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NIAC Brings USA & Iran on the brink of easily-avoidable war

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 16 Mai 2019

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- NIAC can bring permanent peace, cooperation and friendship between USA & Iran through India.

The people or organizations or institutions who plunge two or more countries in war (by their acts of commission) are the not only responsible for avoidable war but the people or organization or institutions which can stop war but do not do so are also equally responsible (by their acts of omission) for such avoidable war, which if happens brings immense suffering and pain to hundreds of millions of people in this age of nukes and other WMDs. One such organization is ‘National Iranian American Council’ (NIAC) which is squarely responsible for bringing USA & Iran on the brink of easily avoidable impending war.

For the last over one year I am in correspondence with NIAC but practically this is one sided as NIAC sends information about their various activities and programs and most of the time NIAC asks for money (subscription) but the NIAC has never replied to various suggestions I have made for solving conflict between USA and Iran. Today also I got an email from NIAC for money (subscription) only, by taking excuse that the NIAC will use it for avoiding war between USA & Iran. If NIAC is really interested in avoiding (which can easily be avoided) impending war between USA & IRAN then NIAC should immediately do the following:-

(1)- First and foremost the NIAC should understand that there are three issues which are the cause of tension between USA & Iran (i)- Iran nuclear deal with USA etc which has been cancelled by USA due to alleged nuclearizing activities of Iran (ii)- Palestine problem due to USA immorally supporting mischievous two nation theory being pushed by Israel (iii) Huge bloodshed and loss of lives in NAME region (including Syria, Yemen etc) due to alleged interference by Shia Iran (through its militant proxies) in Sunni majority countries of NAME region . All these three problems can be solved if NIAC persuades Iran to take help from India which India will easily & gladly give as given below.

(2)- The current most burning international issue of Iran – US conflict is the most important issue for India due to India’s intimate friendship with both USA & Iran and India’s dependence on Iranian oil (on better terms) and Chabahar port. This Iran – US problem can be solved by India by offering its nukes for complete denuclearization. Iran should persuade India to demand that nuclear 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (WMDs) of all the nuclear powers (5 permanent members of UN and India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea etc) should be handed over to UN authorities for ultimate destruction and UN should ensure that no country is able to develop new nuclear WMDs.

(3)- Iran should persuade India to demand that the chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem should be solved by one-State solution for both Jews and Palestinians and not through unjust & mischievous two-State solution as mentioned at

(4)- The solution to problem in Syria, Yemen etc in NAME region (where millions of people are bleeding & weeping profusely) is not a rocket science and it can easily be solved by carrying out elections first in Syria under supervision of ‘UN Election Commission’ (UNEC) under secular constitution. Iran should persuade India to offer personnel (military and civil in millions whatever needed) for ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) and for UNEC in order to ensure free & fair elections first in Syria

(5)- The Indians (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsees etc) are very much interested in avoiding war between USA & Iran and they will do anything to avoid this avoidable war. Hence for achieving above mentioned the NIAC should tour India and mobilize Indians (through seminars, lobbying etc in major metros, cities and capitals) who in turn will ensure that Government of India does the above mentioned in order to avoid avoidable war between USA & India.

It is hoped that the NIAC instead of giving lip service to peace & cooperation between Iran & USA (countries of their origin and choice) will do the needful as mentioned above and will come to India for achieving permanent peace & cooperation between USA & India with the help & assistance of India (the closest friend of both USA & Iran).


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
Shakopee, MN, USA.
Presently at - Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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