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World be aware! Nuclear threat, before Pak Jihadis, comes from suicidal Indian jingoists in power

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 19 Octobre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- India suicidally underestimating China (ii)- Nuclear provocation to China will cost immensely heavy to India (iii)- India unnecessarily & dangerously neglecting Kashmir issue and trying to sabotage CPEC (iv)- If needled further Communist China may also revive Naxalism (Marxism) in ~ one third already-Naxal-infested Indian territory (v)- Rather India should join hands with China for bringing peace, justice and prosperity to Pakistan suggested ‘Extended SAARC’ region (vi)- Pan-ExtSAARC political parties will transform mankind for good, when emulated at UN level

---- Prominent media of India the ‘Times-group’ is nowadays the mouth piece of Government of India (GOI) which can easily be verified by watching its TV Channel ‘TimesNow’. True to popular saying ‘Vinash kale vipreet buddhi’ (during destruction time the mind goes in wrong direction) the GOI led by jingoist PM Modi is trying to build public opinion through India’s leading newspaper ‘The Times of India’ of Times-group where in its October, 19 editorial it wrote that “India should work on battlefield tactical nukes to be deployed on the Chinese border”.

Though India will neither be able to deploy these (without being detected by China and without pre-emptive strikes by China) nor will India be able to use these against China without inviting total destruction of India (may be some for China too) because world community is bound to intervene in time to stop such suicidal tendencies on the part of India. But what it will certainly do is to further provoke China to instigate Pakistan to act single minded to snatch Muslim majority J&K from Hindu India.

India should not forget that China (which is getting increasing support in Kashmir as mentioned at ) can help Pakistan to easily snatch J&K militarily from India (to humble India for stopping Indian meddling in Baluchistan etc in Pakistan) because it will hugely protect the interest of China regarding CPEC. Hence India for change sake should become wise and clever against theocratic Islamic political ideology (which trifurcated the motherland in 1947). Also India should realize that China has not done anything wrong with India (Regarding humiliating defeat in Indo-China 1962 war, if India did not use its superior Air power against China then China can’t be blamed for this. Moreover Indo-China border dispute is legal and can easily be solved through Judicial commission).

Hence India should grab this platinum opportunity, to once and for all, destroy Jihadi terrorism culture emanating from Pakistan by accepting the offer of Pakistan for Extended-SAARC (including Myanmar and Thailand of BIMSTEC), as explained below:-

At the same time India should maintain safe distance from USA (while keeping it in good humor) because nowadays it can be said about USA that –‘Jahan jahan panv pade santan ke tahan tahan bantadhar’ (wherever the saint goes there is destruction).

In this age of human rights friendly world, let mankind (especially countries with dismal social indicators including nuclear India & Pakistan) instead of wasting its scarce and precious resources on war efforts, should endeavor to raise the living standards of their people.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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