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How Much Money Do World Trade Center Victims Get?

Alwihda Info | Par Info Alwihda - 26 Février 2021

Following the deadly attack of 9/11, the world changed quite a bit. The 9/11 attacks were one of the deadliest attacks in human history as nearly 10,000 people were directly affected by it, while it changed the whole geopolitical scenario of the world. One of the biggest contributions was made by the immediate responders, including firefighters, police officers, EMTs, contractors, and cleanup crew. At least 80,000 first responders were dispatched to aid the victims following the attacks. On top of the victims and the responders, more than 400,000 people were exposed to the toxins in the air due to steel beams, jet fuel, asbestos, concrete, and other diseases causing substances. 

As the 9/11 attacks proved to be much more deadly than the initial impact, with a lot of people who were directly exposed to the elements suffering from serious medical conditions such as cancer, a compensation fund was launched by the government to aid all the victims of the attack.  In mid-2019, with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, a bill was proposed by congress to end the fund by the end of 2020. However, the bill was turned down, and a vote was passed, which ensured that the fund would be extended to the next 70 years so that survivors and the victims of the attack could be rightly compensated. 

Who Is Eligible For the Fund and How Much Are You Eligible For?

Just like it’s the case with most of the compensation programs, a lot of people flooded in claiming that they had been a victim of the attack one way or another. So, the government devised a strategy to treat all the cases. The fund has been divided into two categories, namely compensation for economic and compensation for non-economic loss. If you have suffered any kind of injury, illness, or pain from the attack, your compensation can be up to $350,000, depending on the seriousness of your condition. Furthermore, you might also be compensated if you have suffered any kind of work or individual loss due to the attack. 

The best and only way to ensure that you get maximum compensation for the attack is by hiring legal help to assist, such as WTC lawyers. If you were present in the exposure zone during the attack or near Pentagon, Washington, ShanksVille, or Pennsylvania between September 11, 2001, and May 31, 2002, you can file for compensation as you are eligible. Your compensation will then be decided based on your current certified condition and the extent of your suffering.

If you think that you are eligible for compensation and fall under the category, you should register for the program by July 2021, or the time will run out. Once you have registered, you can file for a claim till 2090, as the date for funds has recently been extended by 70 years. While this compensation isn’t going to help bring a loved one back or help you get better, it might help you fight the burden of paying huge medical bills you have incurred due to the 9/11 attacks. 

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