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Best way to eliminate 'ISIS Caliphate terrorism' is to encourage ‘non-violent democratic Caliphate’ in NAME

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 16 Décembre 2015

Edina - MN, USA`

Sub:- (i)- USA unable to tackle ISIS phenomenon because not trying to understand political-religion nature of Islam (ii)- West will not succeed in NAME if insist on Christian dictum of keeping State and religion totally separate (iii)- Best way to eliminate ‘ISIS Caliphate terrorism’ is to encourage ‘non-violent democratic Caliphate’ in NAME (iv)- Services of Muslim-Americans can be utilized by USA to solve NAME / ISIS problem

-- Democrats do not have any clue as to how to tackle ISIS phenomenon / terrorism as is clear from its President Obama’s policy (rather no policy worth the name) for eliminating this menace. But Tuesday debate on CNN of Republican Presidential candidates was also nothing more than knee-jerk reaction to 12/2 Islamic terrorist attack at Bernardino, California. The USA is unable to tackle ISIS phenomenon because so far it has failed to understand political-religion nature of Islam. Christian majority USA does not understand the basic difference between Christianity (which believes in leaving unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar thus keeping religion and State separate) and Islam (which does not believe in such separation).

Throughout the history of mankind civilizations have been shaped predominantly by saints and warriors. After Jainism in India [of its founding Teerthankar (Prophet) Rishabh Dev (Adinath) and not its 24th Prophet (contemporary of Lord Buddha) Mahaveer Swamy, who renounced State], Islam is the only religion where warriors and saints have been under one authority like Prophet Mohammed and ISIS Caliph Baghdadi, a religiously privileged Quresh (unlike Ayatollah of Iran who is not involved with warriors).

Therefore USA should try to understand this political-religion nature of Islam and should do the following not only to tackle terrorism being perpetrated and propounded by ISIS but also to bring succor to NAME where millions are bleeding and weeping profusely including in Syria (a country of ~ 22 million where ~ 250,000 are killed, ~ 11 millions are displaced including ~ 4 million in other countries including in refugee camps) :-

(1)- First and foremost USA should understand that (i)- It will have to deal with Islamic terrorism of ISIS etc not only in ISIS territory of Syria and Iraq but at-least (to start with) in Sunni dominant NAME region if not in other terrorism infested Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. (iii)- Christian concept of totally separating State and religion has failed to solve the problems the mankind is facing all over the World (iii)- The Islamic concept of not so much separation of State and religion is closer to democracy because in democracy state has to be under the authority of the people which can be only through religion (and not through less powerful and divisive economic forces like capitalism, socialism, communism etc).

(2)- Sunni State in Syria & Iraq also can not be left independent to practice non-updated and medieval Islam as suggested by John Bolton (US Ambassador to UN in 2005 - 06) in his article ‘To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State’ (New York Times November, 24) where Bolton prescribed ‘Sunni-stan’ (comprising mainly the territories in Syria and Iraq which are presently under the possession of Sunni ISIS) and even Sunni Kurdistan (from the territories of Shia ruled Syria and Iraq if not from Sunni ruled Turkey). On the face of it Bolton’s idea may sound to be the obvious solution given the dilemma West (USA & its European and other Allies including from Gulf States) is facing born out of political problems which West will face (due to Shia - Sunni conflict) after militarily eliminating ISIS [which is impossible (without adequate boots on ground) through absurd Hit & Run policy which failed in Afghanistan and Iraq].

(3)- Also Islam in Sunni NAME region can not be given freehand because like every other religion Islam also came in existence during monarchy (rule of kings and emperors) hence its many values are in conflict with the values of democracy. This has not been understood in largest democracy India too which is the main reason in India, political parties like ruling parties BJP, Shiv Sena, Akali Dal have been trying to mix religion (though not as violent as conceived by Jihadis of Islam) with politics (by clumsily copying Islam) but so far they have been able to only bring communal riots and disharmony between communities (which resulted in Ayodhya dispute in which post Babri Mosque demolition thousand of innocents mainly Muslims were killed in riots including in Gujarat in 2002 and Khalistan movement started in Punjab resulting in murder of incumbent PM Indira Gandhi)..

