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Victory or Death Chad will be victorious

Alwihda Info | Par e- Җ€BIЯ - 29 Janvier 2008

The Chadian people must be united and inspired by the nationalists republican values, patriotism shall make them free from tyrants and determined by careful conference and thoughtful interchange of opinion the broad lines policy and action to get rid of ruling by forces.

Victory or Death Chad will be victorious

Republic ofChad

RepublicanAction Party in Chad



Victory orDeath Chad will be victorious


 “No people that laughs at itself, and ridicules itself, and wishes toGod it was anything but itself ever wrote its name in history;” W. E. B. DuBois


Chad isvery important to us to let to the dictators, thieves and criminals, thereforedemocracy is crucial; there will be no democracy in Chad until the republicanor nationalist rules. We have given the South and North a chance for forty eightyears to show their feeling towards their countrywomen and countrymen. And whathave they done up to this twenty and twenty first century? They have murderedus they have massacred us, they have deprived us of our citizen right (freedomof speech, civil liberty…), they have shown themselves an unfit subjects torules. Therefore they have to steep off the stage of action.


As said StephenDouglas “For all acts are reactionary, and will return in curses upon those whocurse,” and historically documented that any people oppressed, persecuted, tortured,killed, burned, assassinated and ill-treatments of their follow citizen. ‘Willnot only become cowardly and servile, but will transmit that the same servilityto their prosperity and continue to do so, and such group of people will nevermake a bold and courageous people’.


I amcalling upon the republican or nationalist of this beloved country Chad tofight for freedom and democracy. Freedom is not yet captured, therefore we arestill struggling, we are in a very great war, a great conflict, and we willnever get freedom we will never capture democracy until we, like all the otherpeoples who have won freedom and democracy shed our sacred blood. This freedom,this democracy, for which we are hoping, is a something that has caused bloodas a sacrifice by every nation who possesses it today.


The Americanwho possesses his freedom and his democracy won it through the sacrifice ofthose thousand of soldiers who fought and fell under the leadership of GeorgeWashington. The French people, who are enjoying their liberty and theirdemocracy today, are enjoying it because thousand of Frenchmen fought, bled anddied to make France safe.


Democracyor freedom that is what the nationalists republican is preparing your mindsfor-to-shed blood so as to make your country a free from dictatorship or tyrantand a free from puppet regimes and neocolonialist. Chad is a richest country onthe world, which has given with four empires and a conglomeration of giants’civilization and cultures such a courageous Guerra culture, Bang or Royal Sarahculture, Sao and Banana…civilization.


My Chadianpeople, democracy and our wealth can not be stored if we let to individualscorrupt having little confidence on themselves, womanizes, plague alcoholismand drogue, plague with indifferences, lacking energy in direction andshiftless’s. The Chadian people must be united and inspired by the nationalistsrepublican values, patriotism shall make them free from tyrants and determinedby careful conference and thoughtful interchange of opinion the broad linespolicy and action to get rid of ruling by forces. As the Bible said, “By theirfruits you shall know”; so it is easy to tell who is the tyrants and is the republicans.Moreover, if we are waiting for the dictator to give up his criminalsactivities we will be waiting for long time and it won’t be the bloods bath. Wehave to take republican action to bring down this very system that sponsor thedictators and allow our demises economically, politically and socially; by reviewingour education system, administrative system and put on places economic systemsbase on our values. It could be done if some people have done it---just get ridof mentality of bagger and get back to hard work.




 Faità Kasskuoa le 29 Janvier 2008.
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Gourbal Djiddi Nokour

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