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Real Madrid or Manchester City: Who will take the lead for the 2nd leg?

Alwihda Info | Par Info Alwihda - 29 Février 2020

Considered by many football experts as the biggest football competition in the world, the Champion’s League reunites all the best teams and all the biggest international players around the world.

Real Madrid or Manchester City: Who will take the lead for the 2nd leg? © DR
Real Madrid or Manchester City: Who will take the lead for the 2nd leg? © DR
For over 6 decades, the Champion’s League, formerly known as the Europeans Champion Club’s Cup, has been and will always be the highlight of all real football fans. For the final phase (round of 16) of this 65thedition, two of the favorite teams in the odds for the Champions League victory, Real Madrid and Manchester City, will face for the round of 8.

Next Wednesday, the Real Madrid will host the 1stleg of this terrible duel. With 4 games played including 2 victories for the Madrid players and 2 draws, Zidane squad has all the chances to take the lead in their stadium. Bus as said the former presidents of LOSC (Lille Olympique Sporting Club), “Champion’s League, it’s another world.” Everything is therefore possible.

Winner of the Champion’s League 13 times, Real Madrid will deal with a formidable challenge by facing the Manchester City of its former Catalan rival Josep Guardiola. With a record of 3 victories, 2 draws and one defeat in the competition (Benzema and Rodrigo have scored 4 goals each), Zidane squad approaches this duel with some lucidity. During a press conference in Real Madrid, the French coach said that the key for him and his players was to continue to do what they do the best. Asked about the ban of the UEFA against Manchester City, Zidane replied that “it will not change anything. Manchester City is a competitive team and that will not change”. 

However, even if the team seems focused enough for the confrontation, their last performances and the injury of Eden Hazard one of their best Stricker, leaves experts puzzled about the ability of the White House to win the game. Indeed, with all the difficulties faced by Zidane players in their last two games in La Liga (against Celta Vigo and Levante), it is fair to wonder if Zidane and his squad are really ready to face the England Giant. Moreover, concerning the Hazard case, Zidane was evasive on a possible return on the pitch of the Belgian player. But he confirmed the player’s recovery and his presence on the bench. It will depend on the outcome of the match.      

About the substitutions, the coach said that: “I know I have great players and sometimes it’s very difficult to make a decision. Everyone has something to offer. I love having them all ready to intervene. I need to take my time. I have 23 players who can all play. My decision does not really depend on them. All they need is to be focused and motivated and then it will be up to me to make the final choice. It’s much easier to choose when all of them are available”.

Known as one of the biggest team in the England championship, Manchester City will play their 9th appearance in the round of 8 of the champion’s league against Real Madrid, the team which make collapsed in 2016 their chance to lift up the cup. For Macunians, this match has a taste of revenge and even a ban from the UEFA will not stop their confidence. 

It is a fact; the UEFA sanction will cost a lot for Manchester City.  The organization announced on Friday that the club will be fined 25 million of livre sterling and expelled from the Champion’s League and the Europa League for the next two seasons (which will cost almost 200 million in club revenue) due to “serious violations” of the Financial Fair Play. Even if the club has announced its intention to appeal the decision, the future of the coach Pep Guardiola as well as players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling could be threatened. 

However, the coach did not hesitate to assert his confidence in his team; especially to Sterling and Gabriel Jesus. About the last one, Pep was full of praise for this player saying that he always brings intensity in the game, and need to take more chances and shoot like a stricker. 

About the substitution, the Manchester City coach said at his conference press that “coaches will always do substitutions for the best of the team. Managers are brilliant because their players can score, but they substitutions decision can make a huge difference that can brings the team to avoid some mistakes”.        

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