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Bengaluru, India: Likely alliance of Blacks and Muslims will be dangerous, if USA doesn’t wake-up

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 9 Juillet 2016

It is not merely what President Obama said about racial-USA by giving Statistics (from various credible studies) that Blacks get much more rough & legally objectionable treatment (than Whites in USA) from White Police personnel.

Sub:- (i)- Complacent & routine analysis of Dallas shoot-out will harm USA (ii)- Armed retaliation at Dallas to Police killing of Blacks at Minnesota and Louisiana has potential of bringing ISIS and Blacks together.

---- It is not merely what President Obama said about racial-USA by giving Statistics (from various credible studies) that Blacks get much more rough & legally objectionable treatment (than Whites in USA) from White Police personnel. The way Christianity has given-up its humane / welfare / missionary activities for making this-worldly existence of Christians worth-living and instead the way nowadays Christianity in USA TOO has mostly confined its activities for making wealth (including vast lands and landed properties) by scaring Christians about their other-worldly existence it is no surprise the lives of Americans presently is permanently full of anxieties mainly due to vulgar exploitation (of economically humble people of USA) being allowed by the Fed & States Governments of USA especially regarding health, education and housing. It goes without saying that the worst sufferers of this poverty and unbridled exploitation are the Blacks (African-Americans) of USA.

So-far Blacks were carrying out non-violent protests against said police excesses but Dallas shootout in which 11 Policemen were fired at (5 killed) by a Black has changed the very complexion of Black protests (especially in view of ISIS phenomenon which is spewing venom against USA too and has inspired two terrorist attacks killing & injuring many in last ~ six months in USA at San Bernardino, CA and Orlando, FL). Dallas shoot-out is bound to instigate some more Blacks to go for armed rebellion which will further be fueled by said economically more difficult condition of Blacks and lethal bullets in guns with civilians of USA.

Therefore it will do no good to USA if it carries-out routine analysis of Dallas shoot-out (in view of this shoot-out not by a Jihadi). Rather USA should not be surprised if ISIS tries to fish in these troubled waters of USA and with the result more and more Blacks embrace Islam in USA [especially given the fact that Muslims are in huge numbers in Africa (the ancestral home of Blacks in USA) where Jihadis of ISIS etc already have strong foothold]. Presently Blacks are only ~ 14 % of US population and Muslims are merely ~ 2 % of US population (including ~ 25 % Blacks in Muslim population). But this much disgruntled (rightly or wrongly) population also makes any country’s peaceful & harmonious life and progress difficult as is the experience of India, where ~ 15 % disgruntled Muslims have made Indian story quite unattractive.

No doubt leader of free-world the liberal democratic USA cannot rather will not do anything by way of curtailing the freedom of religion if Americans (including Blacks) adopt / convert to Islam in a considerable numbers. But USA can certainly do something (as explained below) for ameliorating living conditions of economically humble Americans to which Black community mostly belongs (of-course about Police excesses Governments of USA will further do something) - if USA does not want to unnecessarily invite trouble by underestimating Islam (which is another children of Testament hence will not have much difficulty in attracting Christians in its fold) :-

(1)- What USA has to do is to only provide health, education and housing at very nominal cost. For this two paradigm shifts need to brought-about in USA. FIRSTLY it should be understood that every citizen needs house but it is not necessary that he / she should be the owner of the house. NOWADAYS people (so-called much invoked middle class of USA) purchase house mainly for only one reason. In rented house a tenet is never sure of permanent / prolonged residence (if he / she wants so) and that too without increasing the rent (which are already too high and mostly raised unreasonably by Landlords). Even the talk of permanent community life in this age of predominantly Service-Economy with high mobility (and not old Agricultural-Economy or even Manufacturing-Economy) is also a myth. Rather own-house restricts the mobility of the people (both husband and wife) which is necessary in this age of Service-Economy. Anybody who has lived in USA knows that own- house in USA is nothing short of fetters coupled with big-headache.

(2)- Hence USA should give-up the habit of squandering State-capital (USA also incurred public debt of over 100 % of its GDP) and instead should profitably deploy State-capital for eradicating unemployment by constructing buildings (Residential and Commercial) with town planning (which will also de-congest the metros and big cities in USA). These should be given on rent to be decided by statutory authority of ‘Rent Commission’ and a provision for advance rent for old age after retirement (which all will be much less than what Americans now spent for purchasing their own house).

(3)- SECONDLY the politicians (including in governments) in USA TOO should stop behaving like someone who thinks that he / she will die / come in problem if does not come / remain in power and in the process pamper the people unnecessarily just for votes. Only those control the lives of the country that control the institutions for health and education. In monarchy it is State which controls these institutions but in democracy people should take this responsibly. Hence USA should expect the people to take the responsibility of the institutions of health in first stage and then of education in second stage based on the experience of first stage.

(4)- This can easily be done through ‘Employees State Insurance’ (ESI) system where in addition to government’s the representatives of employees and employers (from every sector) will be in management and first appellate tribunal nominated by employers will be there to check if doctors of ESI are unnecessarily recommending medical leave to employees with second appellate body nominated by government.

(5)- Moreover the USA should not think of gun control. Rather it should be given to any US Citizen who ever demands it under license from the government but without lethal bullets. Non-lethal-bullets to citizens is the only solution to the problem of killing & seriously injuring by citizens. Hence instead of indulging in comical drama of permanently recurring gun-control-debates the USA should go for non-lethal bullets to citizens which will provide very good example for other countries to emulate.

It is hoped USA will provide health, education and housing at very nominal cost and non-lethal bullets to its people (which will go a long way in avoiding any future terrorist attacks / killings by Jihadis on US soil because this model will be emulated in other countries too) and which is also the best guarantee against inroads of ISIS in USA.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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