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Life-changing Angolan project wins international award in London

- 5 Mai 2016

Cities require smart strategy for long term growth. The attached release, “Life-changing Angolan project wins international award in London” is a demonstration of how important it is to take a strategic approach to developing a city vision.
“A co-designed city vision for the future has been awarded a Masterplan prize at British Expertise International Awards (BEIA) in London. The Masterplan Framework for the Province of Luanda, Angola received the top award for Outstanding Masterplanning Project of 2016.
Designed by a consortium led by Broadway Maylan, Luanda 2030 is a 20-year strategic framework that outlines the transformation of the architectural and urban lines of the Province of Luanda into a “liveable, beautiful and international” city.
Consortium partners included Urbinvest, Aurecon, Deloitte, Mobility in Chain and the University of Lisbon, with the project also shortlisted for the Outstanding International Leadership category of the BEIA awards.
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Aurecon’s Just Imagine blog features a piece called Cities are being disrupted – who will win?
Strategic planning at a city level will create an advantage whereby one city ‘succeeds’ by comparison to others. The first city to truly adopt digital will become a magnet for industries and, as a result, a magnet for prosperity and liveability.
Cities should not be run in the here and now. They should be run as elite business entities and follow a blueprint for success. Unless they are actively identifying emergent risks and strategising for long term growth by seeking to create competitive advantage – they are, possibly, heading for a Kodak moment.

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