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MrDoes China know Jihadi-Islam is now fourth party in Kashmir dispute?

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 20 Juillet 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- China’s heightened interest understandable due to economic corridor through POK (ii)- If China too is in denial as India on Jihadi factor, no peaceful dialogue possible on Kashmir (iii)- Islam has laid down lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir (iv)- No solution possible on Kashmir other than retrieve of POK by India (v)- Because in this age of global war against Jihad terrorism, the very existence of Jihadi infested Pakistan is under question (vi)- China should come down from high horse and discuss, with India, its interest in POK / Pakistan and help India in retrieving POK

------ About on-going violence in Kashmir the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang on Monday said in his remarks (which is different from Chinese traditional approach of indifference to Kashmir issue) that - “[China has taken note of relevant reports. We are equally concerned about the casualties in the clash, and hope that relevant incident will be handled properly. The Kashmir issue is left over from history. China holds a consistent stance and hopes relevant parties will address the issue peacefully through dialogue]”.

Earlier India was prepared to accept only two parties in Kashmir dispute namely governments of India and Pakistan. Nowadays (mainly under the pressure of moderates in India) people of Kashmir (from both sides of LOC except separatists) are also willy-nilly accepted by India as third party in Kashmir dispute. But India has never accepted that Jihadi-Islam (which these Kashmiri separatists loosely represent) is also a fourth party in this dispute. India has also forgotten that theocratic Pakistan came in existence in 1947 on the basis of religion hence it simply cannot ignore the dictates of Islam.

As per media reports, Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir which in any case is more than the lives laid down for Kashmir by the military of India and Pakistan combined. Therefore not taking Jihadi factor into reckoning by India is the main reason why Kashmir dispute is not solved so-far. If China is also committing the same mistake of over-looking Jihadi-Islam (which has been giving sleepless nights to China through its Xinjiang region) factor then it should forget about any peaceful solution to Kashmir problem through dialogue.

This Jihad factor has become all the more important due to Sunni Caliphate factor in view of rise of ISIS since 2014 which has NOT ONLY struck a deep emotional chord among Sunni Muslims (~ 87 % of global Muslim population) all over the world [because it promises to bring all the Sunni Muslim majority countries under one military power which will give much desired balancing military power to Sunni Muslims vis-à-vis three other major blocks which on the contrary are under one military power namely Christians (with NATO), Chinese and Hindus] BUT has also constrained all Jihadis of this region to adopt harder instance due to fear of ISIS, which otherwise will get a strong foothold in AF-PAK-Kashmir region.

There is no Kashmir solution without unification of J&K. Hence there is only one ethical, practical and effective solution to Kashmir problem which is the retrieve of POK by secular India. Because in this age of global war against Jihadi terrorism the very existence of Jihadi infested Pakistan is under question and India is under moral obligation to assimilate it back in India as two nation theory (basis of India’s partition) has already been demolished in 1971 due to separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. Therefore by no stretch of imagination Jihadi infested Pakistan can be allowed to keep entire J&K (not even Muslim Kashmir valley & POK what to talk of Hindu majority Jammu & Ladakh) with it. If this retrieve of POK by secular India can happen through peaceful dialogue between all the four stack holders (with the help and assistance of China which nowadays has immense influence on Pakistan) then THE best.

But it is impossible as neither China nor India can think of Jihadis to participate in discussion on Kashmir issue. Therefore whether China likes it or not but in the given situation the retrieve of POK militarily by secular India is the only Kashmir solution (which is increasingly acquiring urgency because home grown alienation & terrorism is increasing in Kashmir valley in comparison to what it was in 90s when terrorism started in a big way).

Economic corridor (along with Gwadar port) through Pakistan is almost a question of life & death for China because it by-passes pacific and Indo/ Sri-Lanka region and many not-so-friendly countries of this region and brings China in direct contact to Middle East and African countries which all are very important for the economic and strategic interests of China. Hence this imminent retrieve of POK by India is the main worry of China for the simple reason that economic corridor not only passes through POK but will be all-along disturbed immensely by disturbances in rest of Pakistan as and when India will start retrieving POK militarily.

Therefore China should shed its false-pretenses and rather should come down from high horse and should sit with India to discuss in detail not only how Chinese interests of economic corridor will be protected when POK will inevitably be retrieved by India in very-near future but also how China will help India in retrieving POK


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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