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Centrafric: Where are the 1st shipment of Russian armaments sent to CAR?

Alwihda Info | Par Fernando Cancio - 13 Janvier 2018

BANGUI [LNC] – The first batch of weapons and ammunition are already on ground in Bangui. But French troops blocked them for deep control, at the International airport of M’poko. So, not yet delivered to the national army (FACA).

Previously France had sounded alarm and questioned Russia’s plan, notably over the storage of the weaponry, according to a Security Council diplomat who spoke to AFP but declined to be named.

Centrafric: Where are the 1st shipment of Russian armaments sent to CAR?
Surprisingly, the Centrafrican authorities do not reacted against such French intervention within an affair not being their concern.

It was up to the MINUSCA to carry out any appropriate checks, and not French.

According to the document of agreement, the Russian military assistance would include two battalions totalling 1,300 men – who recently received training by the European Union (EUTM-CAR) — armed with automatic rifles, pistols and ammunition.

Among the weapons on a proposed list are 900 pistols, 5,200 assault rifles, 140 sniper rifles, 840 Kalashnikov machine guns, 270 RPGs and 20 anti-aircraft guns.

Moscow is also considering providing millions of pieces of ammunition including armour-piercing cartridges, hand grenades and mortars, the document said.

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