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Un russe cherche de renseignements touristiques sur le Tchad

Alwihda Info | Par - 10 Novembre 2014

Request for Chad
De : Oleg Novoselov <[email protected]>
A: tourismetchad <[email protected]>
Date: Lu, 10 Nov 2014 12:26

Good day!

My name is Oleg Novoselov and twice I've been to Chad as a tourist - your country is amazing. It has beautiful nature and great culture and history. Now I work as English teacher at the High school and in the curriculum we have a topic about tourism. That's why I decided to give lessons about development of tourism in Chad. I will be very thankful if you send some information and souvenirs from Chad. In that case I can present them to our students during school activity and I hope it will motivate them to learn more carefully and encourage them for future trips in Chad. I wish you good health and success in your work. Thank you!

Mailing address:

Oleg Novoselov

Oleg Novoselov

Pour toute information, contactez-nous au : +(235) 99267667 ; 62883277 ; 66267667 (Bureau N'Djamena)