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Indian Army Chief left with no alternative than to name China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, AIUDF

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 23 Février 2018

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Naïve and gullible Indians should not repeat 1962 with China (ii)- Bangladeshi illegal immigrants no more internal problem but external threat due to Doklam crisis (iii)- Dereliction of civilian leadership regarding external security threat, main cause of Army Chief going public.

--- Lot of noise is being made in Indian print and electronic media about a remark made by Indian Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat on February 22, 2018 in a seminar where he reportedly said that planned influx of Muslims from Bangladesh into the North-East States (including and mainly Assam) has been going on as part of proxy war against India being waged by Pakistan (now with support from China too) which is reflected in phenomenal growth of a political party ‘All India United Democratic Front’ (AIUDF) in Assam headed by a Muslim Badruddin Ajmal

Tens of Millions of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants are in India mostly in North-East (including Assam) who have created serious economic, social and law & order problem in North-East (including Assam) especially due to the reason that with the complicity of corrupt public servants ration cards, voter identity cards etc have been prepared for many of these Bangladeshi illegal immigrants and in this process AIUDF has been accused of helping these Bangladeshi illegal immigrants [AIUDF’s 3 Members of Parliament and 13 (except one) members of Legislative Assembly of Assam are from those areas of Assam which have become Muslim dominated due to huge influx of Muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh]. Apart from MP Badruddin Ajmal, his brother MP Sirajuddin, and two sons and MLA Hafiz Bashir Ahmed Quasimi and his family have not been included in the draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) released on January 1, 2018 as given at

Earlier Bangladeshi illegal immigrants were causing internal problems to India. But now it has become an external threat for India especially after Doklam crisis between India and China. Normally China will not take interest in age-old Hind-Muslim rivalry in this part of Asia. But Doklam has changed the entire strategic scenario of this region where China will try to teach (like 1962) India a ‘lesson’ (by cutting North-East from India at chicken neck, the Siligury corridor and even by taking part of or entire Arunachal Pradesh which China claims as its own territory) for the ‘audacity’ India has shown by ‘ganging-up’ (with USA and its Allies in Pacific region including 10 ASEAN countries who were invited by India on its Republic Day Parade) mainly against China (as perceived in China) and for what India did against China at Doklam and about CPEC / OBOR and during PM Modi’s visit to USA (when India mentioned freedom of navigation in South China sea in joint declaration),

After separation of West Pakistan from East Pakistan in 1971 (which brought Bangladesh in existence with the military support of India), the security situation for India has been very comfortable but now it has come under serious threat due to immense chances of Pakistan and Bangladesh getting under influence of Jihadis and China (due to Doklam). This is the main reason that COAS had to adopt an extraordinary method to wake-up not only civilian authorities of Indian State but even the people of India about this imminent danger from China through proxy war in North-East being waged by Pakistan with the complicity of Jihadi elements of Bangladesh and of North-East of India (including and especially Assam).

The naïve & gullible Indians [who think that Bangladesh was liberated by India and present PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is pro-India hence there will be no attempt from Bangladesh (even though it is increasingly coming under influence of China) soil to harm the territorial integrity of India] are living in fool’s paradise. Indians have always underestimated Jihadis (also before India’s 1947 partition) but they should not underestimate Jihadis this time especially when China (which has also won the hearts of Muslims in general and Bangladeshis in particular by successfully intervening in Rohingya crises especially when India as usual kept-on giving merely lip service for the human rights of Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar) is supporting them surreptitiously. Even Sheikh Hasina can be removed by Jihadis of Pak-Bangladesh as is clear from

Pak-Bangladesh Jihadi alliance and millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators in North-East of India along with renewed Doklam crisis is a huge security problem for India also due to not-so-peaceful N-E which has been festering with separatist’s uprising (also with Chinese support) all over its history of 70 years with independent India. In such a grim security scenario India should do the following:-

(1)- Foreign policy of India is nothing but a comedy where India thinks that without resolving border disputes with its neighbors (mainly Pakistan and China) it can become world-power. Dispute with Pakistan is political but dispute with China is legal.

(2)- In order to solve Pakistan problem India should immediately talk to Pakistan for the retrieve of PoK (even militarily if necessary) as mentioned at OR

(3)- The Legal dispute with China can easily be resolved if India asks UN to resolve it through ‘Judicial Commission’ in which member nominated by India, China and some other countries can be there (China a permanent member of UN is specially under legal obligation to resolve border dispute peacefully with its neighbors hence China will have to agree for said ‘Judicial Commission’)

(4)- Though final draft of said NRC is being prepared in Assam but Governments are still talking about keeping Bangladeshi infiltrators in India on ‘humanity grounds’. The BJP came in Government in the State of Assam mainly on the issue of identifying, tracking and deportation of Bangladeshi illegal migrants in Assam. Hence Government of India and of Governmentt of Assam should immediately start the process of sending all the Bangladeshi infiltrators to Bangladesh from India. If Bangladesh refuses to take these illegal immigrants back then India should demand commensurate territory (within a time limit) from Bangladesh in order to sustain these illegal immigrants on Indian soil and in the interest of human rights of these illegal immigrants for giving them Indian citizenship.

(5)- But India will not come out of this crisis unless tries to become world power (military and economically) in the real sense of the term. For this to happen Government of India should recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State capital as mentioned at http://www.newsnat ion-disclosure-on-blackmoney- kharabpati-farmers-take-agricu lture-route-t.html and

Therefore India should wake-up before it is too late and instead of unnecessarily criticizing Army Chief (for his timely remarks against China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and AIUDF) should understand that Army Chief does not want repeat of most humiliating 1962 hence India should take above mentioned measure in the interest of warding-off the most serious challenge (due to China) to its security, territorial integrity and sovereignty.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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