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Diplomats in India should be watchful after Modi’s statement on PoK & Baluchistan

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 13 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- PoK alright but GOI should be asked to clarify about Baluchistan due to Sri Lanka / LTTE experience (ii)- Public commitment of GOI about early retrieve of PoK will have to be fulfilled by Modi (iii)- Declining political base will constrain Modi to try military adventure in PoK & intervention in Baluchistan (iv)- Reckless attempt to retrieve PoK may be dangerous due to Indo-Pak nuke factor (v)- Loud mouthed and jingoist leadership of Modi and ISIS factor may bring total destruction of SAARC region

----- In the backdrop of unrest and curfew in Kashmir for more than a month All-Party-Meeting was taken by PM Modi on Friday after which Cabinet Ministers of Government of India (GOI) through Press Conference informed the people that in addition to other measures in the interest of bringing life to normal in Kashmir India will also high light atrocities being committed by Pakistan in Pok and Baluchistan.

Further in this mater another Minister in-charge of PM’s office during Tiranga Yatra (National Flag Tri color procession) on Saturday told that next time Tricolor will be hoisted in Pok (in its cities of Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli etc). Also the prominent TV channels in India have started showing captions and talking about freedom of not only of PoK but of Baluchistan too.

As far J&K is concerned its dispute was taken to UN by India itself hence Pakistan has every right to interfere in every matter of Kashmir / J&K (especially about human rights matters) similarly India also has every legal right to interfere in every such matter in PoK because both Pakistan and India are party to J&K dispute.

But Baluchistan is a different matter. India is not a party in any dispute with Pakistan about Baluchistan If there is any issue of human rights violation in Baluchistan then India can either raise it in some international forum or some HR Organization of Indian origin registered at UN HR forum can raise it. But the way India has publicly declared that it will interfere in Baluchistan then it will not remain confined to merely scoring a political point against Pakistan.

Rather it has extremely highly likelihood of repeating what India did in Sri Lanka which ultimately culminated in patronizing LTTE by India and when it went out of control then in sending ‘Peace Keeping Force’ to Sri Lanka and then abandoned this military expedition. Afterwards what happened when India allowed Sri Lanka to eliminate LTTE (which resulted in genocide of Tamils about which UN is still grappling to bring the matter at rest) all these are well known to entire world.

Even about retrieve of PoK the Indian leadership is proceeding in a very irresponsible way. I have written in my various letters that the retrieve of PoK is the only solution to Kashmir problem. But for this first India should talk to Pakistan and try to take PoK on table and if this approach does not succeed then only should go for military solution. This calibrated approach will give time to global community to bring some solution of conflict between two nuclear countries may be in the form of Realized SAARC or Realized Common Wealth (especially in the interest of eliminating ‘global Jihadi terrorism’)

But GOI has again refused to talk to Pakistan even about retrieve of PoK also. This means that Modi may any time try military adventure in PoK & intervention in Baluchistan. Its chances have become very high for one more reason. Modi’s political base is hugely declining not only due to growing hostility of SC, ST and Muslims (who in total are ~ 40 to 50 % of population in the states of India) but also due to disenchantment of others too (especially youth) due to very unsatisfactory growth of employment.

Here one more factor the world community should keep in mind. The BJP is part of Hindutva forces (like RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal etc) hence it has natural tendency to be hostile towards Muslim Pakistan (against which Hindus traditionally have huge grievances). On the top of it unlike former BJP PM Vajpayee present BJP PM Modi is loud mouthed and his leadership arouses jingoistic forces in India (hence Indians may not ask GOI to clarify its position on PoK and Baluchistan).

Here needless to mention that it is important for the global community to understand that (A)- The Jihadis, as per media, have already laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir hence will not keep quite while India will try to snatch PoK militarily from Pakistan (B)- And for argument sake, if these Jihadis keep quite then ISIS will certainly start fishing in such troubled waters for the simple reason that it will provide strong foothold in AF-PAK-Kashmir region to ISIS. And then in any case, with nukes of Pakistan in the reach of these Jihadis or ISIS, nothing can prevent at least SAARC region from total destruction.

Therefore world community should wake-up and the diplomats of all the countries in India should keep a close watch over the developments which will take place in India about Indo-Pak matter so that the mankind in this region can be spared from total destruction which has started looming large on at least 1.5 billion people of this region


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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