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Are You Ready to See CompTIA Network+ Certification on Your CV? Do It with Practice Tests!

- 19 Septembre 2020

The CompTIA Network+ certification is intended for the professionals who have the necessary knowledge and to build a successful career in IT infrastructure. The certificate is not vendor-specific and is developed to prepare the candidates for network support, irrespective of the platform. It is worth mentioning that this is the only credentialthat covers wired and wireless networks.

The individuals who obtain this CompTIAcertification can demonstrate their capacity to configure, manage, and both wired and wireless networks in any organization. The credentialalso validates theirunderstanding of emerging technologies, which include virtualization and Cloud technologies.

What Content Is Covered in CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam?

The Network+ credential equips the with the skillset,which is critical to the real-world job performance in their domain areas. With this expertise, they will be able to design and execute functional networks, as well as maintain, configure, and manage necessary network devices. They’ll also have the capacity to utilize various devices (switches and routers), identify both the pros and cons of network configuration, and troubleshoot various network problems. The learners will also be able to implement network standards, protocols, and security, and also support the development of virtualized networks.

The CompTIA N10-007 exam associated with the Network+ credential covers certain domains. The main topics include networking concepts, network operations, infrastructure, and network troubleshooting & tools. It is recommended that you go through the official website to learn more about the content of this certification test before you start your preparation.

What Job Roles Can CompTIA Network+ Certification Holders Take?

This certification is designed forthe candidates who can meet the recommended requirement, which is nine to twelve months of experience in networking. These specialists are looking to develop their in the field of networking. The job roles that they can pursue after obtaining CompTIA Network+ include a network administrator, a network field technician, a network analyst, and a network support specialist.The individuals that function in the job roles of a junior network administrator, an IT consultant, a system engineer, a help desk technician, a computer technician, and a network field engineer are also its target audience. With this credential, one can earn between 67,510 and $92,740, depending on his/her position. This is based on the report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Are you ready to launch your career in networking? Earn the CompTIA Network+ certificate to start your journey in the IT world. You’ll find a lot of prep resources to help you study for your test. First of all, check out the tools available on the official website.

 You can also explore more study materials onother. Get relevant and up-to-date exam dumps and practice tests to start your prep process as soon as possible. You have all the resources you need to achieve success in your certification exam. All you have to do is choose the training option that suits you personally and then the testwill be walkover for you.

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