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Syria should be the last warning signal for USA, its Allies and mankind.

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - Copyright free - 12 Février 2012

Sub:- Syria should be the last warning signal for USA, its Allies and mankind.

Ref:- (i)- Why can’t USA & Allies demand elections in Syria etc. under the supervision of ‘League of Democracies’ if UN does not demand it ?

(ii)- Apathetic handling of Christian West regarding democratic uprising in Islamic NAME countries will cost heavy for mankind.

(iii)- To expect UN (with veto to anti-democratic forces) to promote democracy world over is ideological humbug on the part of USA & Allies.

(iv)- Too much reliance on economic sanctions is harmful for the economy of USA & Allies also.

(v)- USA & Allies have no other option than:-

(A)- To constitute ‘League of Democracies’ out of UN

(B)- To install every day mechanism for enforcement of human rights like MP -1 (instead of OP – 1) of ICCPR of UN and

(C )- To install global mechanism for the redress of grievances of global players of globalization

Dear Sir

The veto of Russia and China over UNSC resolution on Syria has once again highlighted the fact that:-

(1)- Evidently Christian West is still suffering from its prejudices towards Islamic world (the hangover from crusade days). Otherwise how can it be possible that West which is so much advanced in science & technology and having hundreds of universities with huge funds for various disciplines can be so weak in comprehending such elementary principles of logic that - democracy does not require any thing other than elections. And once elected government is installed then democracy (and its various human rights) can easily be protected by pro-active democratic global power / order with effective enforcement mechanisms.

(2)- It is baffling that why West remains apathetic to immense bloodshed, injuries, loss of lives & properties, sufferings etc of thousands of people (including women, children and elders) of NAME countries who are agitating for democracy and why can’t USA & Allies directly demand elections under supervision of global authority in Syria etc. (which ever country demanding democracy) and instead West prefers harsh & gory indirect, ineffective and ridiculous remedies of military intervention, sanctions, arming the opposition, demanding change of regime for elections etc.

(3)- USA and allies are not realizing that apart from being not so effective (as has been seen in case of Iran also) too much reliance on economic sanctions will be harmful for the economy of USA & Allies also if they start imposing sanctions one after another in countries where democratic uprising is going on and where as a rule their regimes oppose democracy. Moreover NAME countries are source of petroleum oil to most of the mankind and any such prolonged and gory disturbance in this region will put the entire mankind to grave problems and difficulties.

(4)- To expect UN (with veto to anti-democratic forces) to promote democracy world over is ideological humbug on the part of USA & Allies. Therefore USA & Allies have no other option than to constitute ‘League of Democracies’ out of UN where veto will not come in the way of democracy.

(5)- USA & its western allies must be knowing that in developing countries especially in Muslim countries fundamentalism always gain ascendancy (as is evident from the case of democratic Pakistan too where Laden was found living for years in Abbottabad in the vicinity of military establishment and in national capital region). Therefore USA & Allies should be worried about rise of fundamentalism in NAME countries (with unprecedented threat to Israel) once democracy is ultimately installed over there.

(6)- In Afghanistan and Iraq also, USA & Allies have lost the ‘war on terror’ to fundamentalists (as have openly been alleged even by ex – CIA officers etc in US media). Presently USA & Allies are busy in talks with Taliban for transfer of power in Afghanistan. Therefore it is any body’s guess that what will happen once tension for USA & Allies escalates in near future due to conflict with Iran which borders both Iraq and Afghanistan?

(7)- Therefore in order to overcome this problem of fundamentalism in democracies, in this ‘League of Democracies’ the optional protocol (OP1) of ICCPR of UN should be replaced with day-to-day human rights enforcement mechanism through mandatory protocol (MP1), with voting rights to member countries (for military, para – military, civil intervention in troubled countries) on the basis of formulae based on contribution (of armed forces, ammunitions, war equipments & machineries, finances etc by member countries) and no veto to any member country contrary to what it is in UN.

(8)- The global order for democracies will be needed for one more purpose. Whether people like it or not globalization is inevitable due to advance in science & technology especially in information & communication sector which has made management of political and economical matters quite easy at global level. But presently globalization is under serious threat in democratic world thus putting democratic world itself under threat.

(9)- As if the most powerful democracy USA’s blow to globalization [given through Obama’s State of Union address 2012 where he talked about protectionism (mainly due to threat from labor force artificially kept cheap in non-democratic authoritarian country like China), punitive tariffs, damage to rule of law (sine-qua-non for globalization) through legally objectionable concessions to millions of illegal immigrants in USA etc] was not enough that the largest democracy India too has dealt a severe blow to globalization by the verdict of its Supreme Court which has cancelled 122 telecom licenses issued by government India (after about 4 years of their award) thus gravely effecting also the foreign companies (like Telenor, Sistema, Etisalat) and future foreign investments (needed so badly by developing countries which form majority of democratic world) ) by sending the damaging message that tomorrow Indian State may even cancel & refuse to owner its government securities by taking excuse of corruption in their issues.

(10)- Therefore nothing will happen for the growth of globalization unless an international mechanism for the prompt redress of the grievances of the global players (against the arbitrariness & high handedness of the governments of the countries where they operate) comes into place. Hence such global redress mechanism too will have to be kept with ‘League of Democracies’.

(11)- This democratic globalization will be needed for one more reason. With ‘League of Democracies’ in place the preferential treatment to member countries vis-à-vis non democratic non-member countries in the distribution of natural resources will be the logical expectation of the member countries. For example the ease with which China so far has been able to get natural resources including petroleum oil from entire world would be seriously questioned by member democratic countries.

(12)- What to talk of developing countries even presently economically battered developed country like USA has started discussing in media that in Afghanistan under protective umbrella of democratic USA & Allies the communist China is gaining billions of dollars by exploiting natural resources of Afghanistan whereas on the contrary USA alone is spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan and suffering human losses. Moreover with present large economy (with huge finances entering borders of different countries) due to globalization, the pressure on natural resources is bound to bring even the member of ‘League of Democracies’ too in serious disputes with each other. Therefore a global forum for democratic countries for the purpose of sorting out their difference will be needed and will go a long way in the interest of world peace.

(13)- Therefore USA and Allies, without wasting any further time should start moving the world community for the purpose of constituting ‘League of Democracies’ and its various above mentioned forums and institutions so that on-going and looming-large gory scenario may be tackled and averted effectively.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of “Betrayal of Americanism”)

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