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Parikar, another ‘Bayan-Bahadur’, shooting-out hollow statements about Pakistan & Kashmir.

Alwihda Info | Par [email protected] - 6 Juin 2016

Bengaluru, India

Parikar, another ‘Bayan-Bahadur’, shooting-out hollow statements about Pakistan & Kashmir.

Dear Editor

Sub:- Does Defense Minister know that ‘Pak Occupied Kashmir’ (POK) is still not with coward & crafty India ?

--- As if one ‘Bayan-Bahadur’ (Brave through Statements only and not by action) PM Narendra Modi was not enough – [who is so brazenly & flagrantly protecting black money and corruption and (instead of recovering ~ 1,000 Trillion Rupees income tax as mentioned at and then concentrating on the development of majority of economically humble Indians with genuinely federal structure) is going round the world without any purpose worth the name while boasting about benefits his government has brought and is going to bring mainly to socially and economically upper ~ 20 % of India] – that now India has another ‘Bayan-Bahadur’ Defense Minister Manohar Parikar who has started shooting-out hollow Statements about Pakistan and Kashmir.

Recently Parikar has issued two ludicrous statements (i)- AFSPA cannot be removed from J&K and (ii)- Pakistan’s reluctance to walk its talk on terrorism is gradually shutting the "window" of goodwill and dialogue that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had "opened" by visiting Lahore in December last year.

The statement about AFSPA is only half-truth. Parikar is right when he says that - “[Army’s job is not internal security. Let me be very clear on that. It is not my job to maintain internal security but if I am given a task for internal security then there have to be appropriate powers. Those powers come to me through AFSPA]”. No doubt AFSPA has to be there as long as army is doing civilian job in J&K.

But Parikar should know that his both of these confused statements emanate from one simple fact that coward & crafty India so far has not retrieved POK though much smaller Pakistan tried to retrieve Kashmir many times in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc. Had India retrieved POK there wouldn’t have been any need for AFSPA in J&K. Parikar should understand that territories are decided by military / military power back-up and neither by merely writing it on a piece of paper (however sacred that paper may be like Constitution of India) nor by passing unanimous resolution in Indian Parliament that entire J&K (including POK) is an integral part of India.

As far dialogue with Pakistan, God only knows who told Parikar that Pakistan is desperate to talk to India. Rather on the contrary India should be desperate to talk to Pakistan for the purpose of retrieving POK. Government of theocratic Pakistan has given-up any hope of retrieving even Kashmir (if not entire J&K) militarily but continues to use Islam (which, as per media reports, have laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir hence is a fourth stack holder in Kashmir in addition to Governments of India and Pakistan and the people of J&K ) for creating trouble in J&K and in India through terrorism etc (with or without support of separatists in J&K) and thus successfully-highlighting (whether India accepts it or not) Kashmir issue at international level.

Parikar (especially being Defense Minister of India) should understand that all the problems about Pakistan / Kashmir is due to simple reason that India so far has not retrieved POK (militarily, if necessary). Here one more factor has contributed in the confusion of Parikar as it has done for most of the Indians. India is never tried of claiming that overwhelming majority of Kashmiris is with India as is evident from huge voter turn-out during elections in J&K. But world community is more intelligent than what India gives credit to it. Entire world knows that if majority of Kashmiri Muslims are satisfied with India then why hundreds of thousands of Indian army is in Kashmir with AFSPA etc [where instead of taking-on Pakistan military (for retrieving POK which is the only solution to Pakistan / Kashmir problem) the Indian military is showing its ‘bravery’ by training guns on Indian citizens with the result there have been horrible & gross violation of human rights of the people of J&K].

Parikar seems to be simply incapable of understanding a simple fact that notwithstanding lip service given by world-community (including USA, the so-called leader of free world, about global war against Jihadi terrorism including from Pakistan against India), the world-community knows that India is trying to play over-smart by demanding stoppage of terrorist attacks by Jihadis emanating from Pakistan but at the same time India does everything in its power to frustrate any solution to chronic and gory Kashmir problem. If world-community does not say so openly to India for obvious reasons (India being functioning democracy of ~ 1.3 Billion people that too in this part of Asia) that does not mean that world-community does not understand the farcical policies of India about Kashmir.

Therefore Parikar, instead of issuing such coward, hollow and meaningless statements, should persuade Government of India (GOI) to immediately start dialogue with Pakistan (whether terrorism stops from Pakistan or not because it will never stop due to said condone of world-community) for retrieving POK. If Pakistan does not hand over POK on table then India should be prepared to retrieve POK militarily in a time bound program [For this GOI should tell the world-community that waging war is legitimate right of any sovereign State hence India should simultaneously mobilize world-community to enforce denuclearization of the world by destroying nuclear WMDs of every country including of India and Pakistan which are creating unnecessary hurdle in the path of retrieve of POK, militarily by India].


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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