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Indian Muslims the only hope after Swamy’s statement about arbitration on J&K

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 15 Juillet 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- ‘Watan ki fikr kar nadan musibat aane wali hai, teri barbadiyon ke mashware hain aasmanon me’ (o naïve take care of the country because misfortune is going to come as conspiracies are being hatched in the heavens against mother-land)

---- The ruling BJP’s Member of Parliament Subramanian Swamy is reported by media on Wednesday to have said that (like arbitration on South China Sea) the issue of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) can also go for international arbitration. This arbitration is possible also because permanent UN member China will take revenge about India’s glee on South China Sea arbitration award (which has gone against China) by ensuring that international arbitration on J&K takes place (which is highly likely in view of present huge violence in Kashmir) and which is bound to go against India.

During debate on a prominent Indian TV Channel when one panelist said that there are rumors in valley that – “[Pakistan got Indian security forces tipped about whereabouts of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani so that India can kill Burhan and that will plunge Kashmir valley in wide spread violence]” – no body in that debate believed it. But now it seems that it was a trap of Pakistan in order to pave the way for international arbitration on J&K in view of large scale violence in Kashmir in the aftermath of Burhan’s death declared on Friday. Moreover Pakistan can now easily depend upon Kashmiris to keep the pot of violence boiling in Kashmir in order to make solid case for arbitration

It does not require a genius of political science to know that said arbitration on J&K is bound to see separation of Muslim majority Kashmir valley & POK from Hindu rest of J&K (whether it goes to Pakistan or remain independent is another matter). In this otherwise inevitable eventuality (as Indian Muslims faced charges of treason due to Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh who partitioned India) now also Indian Muslims will face more sever charges of treason due to Muslims of Kashmir & POK for further partitioning the mother-land of India on communal lines. This is bound to further buttress the Hindu nationalism (euphemism for anti-Muslim) in second-time-partitioned India.

Of-course as usual the so-called secular liberal Hindus will remain passive spectator to this “complete take-over of India by Hindutva forces” which will be the reason Hindutva forces may not mind second partition of India through said arbitration and even PM Modi (under evil influence of Hindutva forces) may not try to retrieve POK (the only solution to avoid India’s second partition)..

Here one more point has to be kept in mind. In one of his foreign tour PM Modi said that –‘Being a Gujarati, business is in my blood’. At that time some Indians commented that ‘may be business but not politics’ because anybody who cannot protect the territorial integrity of the country does not know abcd of politics and Gandhi a Gujarati who was leader of freedom movement of India allowed India’s partition. Therefore (fingers crossed) another Gujarati leader PM Modi may not allow another partition of the mother-land of India because if it happens then what emboldened Jihadis (ISIS etc) will further do to atrophied India is any body’s guess.

In view of above mentioned the Hindus cannot be expected to avert the otherwise-inevitable another partition of India and the only hope for the protection of territorial integrity of India and of secular India lies in Indian Muslims. Now only option left with Indian Muslims is to launch a political party along with following seven writ petitions in Supreme Court :-

(i)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (ii)- Query about retrieve of POK in the interest of removal of AFSPA from J&K (iii)- Identification, tracking and deportation of illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh (iv)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy (v) Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots about section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C. (vi)- Constitutional obligation about Public debt under Article 292 & 293 (vii)- Recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion tax out of black money (declared illegally as agricultural income to avoid tax).

In a nutshell if Indian Muslims do not constrain government of India (through political party and writ petition) to retrieve POK immediately (militarily or otherwise) then nobody can stop Indian Muslims [who due to their cowardice (in not filing said first five writ petitions) have already rendered themselves as second class citizens] from becoming third class citizens of India after Muslim majority Kashmir & POK are gone from India and with the result “complete take-over of India by Hindutva forces”

Of-course one cannot help than to ask Indian Muslims to again remember couplet of Iqbal (a prophetic poet about India’s partition) that – ‘Sambhal jao nahi to mit jaoge Hindustan walon, Tumhari dastan bhi na hogi dastano me’ (O’ Hindustanis wake-up otherwise will be perished and even your story will not be there in stories).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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