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Chad/Cameroon Pipeline operating in a Legal Void

Alwihda Info | Par - 29 Août 2014

The Chad/ Cameroon Pipeline (CCP) has been operating in a Legal Void and is expected to continue operating for another 25/30 years in the same state. Alan M Dransfield , a former Exxonmobil Engineer was terminated from the CCP project back in 2002 for raising health and safety concerns during the construction phase.

Chad/Cameroon Pipeline operating in a Legal Void
The Chad/ Cameroon Pipeline (CCP) has been operating in a Legal Void and is expected to continue operating for another 25/30 years in the same state. Alan M Dransfield , a former Exxonmobil Engineer was terminated from the CCP project back in 2002 for raising health and safety concerns during the construction phase.
 In an exclusive interview with Al Wihda, the 64 year old British Engineer gave an insight to his fears and concerns about the 48" Oil Pipeline which stretches from the Oil Fields in Chad to the Port of Kribi in Cameroon.
 Dransfield has spent the last 12 years raising his concerns with the Oversight Authorities,ie the World Bank, Exonmobil, USAID, DFID and other organisations but to no avail.
 Dransfield claims the CCP is a Health and Safety and Environmental TIMEBOMB and he is surprised there hasn't been a major oil spill to date.
 Dransfield worked on the CCP for Exxonmobil back in 2002 and he blew the whistle on the CCP to his employers Exxonmobil and the World Bank.
 Alwihda question1. What sort of Health and Safety Violations did you witness?
Dransfield response.
I saw a Myriad of H&S violations during the construction phase . For example the Emergency Shut down valves were installed on one side of the Major River Crossings as opposed to both sides of the major rivers as per contract details. The fibre optical cable ,which is the backbone of the security for the CCP has not been designed and installed in accordance with international standards. I saw dozens of pipeline violations ref damage to the pipeline coating, pipeline testing failures, trench backfill violations, welding violations,Environmental failures etc.
 Al Wihda question 2. Did you raise you concerns with Exxonmobil or any other Authority?
 Dransfield response.
 Yes, I informed Exonmobil of my concerns but was sacked and immediately expelled from Cameroon .
 Alwihda question3. What's your biggest concern.?
 Dransfield response.
 My biggest concern is for the general public along the entire 1070 km pipeline route because there are no Area Specific Oil Spill response plans And no emergency oil spill equipment along the route.
 Drinking water along the route has been poisoned.
 Al Wihda question 4. Surely Pipeline Projects are designed to avoid such Problems? Please elaborate about drinking water poison.
 Dransfield response.
 The CCP has not been designed in accordance with International Standards, I e Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Exxonmobil designed the project Ad Hoc as they went. The CCP crosses 25/26 major rivers and dozens of smaller streams which are the LIFELINE to local and indigenous people. The correct procedure to install pipelines across such rivers and streams is via pipe jacking/ tunnelling procedures but Exxonmbil took the cheaper alternative to OPEN DIG all the river crossings, which allowed the unnecessary poisoning of drinking waters. Moreover, the Hydro testing water equalling millions of gallons of contaminated test water was pumped back into the Eco system as opposed to the correct disposal of contaminated waste via evaporation pits.
 The open dig methods also deployed thousands of tonnes of cement mixed with backfill used as erosion control. protection methods.
 Alwihda Question 4. Who else knew of such problems
 Dransfield response.
 The CCP oversight authorities knew about these irregularities , so did the USAID, DFID.ECMG, IAG , Europen Investment Bank,Exxonmobil,CEO.
 Alwihda question 5. Why would Exxonmobil allow such dangers and non conformance?
 Dransfield response.
 They turn a blind eye to such dangers simply because of Profits v Compliance Cost
Alwihda question 6. Do you think the general public of Chad and Cameroon will benefit from the CCP in the long run?
 Dransfield response.
 Certainly not , the indigenous people along the route have been cheated via compensation claims. Local farmers have lost their land and the oil Pipeline will not eliminate poverty of either Chad or Cameroon as per the Contract Agreement.The general public will in fact be far worse off.
 Prostitution during the Construction Phase encouraged the spread Of STD and AIDS.

Alan M Dransfield, former Exxonmobil Employee on the CCP
Alan M Dransfield, former Exxonmobil Employee on the CCP
 Al - Wihda question 6. Do you think the World Bank have failed on this Pipeline Project.?
 Dransfield responses.
 I most certainly do and records will show the WB washed their hands on the Project in Sept 2008.
 In a nutshell the WB are clueless to what's happening on the CCP.
 Al Wihda question 7. Who are the main benefactors of the Pipeline?
 Dransfield response.
 Exxonmobil and the two local Oil Companies and the World Bank.
 Al Whida question 8. What can you tell us about the Kribi I , the Offshore Floating Storage Tanker(OSFST)Tanker.?
 Dransfield response
 All the Oversight Authorities knew the tanker was an ageing single hull tanker which was past it's sell by date. They also knew that the offshore tanker was riddled with Asbestos and two years after the pipeline was commissioned . a multi million dollar refit was carried out to remove the Asbestos? The Kribi1 , which before the Pipeline was affectionately called, " The Old Lady of the Sea".
 That tanker is now 65 years old???. 
 Al-Wihda question 9. What is the main threat of the Offshore Tanker and the onshore Pipeline.
 The main threat of any Offshore Tanker MUST be considered under International Law and include the WORST CASE SCENARIO ( WCS).
 Exxonmobil with the Knowledge of the WB fabricated the WCS of the Tanker.
 The WCS for the OSFT is the TOTAL Capacity 250, 000 barrels of oil AND the total loss if any Transfer Tanker plus the capacity of the 35 km underwater pipeline.
 The WCS for the onshore pipeline is the rupture of the 48inch pipeline under one of the 25/26 Major River Crossings which would have devastating circumstance for Local People and The Environment.
 Worst Case Scenario has NOT been considered by Exxonmobil or the World Bank.
 Al-Wihda question 10. Is it possibly to correct to these faults?
 Dransfield response.
 Of course it's possible but at what cost.The safest option would be to decommission the Pipeline.
 Al Wihda question 11. How can you prove your allegations of fraud in the CCP.
 Dransfield response.
 My allegations can be verified by an ocular inspection of the Route in reconciliation with the IGA & ECMG reports . They can be proven against the As Built Health and Safety Files from the Projects in reconciliation with in -Situ circumstances.
 Al Widha question 12. What would you recommend.
 Dransfield response.
 My concerns for fraud and theft of public funds by Exxonmobil are a secondary issue. My primary concerns are for the welfare, health and safety of the ordinary people in Chad and Cameroon who have been rapped and pillaged by Exxonmobil and the World Bank.
 I would recommend an international reputable independent Oil Consultant should conduct an immediate H&S Inspection along the entire 1070 km route and establish the FULL TRUTH.
 Al Widha Question 13 What is your WCS prediction.
 Dransfield responses.
 There is an incident involving the single hull floating storage tanker which results in the total loss of the Kome Kribi 1 AND the loss of a Full Transfer Tanker And the Loss of 35 km underwater pipeline. 
 Such a disaster would hold serious ramifications for the South Atlanic and dozens of African Countries.
 This is not intended to be a scurrilous letter, it is intended to protect the millions of people in several African Countries whom would be adversely affected by a Major Incident on the CCP.
 Alan M Dransfield
 Former Exxonmobil Employee on the CCP

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