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Unlike 9/11 & illegal immigrants, political parties shouldn’t fail USA in Khashoggi murder case

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 20 Octobre 2018

Shakopee, MN, USA

Photograph by Denis Allard / REA / Redux.
Photograph by Denis Allard / REA / Redux.
Sub:- It is time the people in USA understand the responsibilities of their political parties.

--- How much it is the responsibility of political parties to protect the interest of the people of USA is explained in my 2012 article (about the issue of illegal immigrants which is making headlines of the media nowadays too) as mentioned at

Presently one more issue [namely the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Consulate of Saudi Arabia (SaAr) in a NATO Country Turkey] has put the political parties of USA on test. People in USA are overly depending on US Congress and on US Administration to do justice in this matter but they are living in make believe world. The US Congress and US Administration did not do justice even in 9/11 terrorist attack in which 3,000 persons were killed.

The 15 out of 19 terrorists were citizens of SaAr who carried out 9/11 but [despite proof with US Administration (which could have been invested further) of extensive links of these 15 terrorists in SaAr] the US Congress and US Administration ensured that nothing happens to SaAr. This could happen because political parties (having substantial representation in US Congress and US Administration like Republicans, Democrats etc) failed to discharge their duties and obligations towards the victims of 9/11 and their families and the people of and in USA.

To complete the double whammy the political parties did not question US Congress and US Administration that why Osama Bin Laden was not brought alive (which could have been done easily) to New York (the site of 9/11) and tried in New York court ? The US Congress and US Administration did not want Laden to be tried in court because it would have exposed all the powerful & influential people in SaAr etc who were equally (if not more) responsible for 9/11 and are still roaming free with impunity.

Now in present case of murder of Khashoggi it is reported in media that US Administration may be having advance information of threat to the life of Khashoggi but he was not told about it with the result he lost his life. Moreover after Khashoggi’s murder on October, 2 the intercept of communication between Authorities in SaAr and its Consulate & others who are responsible for and in the knowledge of this murder must be there with US Administration but US Congress and US Administration (given their past unsavory record) will not reveal it unless political parties in USA press for it.

People in USA (through their political parties) should take this matter of Kashoggi’s murder seriously for one more reason. In view of legally expected (also under Global Magnitsky Act 2016) US sanctions against SaAr demanded (before October, 19 statement of SaAr where it admitted murder of Khashoggi in its Consulate) even by President Trump, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and other Congressmen etc, it should be the eye opener to USA that SaAr issued threats against USA (while SaAr knew about murder of Khashoggi in Consulate of SaAr) through its controlled media as mentioned also at

Therefore the people of USA should show to the world that the USA is a country which certainly values financial / economic benefits from SaAr but more than that the USA (i)- Believes in its Exceptionalism which is evident also from the human-rights-friendly strong response of President and Congressman to alleged murder of Khashoggi (ii)- Takes its national pride seriously (iii)- Will not take lying down these threats by SaAr about profoundly changing global military & strategic scenario by SaAr going with Russia, China & Iran and by inviting Russian military at Tabuk etc, and by threats of raising oil prices and trading it in Yuan.

But these can be achieved only when (instead of depending merely on US Congress and US Administration) the people of USA constrain their political parties to further constrain their Congressman to conduct inquiry about getting all the information of intercepts etc about communications of Saudi Arabians and their agents in connection with the murder of Khashoggi. The people of USA will do well if they (may be through their political parties also) take the help of US Judiciary too in this matter.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Shakopee - 55379, Minnesota, USA

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