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Let Muslims rule India again through SAARC, to be realized under pressure of Pak on UNGA for Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 1 Septembre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- Pakistan should ask Nawaz to resign if can’t use UNGA for solving Kashmir problem

Ref:- (i)- Without eliminating poison of communalism (reason for partition) SAARC can never be in peace & prosperity (ii)- Hindus simply incapable of political supremacy (iii)- Last word on India’s partition yet to be written (iv)- Only genuinely secular party can unify J&K and rule SAARC (v)- Communal Hindu India (more so under Hindutva regime) not interested in retrieving Muslim PoJK (vi)- Islam being nearest to democracy Muslim Pakistan can easily develop genuinely secular party (vii)- Pakistan can’t watch neutrally the violent harassment of Kashmiris by India (viii)- GOP should not forget Jihadis are fourth party in Kashmir dispute (ix)- Muslims of Pakistan has not given-up desire to rule India again (x)- Pakistan should give Jihadi ultimatum to UNGA for immediate plebiscite in J&K (xi)- Genuine effort by nuclear Pak to help Kashmiris against nuclear India bound to usher in realized SAARC, under international pressure (xii)- Non-predominant population of Hindus and Muslims in SAARC will buttress secularism

---- The way rest of India and Pakistan are looking helpless at the cost of killing, injuries, blinding, loss of properties etc of Kashmiris during last 54 days of unrest in Kashmir, any politician from India and Pakistan worth the salt should be ashamed if does not come out with some urgent solution to this despicable state of affairs. I for one offer the following solution to stop this madness being perpetrated by India and Pakistan in Kashmir:-

(1)- It is high time we understand that the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written and without undoing the most unnatural partition and without eliminating poison of communalism (reason for 1947 partition of India) SAARC can never be in peace and can never prosper. Hence genuinely secular politics both by Hindus and Muslims in reunited India is the only solution. For this some group has to take the political lead. Moreover Jihad is a legitimate Islamic activity and only clandestine terrorist activities of Jihadis are to be condemned but not their open activities in the interest of realizing legally permissible objectives.

(2)- Hindus are simply incapable of political supremacy due to its caste system (further institutionalized through the policy of reservation) which gives socially inferior demoralizing status to oppressed (Dalits) & various backward castes and tribes who are mainly responsible for developing hard power of the country. The Hindu Congress leaders (Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc) opted for partition because they thought it will be easier to rule Hindu India than Hindu-Muslim India. It is natural that Hindutava forces (and its PM Modi) will be happy for the same reason (not withstanding their hypocritical statements of love for Kashmiri Muslims), if Muslim Kashmir (including PoJK) goes out of India leaving only Hindu Jammu & Ladakh with India.

(3)- Therefore Communal Hindu majority India (more so under present Hindutva regime of PM Modi) is not interested in solving Kashmir problem by retrieving Muslim PoJK. Instead India is interested only (i)- In keeping Kashmiris quite under pressure of security forces (with AFSPA etc) and by giving some economic lollipops to gullible Kashmiris (ii)- in diversionary tactics by invoking Baluchistan card.

(4)- PoJK can be taken by Government of India (GOI) only when led by some genuinely secular party which India does not have (How can communal India win the faith of Muslim PoJK when it has failed to win the faith of Muslim Kashmir). Only a genuinely secular government can unify J&K and can rule unified India (or preferably and ultimately SAARC) which will be inevitable due to both India and Pakistan being nuclear countries (hence will not be allowed by powerful world community to come any where near the situation of nuclear war).

(5)- This leaves Muslim Pakistan to take the lead. Muslims of Pakistan has not given-up desire to rule India again that is the reason despite being one sixth of India it has maintained practical military parity by making nuclear weapons in response to nukes of India. Moreover anybody who has not merely read Quran but has practiced its basic principles knows that Islam (worshiper of abstract) is a religion closest to democracy and present world dominated by science & technology. Hence it should not at all be difficult (as somewhat given below) for politicians of Pakistan to carry out the synthesis in order to develop human rights friendly genuinely secular political party which will be alternative to this-worldly-matters of religion (which needs to be be updated by every religion leaving only other-worldly-matters to religion / Islam) and will be a fit instrument to rule SAARC.

(6)- Aversion in Islam to usury [which is the main cause of problems all across the world which is indulging in unbridled fiscal deficits (even up-to 200 % of GDP) under the influence of interest earners] will be added advantage along with profitable use of State-capital for removing unemployment (which is urgent need of India too) especially by constructing residential and commercial buildings to be given on rent decided by ‘Rent Commission’ and which will bring almost a revolution in the life of the people of SAARC. Bringing health and education under people (which is necessary in any democracy) will make this political party the darling of the people of SAARC [in first stage health care can be brought under the control of the people by modified Employees State Insurance (ESI) where in addition to government the representatives of the contributors (employees and employers) will be there in the management]. Of-course federalism will be the main policy of this political party where only martial matters will be with Union / Center and all civilian matters (including natural resources) will be with States which will allay the fears of Muslims (which was one of the cause of India’s partition in 1947).

(7)- Pakistan can’t watch neutrally the violent harassment of Kashmiris by India. Government of Pakistan (GOP) should not forget that in addition to GOI, GOP and people of J&K the Jihadis are fourth party in Kashmir dispute because as per media they have laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis (from both sides of border / LOC) for Kashmir (more than the lives lost by security forces of India and Pakistan combined) and territories are decided by blood and not merely by ink (by way of writing in constitutions or by unanimous resolution of Parliaments / National Assemblies). Therefore GOP (which sent and instigated these Jihadis to fight in Kashmir) is under moral obligation to listen the laments of Jihadis who are pained at the present plight of Muslim Kashmiris during on-going unrest in Kashmir.

(8)- Therefore Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif should give ultimatum to 'United Nation General Assembly' (UNGA) during coming session in September that in view of the present suffering of the Kashmiris, plebiscite should be undertaken immediately in J&K otherwise Pakistan will not be responsible if Jihadis take any direct and openly declared action to provide relief to beleaguered Kashmiris. During this UNGA session Nawaz can also remind USA how it used Jihadis in Afghanistan against USSR to win the cold war

(9)- In order to help Kashmiris the genuine effort by nuclear Pakistan (through even Jihadis) against nuclear India is bound to usher in Realized-SAARC under international pressure. Non-predominant population of Hindus (including Sikhs, Baudhs and Jains as per Hindu Marriage Act) and Muslims in SAARC will buttress secularism. Moreover Muslims (unlike before 1947) need not be worried about majority of Hindus in SAARC because in any democracy people rule through political parties only. Hence human rights friendly Federal-Secular Socialist (Joint capitalism)-Democratic Party developed by Pakistan (as mentioned above) is bound to not only command the allegiance of most of the people of SAARC but it may even lead to mass scale conversion of the people of SAARC to some new religion which is highly like to come in existence under the influence of the said policies of this Islam inspired political party.

Therefore Pakistan in order to not only discharge its moral responsibility towards profusely bleeding and weeping Muslim Kashmiris but also to realize its cherished dream to again rule India should give Jihadi ultimatum to UNGA for immediate plebiscite in both sides of J&K so that SAARC can be realized for permanent peace, harmony and prosperity in the region.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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