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The Headquarters Multinational Joint Task Force (HQ MNJTF) Ndjamena

Alwihda Info | Par - 27 Février 2017

Chad on Wednesday 22 February 2017 hosted European Union Parliamentarians. The delegation was led by Her Excellency Madam Denisa Elena Ionete, European Union Ambassador to Chad in the company of Mr Joachim Zeller, Honourable Member of Parliament and Head of mission.

The visit was attended by:

* HE Madame Denisa Elena Ionete, Ambassador, Head of European Union Delegation

* Hon Joachim ZELLER (Parliamentarian)

* Hon Gyorgy HOLVENYI (Parliamentarian)

* Hon Nobert NEUSER (Parliamentarian)

* Madam Judith SARGENTINI (Parliamentarian)

* Mr Christian MEZETH (Administrator)

* Mr Dag SOURANDER (Administrator)

* Mr Arnaud BORCHARD, Chief of Cooperation

* Mr François DUBEAU, Security and Counter-terrorism Expert

* Mr Sylvain TARREAU, Programme officer

* Mr Peter STRAUSS (Interpreter)

* Madam Marie Aida DIOP WANE (Interpreter)

In his welcome remarks, the Deputy Force Commander MNJTF, Brigadier General Moussa Mahamat Djoui who represented the Force Commander (FC) Major General Lamidi Adeosun. He expressed gratitude for the visit and spoke lengthily about MNJTF operations. He heartily thanked the delegation in reconnaissance for European Union multiform support via African Union to MNJTF in the fight against terrorist.

While making a remark, the head of the delegation, stated the intention of the visit which according to her was to foster cooperation with the MNJTF while insisting on the fact that the team is more concerned with socio-economic development of the affected regions.

After the brief on MNJTF activities, the Head of Mission in his comments thanked MNJTF for the efforts in combatting terrorism and stated that terrorism is not limited to the Lake Chad region, and added that European Union will forever support Africa in the fight against terrorists. He added that the fight against terrorism should not be viewed sole from the military, but other dimensions should also be taken into consideration.




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* Military Public

Information Officer