(4)- Therefore in view of above mentioned a right balance can be achieved by implementing a political order in NAME where (i)- USA (through UN or through its NATO and other Allies or even alone if necessary through protectorate as was done with Japan post World War II) should ensure ‘non-violent democratic Caliphate’ in NAME as ‘United States of NAME’ (USNAME or any other suitable name) in which countries of NAME region will be persuaded to join USNAME.

(5)- In any country whoever runs the institution of health and education runs the country. Hence in order to give supremacy to people in democracy (through religion which will serve the purpose of Islam of not separating State from religion) the institution for education can be taken-up later but people should first be given the responsibility of running the institution of health care through religion (as is done through Mutual Funds for shareholders in limited companies / corporations). ‘Participatory Health Care Program’ (PHCP) should be launched, as given below, to provide health care in USNAME for every employee (whether in organized or in unorganized sectors) and to economically humble employers / self-employed:-

(i)- In management in addition to representatives from government the elected representatives of employees and of employer (making contributions may be through Mutual Funds of Islam) should be there (ii)- There should be first appellate tribunal nominated by employers which can look into leave (suspected to be unnecessary) granted by PHCP doctors to ailing employees (second such appellate tribunal may be nominated by government) (iii)- Throughout his / her life every medical care / facility should be free to every member (and his / her dependent family member) of this PHCP.

(6)- USNAME should be left free to enact laws in order to discourage unbridled usury (the Islamic principle against unbridled interest earning) :-

(i)- By restricting interest maximum up-to 4 % for taking care of working expenses of banks and financial institutions (ii)- By deploying State-capital (born out of fiscal deficit) profitably in unemployment removal programs of constructing residential and commercial buildings which will be given on rent to be decided by ‘Rent Commission’ in USNAME.

(7)- In addition to above mentioned following should be done:-

(i)- International Political Parties ( IPP) registered at UN (which will also take part in election in NAME / Syria etc) to take care of demoralized & incompetent local population who on their own can not manage politics of their countries. [USA can utilize the services of Muslim-Americans in launching such IPP in NAME and for wider objective of USNAME).
(ii)- Notwithstanding so-called sovereignty (of even such UN member countries who do not have competence and resources to defend sovereignty) instead of Optional Protocol OP-1 the Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR of UN should be there for enforcing human rights in every USNAME State, even militarily if necessary.
(iii)- Mandatory requirement for every USNAME State to provide adequate facilities and place for protest / demonstrations and prisons for those who break laws or offer arrest during protests / demonstration (‘excess on demonstrators’ was main excuse for regime change as happened in Ukraine and in many NAME countries).
(iv)- Mechanism (including international) for prosecuting government authorities of USNAME committing serious crimes including excess on demonstrators / protesters and war crimes (including thus far have been committed by ISIS etc).
(v)- UN Election Commission (UNEC) for supervising the work of Election Commissions in TROUBLED regions of USNAME.
(vi)- Without global currency globalization (USNAME as precursor) is impossible hence global currency with proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) with head office at UN (or any where in USA) and branches in USNAME.
(vii)- Freedom of religion should be unfettered in USNAME and ONLY ‘conversion through physical coercion’ (and not through so-called inducement of any type) should be made illegal in USNAME.

- - In order to effectively rid NAME and rest of the World of Islamic terrorism of ISIS etc. it is hoped leader of free world and last hope for victims, the USA (through UN or its Allies or alone if necessary) will, without any further delay, enforce ‘Regulated Political Order’ of ‘non-violent democratic Caliphate’ in NAME region by adhering to Islamic principle of not so much separating State from religion.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism')
Edina - MN, USA.

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