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India: China outmaneuvering India and will ultimately grab Gilgit – Baltistan through Pakistan

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 16 Mars 2017

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Dependency on USA to counter China is suicidal policy of India (ii)- Now China would say it has taken Gilgit – Baltistan in lieu of Arunachal Pradesh (iii)- Poverty loving ‘Fakeer’ Modi no match for leadership of Sino – Pak, especially in martial matters (iv)- Alienation of Kashmiris (especially of youth) will be neglected by India only at very dear cost (v)- If India does not retrieve PoK (including G&B) militarily without any further delay, danger of more loss of territory looms large (vi)- Military veterans can save the situation if cease to be mere bread-earners

---- When early this month India declined the offer of China (which asked India to give part of Arunachal Pradesh in order to get territorial concessions from China elsewhere ) naïve India thought matter is over.

But the real game plan of China has come to the fore and it does not require a genius of political science & strategic matters to understand that now China would say it has taken the huge territory of Gilgit – Baltistan (G&B) of 72,971 Square Kilometer in lieu of Arunachal Pradesh through Pakistan [the territory of G&B where China has huge interests (due to multi-billion Dollar ‘China - Pakistan Economic Corridor’ CPEC passing through this territory) and which India threatens periodically by reminding China that Gilgit – Baltistan is India’s territory hence China should not do anything over there without first talking to India] which is the reason that Pakistan is thinking of making G&B another province of Pakistan as reported at . Thus in addition to other Indian territories what it took during 1962 war, China will be in de-facto possession of India’s territory of G&B and 40,000 Square Kilometer of Aksai Chin total ~ 1,13,000 Square kilometer from the former princely state of J&K and which is more than the area of Egypt and Qatar combined.

This has proved beyond any doubt that poverty loving ‘Fakeer’ (money-less saint, as per his claim during recent U.P. election campaign) PM Modi is no match for leadership of Sino – Pak, especially in martial matters. Had Modi been interested in making India the economic and military super power (which would have kept Pakistan and even China at their proper place) then in March 2016 itself Modi would have initiated the process of recovering Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital from Income Tax as explained at Instead India got dangerously complacent due to its over dependency on USA which India is foolishly thinking that it will check China against India (which is considered by Indian defense establishment to be important for USA in view of South China Sea controversy going on between China and USA & its Pacific Allies)

No doubt India as usual will observe the formality of registering protest at UN and at other international forums against Pakistan for misappropriating India’s territory of G&B in (veto wielding) China’s favor. But in any case this protest will be very mild because India does not want Kashmir problem to be made an international issue due to fear of referendum in J&K which especially in present circumstances is bound to go against India. This will further buttress the case of Pakistan (and by implication China) over making Gilgit – Baltistan another province of Pakistan and de-facto keeping it under the control and possession of China through CPEC.

India also does not understand that the alienation of Kashmiris (especially of Kashmiri youth after killing of Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani in July 2016 and attended killing, blinding and injuring of large number of Kashmiris especially youth and in its protest over 5 months of Kashmir shutdown) will be neglected by India only at very dear cost. Therefore if India really wants to protect its territorial integrity and sovereignty then without any further delay India should demand from Pakistan (under militarily ultimatum, if necessary) to hand over PoK (including G&B) to India, otherwise the danger of more loss of territory looms large on India.

It is possible only when India recovers Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital which will make India economically and militarily stronger. But now it will be difficult for Modi because people would say that instead of recovering this huge State-capital from ~ 1 million guilty Indians the Modi government subjected innocent ~ 1.25 Billion Indians to illegal and draconian demonetization and this would trigger such a huge backlash that it would be impossible for PM Modi to continue in office. Hence pressure will have to be brought on Modi government for recovering this State-capital and which can be done best by military veterans.

It is hoped that military veterans will cease to be merely bread-earning salaried class and instead rise to the occasion (in order to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India) by coming at Jantar-Mantar for the purpose of constraining Modi government to recover State capital / Income Tax of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion as mentioned above in open letter to military veteran.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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