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Veterans can stop Chattanooga type shooting and eliminate ISIS, by developing global-socio-politico-humane institutions‏

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 20 Juillet 2015

USA is the only country on earth which (motivated by most noble ideas) got its freedom in late eighteenth century by raising guns against militarily most powerful British empire. Hence it is a matter of shame & concern that despite ~ ten months military action against ISIS by USA & its Allies not only ISIS has not been eliminated from NAME region but Jihadis inspired by the idea of Caliphate carry out terrorist attacks on US soil [as happened on Thursday when Mohammad Yousuf Abdul Azeez embarked on his killing spree in Chattanooga (Tennessee) that left five Marines dead ].

Because responsibility dwells maximum on those who are capable of solving the problem, the US Military Veterans (USMV) should take this responsibility and come forward to rectify this sorry state of affairs and need to do the following to solve this problem :-

(1)- Throughout the history of mankind civilizations have been shaped predominantly by two forces namely Saints and Warriors (in their various combinations). Because it is difficult for saints to become warriors but easy for warriors to have saintly institutions hence USMV should take the lead in launching a NGO the ‘US Anti-Terrorism Organisation’ (USATO, with membership open to all US residents / citizens) which will work for realizing global-socio-politico-humane institutions through UN in order to solve the problem of ISIS and many other problems which are disturbing global peace.

(2)- Without going into details it is sufficient to say that in this age of IT revolution globalization is inevitable and - [ (i)- Unless global political order is developed starting from troubled NAME region (ii)- Unless the vulnerable member policy (where economically, politically and militarily weak countries are absurdly considered sovereign members of UN) is given-up by developing a mechanism at UN for intervening in so-called internal matters of member countries in the interest of human rights] - there will be no solution to global terrorism in view of given below.

(3)- The excesses, atrocities on and gross injustice against Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq facilitated the rise of ISIS. Because ISIS claim to fight for establishing Islamic rule (Caliphate, having territory) in these countries hence Jihadis like ISIS have one great advantage that in addition to military organization they have Islam (its clergy and elaborate Islamic institutions and organizations) which takes care of civil society (even provide money and other resources to these Jihadis) while these Jihadis are engaged in military battles.

Due to wrong interpretation of Islam present day Islam in NAME countries have become anti - human rights (especially of women, minorities, petty offenders, blasphemous etc) whereas modern and progressive Muslims of NAME region find it difficult to break said strangle hold of Jihadis (and clergy etc of misinterpreted Islam). In a nutshell USA thus far has not succeed in eliminating ISIS because it (out of its outdated isolationist mindset with hit & run policy) does not have any program to garner crucial support of modern & progressive Muslims of NAME region.

(4)- Because said idea (of ISIS Caliphate) can be fought only with superior idea hence USA will have to fight this battle on three fronts in entire NAME region starting from Iraq & Syria (the main base of ISIS) :-

(i)- On military front which US led coalition is already doing but needs more boots on ground.

(ii)- On civil front to provide VISIBLE force (of home-guards, security guards and a sort of police and paramilitary forces) in civilian areas (for preparing voter lists, for rehabilitation of displaced etc) to give confidence to modern and progressive Muslims in these countries . The number of these civil forces will be many times more than the military forces (which US led coalition has so far deployed or may be planning to deploy). Their numbers may be hundreds of thousands (even up-to one million) for entire NAME region

(iii)- USA will have to mobilize philanthropic organization to launch institutions of health and education (in rural and urban areas) of NAME countries. These philanthropic organization will require funds only for kick starting these institutions because these will be ‘Global Participatory Philanthropic Institutions’ [GPPI, with capital (as in limited companies from shareholders) from charity and revenue from fees from beneficiaries]. These GPPI (with the participation of people) will be crucial in strengthening the modern & progressive forces in entire NAME region and this only will effectively eliminate misguided Jihadis like ISIS etc from NAME region.

(5)- Fortunately for USA, this up-to 1 million strong Civil Force can easily be mobilized from secular minded Military Veterans of different countries [including USA, India (which alone can provide ~ 1 million working age military veterans), etc]. Out of these up-to 1 million militarily highly trained Veterans any number can be used for military battles too against ISIS, if need so arise (this way USA will not have to depend merely upon half trained Iraqi soldiers who recently fled from Maradi on the first sign of ISIS and which was lamented by US Army General too).

(6)- USMV should understand that UN being on US soil has politically profound meaning. USA will be politically charged for coming over one year due to 2016 elections for US President and Congress. Therefore it is right time for USMV to launch USATO in order to mobilize public opinion for politically constraining US Presidential and Congress candidates for supporting the following:-

(i)- Optional Protocol OP-1 should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR of UN for enforcing human rights at-least (to start with) in NAME region. The countries of NAME can be asked to develop a mechanism for Human Right Commission in these countries (at National, States and Districts level) so that military / paramilitary / police assistance though these HRCs can be provided as per need (for enforcing human rights in case law & order machinery of erring member country fails to enforce these) out of said Civil Force of these up-to 1 million Military Veterans.

(ii)- Because political management of NAME region can not be left in the hands of local people (who are under strangulating influence of medieval clergy of misinterpreted Islam) the mechanism of ‘International Political Parties’ (IPP) should be launched (to start with) at-least for NAME region with its Registrar at UN

(iii)- GPPI (especially those going in NAME region) should also have Registrar at UN.

It is hoped that USMV will rise to the occasion by launching USATO at the earliest not only for eliminating terrorism from the World (starting from NAME region) but also for restoring the credibility & clout of USA as the ‘Leader of free-world’

[This, as a bonus, will raise the influence of USMV in USA which will automatically solve their problems, which they normally face]


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Pennington, NJ - 08534, USA

Pour toute information, contactez-nous au : +(235) 99267667 ; 62883277 ; 66267667 (Bureau N'Djamena)