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Bengaluru, India: Routine response to 1/7 terrorist attack at Dhaka will cost fatally heavy to India

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 2 Juillet 2016

ISIS has reportedly claimed the responsibility of terrorist attack on Friday in Dhaka by its affiliate Ansar Islam.

Bengaluru, India: Routine response to 1/7 terrorist attack at Dhaka will cost fatally heavy to India
Sub:- (i)- Hindu majority India should give-up habit of waking-up after damage done (as happened in 1947) (ii)- Increased attack on security forces in Kashmir and dozens of ISIS sympathizers in India cannot be ignored as minor & routine affair (iii)- ISIS hold on Bangladesh bound to increase in view of Assam election development (iv)- Jihadi terrorists pincer from Pak-Bang bound to change profile of terrorist attacks in India (v)- ISIS /Caliphate phenomenon going to stay and will find fertile ground in SAARC (vi)- Powerful Christians becoming isolationists (Trump, BREXIT etc phenomenon) hence only Hindu India the soft target (vii)- ‘Realized CW’ the only solution left for India.

--- ISIS has reportedly claimed the responsibility of terrorist attack on Friday in Dhaka by its affiliate Ansar Islam. This is harbinger of coming pincer of Jihadi terrorists from East (Bangladesh) and West (AF-PAK) on India and if Hindu majority India does not give-up habit of waking-up after damage done (as happened in 1947 when mother-land was trifurcated) then it will cost fatally heavy to India, as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost Hindu majority India should not forget that Jews, Christians and Muslims are all children of testament hence despite coalition of 65 countries led by USA the ISIS / Caliphate phenomenon has not been eliminated from NAME countries. Moreover powerful Christian West (NATO countries) is becoming isolationists (Trump, BREXIT etc phenomenon). China is non-democratic authoritarian country hence will not be so-much affected by ISIS / Caliphate phenomenon and it will be only through gullible India that ISIS / Caliphate will find fertile ground in SAARC.

(2)- In view of elections result in Assam (where BJP won the election by aligning with Parties who have been agitating Bangladeshi infiltrators issue) Union / State governments will have to address the issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators (mostly Muslims in N-E) and this is bound to strengthen the ISIS further in Bangladesh as explained at:-

(3)- Therefore increased terrorist attack on security forces in Kashmir (in contrast to earlier terrorist attacks on civilians) should not mislead India because dozens of ISIS sympathizers in India (some of whom were arrested recently) cannot be ignored as minor & routine affair. As it has potential of (in view of likely strengthening of ISIS in Bangladesh) perpetrating terrorist attacks again all over India on civilians and which will trigger extremely explosive communal situation in India especially in view of coming elections in 5 States including most crucial U.P. elections (by likely to be communally polarized polity under the instigation of Hindutva forces emboldened by rise of PM Modi’s BJP to power and equally communal ruling Samajwadi Party in U.P. as is clear from ‘India Today TV Channel’ expose where both Parties are found complicit in renting communal riots @ Rs 0.5 million a riot).

(4)- Therefore Hindu majority India instead of going for beaten-track solution should go for bold and out-of-box solution and should try for dragging Muslims and Britishers (who ran away from India after ruling it for centuries) in its political system by Realizing CW as explained at:-

(5)- The Christianity through Britishers has to be involved through Realized CW in the interest of ushering into peaceful global political order. As far Muslims ~ 650 million Muslims of undivided India (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) did not come from Mecca-Medina rather these mostly were converted from Hinduism to Islam. Therefore Hindus are losing gamblers hence should not leave the game rather should try to wean these ~ 650 million and other ~ 350 million Muslims (and others by instrument of assimilation) from militant Islam by bringing them under peaceful political order of Realized CW (and not by thinking absurdly & impractically of their conversion back to outdated Hinduism).

(6)- About 2.5 Billion population of Realized CW (~ 1 Billion Hindus, ~ 1 Billion Muslims and ~ 0.5 Billion Christians and others) under political order of a sort of “United States of Federal, Secular, Socialist, Democratic, Republic of CW Countries” is bound to ultimately usher the mankind in a peaceful and prosperous global order. But Christianity and Islam are now spent forces as is evident from what is going in Islamic NAME region under the watch of Christian West especially in Syria [where in a country of ~ 22 million horrible stories of human rights violations of civilians (including women, children and old people) is the order of the day because half the population is displaced including ~ 4 million in other countries].

(7)- Demoralization of Islam (cause of desperate & needless bloodshed in NAME by Jihadis) is evident in India too. In India the Muslims are thoroughly demoralized as is evident from the fact that five out of seven writ petitions which will be filed by Registered ‘Common Wealth party’ of India in Supreme Court of India are meant to provide justice to Muslims of India for the simple reason that demoralized Muslims (Islam) in India do not have courage to file these writ petitions themselves.

(8)- As far Nukes and other arms and equipments with Indian military (which gives a false confidence to Hindus against the menace of militant Islam on its East and West borders), India should not forget that Pakistan is also a nuclear country. It will not be long before these Paki Nukes are kept at the disposal of Islam in the interest of bringing Caliphate to SAARC. In this process of eliminating most of the Hindus, if ~ 20 % of global Muslim population need to be sacrificed through Indo-Pak nuclear flare-up then also it is not such great a sacrifice for martyrdom-prone Islam.

Therefore Hindu majority India should understand that (unlike Christianity and Islam) India is the only country for Hinduism. Therefore India should wake-up and should take the lead for ‘Realizing Common Wealth’ especially after BREXIT which, whether mankind likes it or not, is the only solution to the imminent menace (facing India) of ISIS / Caliphate phenomenon.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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