very important legal implication of UN Resolution. If terrorists (ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc) flee Syria and before fleeing handover entire terrorist territory to opposition then Assad and Russia can not bomb thus transferred territory (by saying that it is terrorist territory) and this transferred territory will also be considered opposition territory and like original opposition territory this transferred territory will also be decided by elections.

In a heightened Shia-Sunni conflict exacerbated by Russian military intervention with Shia support, the Sunni terrorists are bound to prefer to transfer their territories to Sunni opposition than to see it going to Shia backed Assad Government / Russia in military conflict. In such scenario there will be no need for boots on ground (for eliminating non-existent ISIS etc) and merely elections are enough.

Because Russia doesn't want elections (due to removal of Russian military bases from Syria after inevitable victory of Sunnis in elections) this entire gory drama & confusion (in the wake of bombing of Aleppo etc with huge humanitarian & refugee crises) is going on in Syria.

[Here Christian USA & its European allies should also not forget that they have alienated Sunnis through Syria where Sunni rebels who were supported by them in every way to go for armed rebellion were bombarded by Christian Russia in violation of UN December,18 Resolution (by calling opposition territory also as terrorist territory) but they did nothing and which resulted in huge territory loss to opposition coupled with huge humanitarian & refugee crises.]


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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