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John Bolton prescribed ‘Sunni-stan’ .....

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 26 Novembre 2015

Edina MN, USA

Disastrous anti-secular ‘Sunni-stan’ will encourage illegal forced regime & boundary changes by West

-- In his article ‘To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State’ (New York Times November, 24) John Bolton prescribed ‘Sunni-stan’ (comprising mainly the territories in Syria and Iraq which are presently under the possession of Sunni ISIS) and even Sunni Kurdistan (from the territories of Shia ruled Syria and Iraq if not from Sunni ruled Turkey). On the face of it this may sound to be the obvious solution given the dilemma West (USA & its European and other Allies including from Gulf States) is facing born out of political problems which West will face (due to Shia - Sunni conflict) after militarily eliminating ISIS.

Bolton was US Ambassador to UN in 2005 - 06 during Presidency of Republican Bush hence may not have that influence on the present Democrat incumbent of White House. But In view of (i)- Highly likelihood of a Republican President in White House after 2016 elections and (ii)- Due to failed US policy of military intervention in Afghanistan & Iraq, the totally confused Prez Obama about how to come out of Syria & Iraq after elimination of ISIS - This unethical & illegal prescription of Bolton can’t be brushed aside lightly as it has every likelihood of being accepted. This ‘Sunni-stan’ will be disastrous and will support illegal & forced regime & boundary changes by USA & Allies which West resort to in many parts of the world with impunity as explained below:-

(1)- All these problems are being faced for the simple reason that permanent members of UN want to run 21st century UN with the mindset of 19 th century. In present globalized world (brought about by tremendous advance in science & technology especially in IT sector) the outdated and absurd policy of Hit & Run thus far has been pursued by West (as was unsuccessfully tried in Afghanistan & Iraq too by USA & its Allies) which no more works.

(2)- In present world (notwithstanding so-called sovereignty of even such UN member countries who do not have competence and resources to defend sovereignty) only ‘Regulated Political Model’ will work. This will require:-

(i)- International Political Parties ( IPP) registered at UN to take care of demoralized local population in many member countries
(ii)- Mandatory Protocol MP-1 instead of Optional OP-1 of ICCPR of UN (for enforcing human rights in every UN member country, even militarily if necessary)
(iii)- Mandatory requirement for every UN member country to provide adequate facilities & place for protest / demonstrations and prisons for those who break laws or offer arrest during protests / demonstration (this will avoid excuse of excess on demonstrators for regime change as happened in Ukraine and in many NAME countries)
(iv)- Mechanism for trying government authorities committing war crimes and other excess on demonstrators / protesters.
(v)- UN Election Commission (UNEC) for supervising the work of Election Commissions of troubled countries.
(vi)- In order to involve entire mankind in the process of managing global political order (which is the only viable political system in this age of globalization) the present veto system of UN Security Council (UNSC) should be replaced with voting rights to every member with formula based on contribution of men, materiel and money and record about human rights.
(vii)- Without global currency globalization is impossible hence global currency with proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) with head office at UN and branches in every member country of UN

(3)- Instead of adopting the said ‘Regulated Political Model’ for taking care of alleged atrocities and excesses of Syrian and other governments (i)- The West is arming the civilians (including so-called moderate rebels in Syria and Kurds) which is bound to brutalize the civilians (ii)- But now West may be heading for this ‘Sunni-stan’ which is not only anti-secular (which will disturb political environment of many countries which are trying to be secular or are secular including largest democracy of the world, the secular India of ~ 1.25 Billion people) but will also support the illegal policy of West for forced regime & boundary changes across the world.

Entire NAME region (especially Syria) is bleeding and weeping profusely (accommodating refugees from NAME by West is no solution rather it turns blind eyes towards cause of refugee problem) and World community has wasted enough time. Therefore World community without any further delay should persuade West & others (especially UN permanent members) to move UNSC to send UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF) to eliminate ISIS and stabilize the area by ensuring free & fair election (Under ultimate supervision of UNEC under secular federal constitution ) after introducing above mentioned seven mechanisms and institutions at UN in the interest of ‘Regulated Political Model’.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism')
Edina - MN, /

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