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AJS Reports Increase of Company Growth of Nearly 50% over Past Two Years

- 4 Février 2016

ANGOLA, February 2, 2016 - Antonio J. Silva Transportes e Logistica (AJS), Angola’s leading full-service solutions and logistics company for the transportation industry, has announced its stellar highlights from 2015 and plans for 2016 that further the Company’s goals of investing in the Angolan economy by continuing AJS’ history of development and diversification that was exemplified in the past year. AJS’ 2015 results include:


●     A revenue increase of 10%, augmenting the previous year’s increase of 35%.

●     Expanding into additional Angolan provinces - Zaire (Soyo), Cuando Cubango, Cabinda, and Moxico (Luena).

●     Involvement in Fuels Sector: Oil/Gas and Renewable Energy –  AJS has 10% of ONSHORE CON6 Block in the Congo basin, where it is starting seismic studies and later will move onto the exploration phase; investment for the exploration phase is estimated to be   $8,800,000.00. Additionally, concerning Renewable Energy, AJS has been granted and involved in the construction of a mini hydro, and its production and distribution of energy; this concession has a term of 30 years.

●     New business development:  AJS has entered into the Paper Goods industy, manufacturing products from tissue paper, such as paper towels and toilet paper, as well as printing paper; AJS’ investment in the Paper Goods industry is estimated to be $12,000,000.00. Additionally, AJS is now involved in the Truck Manufacturing sector, building tanks for the transportation of petroleum products and trailers for the transportation of containers and goods; AJS’ investment in the Truck Manufacturing industry is estimated to be $ 9,000,000.00

●     Full GPS integration across entire fleet of more than 200 vehicles


“It is an honor to be both a part of Angola’s past and future as we continue on with AJS’ legacy of helping shape the country’s economic growth,”  stated Luis Silva, CEO/Managing Director of AJS.  “In the past year, our company sought regional and industrial expansion, keeping with our goals to reach out to more areas in need of our company’s services and products along with diversifying by going beyond the transportation sector, entering into the Fuel/Renewable Energy, and Paper Goods industries along with the truck manufacturing.  In 2016, our plans will go even further by strengthening our position as Angola’s leading Transportation Company, solidifying our investment in the Oil and Gas sector, and starting our Renewable Energy Production business - creating an investment fund for Renewable Energy. It’s truly an exciting time for our company and country.”


AJS was founded by Antonio J. Silva and his wife with just a single truck for their vegetable and beer production business during the early 1970s in Luanda. Inspired to create a transportation company during a tumultuous time in Angolan history, AJS ventured into areas that no company would to provide its transportation services. Having secured the Company’s position in Angola’s culture and economy, AJS now has an extensive portfolio of Company clients and partnerships and consistently adds to it by entering into different sectors, going beyond the transportation industry, such as with Renewable Energy and Truck Manufacturing.  

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