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Centrafrique: Bangui mired in devastating civil war since morning

Alwihda Info | Par Isidore Mbayo - 8 Octobre 2014

Special report by Isidore Mbayo

BANGUI (LNC) — Bangui, the Central African capital, once again has plunged into chaos of violence, with blood and fire.
Since this morning, she is almost entirely under state of war.
Outbreak of violence started when 5 people were found burned alive in a cab, in the 3rd arrondissement. Murders attributable to armed groups.
According to our information, a revenge attacks for the killing of a Muslim by Anti-Balaka armed men, when the charred body was found on Yesterday in the Gobongo area, in the 4th arrondissement.


Young Muslims coming from the 3rd arrondissement, seeking revenge, then, move in search of people to kill, opening fire with small arms and rocket propelled grenade launchers.
A still provisional death toll of 5 killed and dozen of injured.
It followed a general flare-up of violence.
Bangui city is at a standstill. Bus and taxi drivers immediately go on strike after the assassination of one of their colleagues, burned alive in his cab by his own customers.

Districts of Km5, Kpetene, Gobongo, 92 logements, Fatima, Petevo etc.. are paralyzed. Roads are being blocked by tires burned.

We contacted a policeman who told us that at least 50 houses have been burnt, and also dozen of vehicles burnt and destroyed, the KM5 district, "is really under state of war."

At this time, peace has not yet been established.

Ironically, these violence occurred less than 24 hours after Hélène Le Gal's visit, being the French President's Africa advisor, coming to call on the Central African authorities, to accelerate the electoral process. Illusory statements awarding her by us with this title of "The Hélène Légal's daydreams".


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