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JeM will put Islam on test and India, Pakistan, World-community in problem?‏

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 9 Janvier 2016

Cornered JeM (and other Jihadis) bound to invoke Kashmir issue and may invite ISIS (or other Caliphate) in AF-PAK region if further cornered

--- Indians are relishing the media report that political and military leadership of Pakistan has agreed to take action against the leaders of Jihadi terrorist organization Jaish - e - Mohammed (JeM) which has carried out terrorist act at Pathankot Air-base in India in first week of January 2016 in which 7 security persons were killed and many more injured. But Indians and World-community do not understand that it is only political and military leadership of Pakistan which may become apologetic and defensive in case Pakistanis ( with or without  some State actors) are found complicit in any terrorist attack in India but not the Jihadis of Pakistan (who, as per media, have already laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc for Kashmir) who will openly say that they have every moral and legal right to attack India unless India gives at least Muslim Kashmir (if not entire J&K) to Sunni Theocratic Pakistan.

The USA is popularly believed to be behind PM Modi’s recent visit to Pakistan, hence in order to keep Indo-Pak dialogue going, USA will ensure action against perpetrators of Pathankot terrorist attack. Therefore Indians and World-community should understand that given irrefutable evidence of involvement of JeM in Pathankot attack the Government of Pakistan is bound to take (under international pressure due to changed situation brought about by Islamic terrorism of ISIS etc) legal action against the leaders of JeM and other Pakistanis involved. 

Thus cornered JeM (and other Jihadis and complicit State actors of Pakistan) are bound to invoke Kashmir issue and may even invite ISIS or Sunni Caliphate led by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by throwing a challenge to test Islam in AF-PAK region if these Jihadis are further cornered under international pressure by political and military leadership of Pakistan. In present global scenario, as given below, Jihadis of Pakistan have very high chances of plunging entire mankind in bloodbath through wars staring first between two nuclear countries India and Pakistan :-

(1)- The close link of China and Pakistan (after economic corridor in Pakistan provided by China) will come under severe pressure especially under the pressure of Pacific countries who will pressurize West to reign-in China the protector friend of North Korea who has destabilized the entire Pacific region by declaring that last week it has successfully tested a Hydrogen Bomb.< /div>

(2)- Present India is being led by PM Modi with projected (like 56 inch chest etc) and perceived macho-image. Hence nuclear India will not mind even for going in war with nuclear Pakistan

(3)- The sagging fortunes of Sunni ISIS got tremendous boost due to Iran - Saudi Arabia Shia-Sunni rift where Sunni Muslim Arab countries (KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan) have severed or descaled diplomatic ties with Shia Iran after - Shia cleric execution in KSA and consequent attack in Iran on KSA Embassy - controversy.  

(4)- Russia [already in conflict with West (USA & European Allies) due to Ukraine crises where Crimea has been taken by Russia despite ‘Budapest Memorandum’ and Russian supported rebels have disturbed Donbass region of East - South Ukraine]  is seen to be siding with Shias in Shia-Sunni conflict where for supporting Shia regime of Assad in Syria and for eliminating Sunni ISIS in Syria and Iraq - the Shia countries Iran, Iraq, Lebanon (of Hezbollah) are in coalition with Russia.

(5)- Above mentioned cornered JeM and other Jihadis of Pakistan  may persuade KSA (if not ISIS) to go for Sunni Caliphate as mentioned at -

The said serious situation being faced by entire mankind is further exacerbated by one more factor. Instead of going for ‘Regulated Global Political Order’ (RGPO) as mentioned at -  - the so-called leader of free World, USA is projecting a hawkish leader (like Donald Trump or may be another hawkish leader) during on-going Presidential campaign in USA which is fed-up with timid policies of present Obama administration which has brought disrepute and humiliation to USA starting from (i)- 2012 terrorist attack on US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya  killing US Diplomat and others (ii)- Ukraine crises since 2013 where Russia ultimately snatched Crimea from Ukraine (iii)- Emergence of ISIS in 2014 in NAME due to US policy failures in Iraq, Syria etc including leaving Assad in power even after he crossed so-called red-lines of using chemical weapons (iv)- Military intervention of Russia in Syria in September 2015 (v)
- Missile testing by Iran after 2015 nuclear deal (vi)- Hydrogen bomb testing by North Korea in 2016.

To which destiny, this economic and military superpower hawkish USA, will lead rest of the World - will be watched by entire mankind with holden-breath  

Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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