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Despite Russian air strikes in Syria, USA should not give-up when so near to success of Arab-spring in NAME

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 9 Octobre 2015

Jefferson City - MO, USA

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- USA Should first concentrate on Syria (ii)- Without introducing new institutions / mechanisms Arab-spring will not succeed (iii)- Only universal adult franchise & Federalism are enough

-- Many people may be tempted to laugh at anyone who says that Arab-spring is heading for success given (after onset of Arab-spring) the immense gory political turmoil presently going-on in NAME region especially in Syria and the statement of Russian President Putin in UNGA speech that - “I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you've done ?”

But any perspicacious political observer can say this (on the basis of what happened at UNGA) especially where practically every country (may be due to ISIS factor) wanted to cooperate in solving problems in Syria etc. Therefore USA should not get bogged-down in meaningless and time-wasting controversy whether Russian air strikes in Syria started from September, 30 are meant against ISIS or (in order to help Assad remain in power) against rebels supported by USA & its European and other Allies. Rather USA (which even as per Putin's statement in UNGA, believes in one's exceptionality) should not give-up when so near to success of Arab-spring in NAME because as in any person’s life most people fail because they give-up when they are so near to success.

The triumph of democracy and progress (which Arab-spring was all about) might not have come so-far as Putin castigated but it is bound to come within a very short time if USA does the following:-

(1)- First of all USA should more or less forget rest of NAME and should concentrate only on Syria. Nothing succeeds like success. Once USA succeeds in bringing Arab-spring to Syria it will be an easy task to make Arab-spring a success in rest of NAME region. In this matter fortunately USA can get UN support because now Russia is also interested in solving problem of Syria (other non-NATO veto wielding permanent member China is already cooperating in enlarging UNPKF). Only sticking point is Russia wants Bashar al-Assad to continue in Government.

(2)- Here USA should be pragmatic and reasonable. Once elections take place in Syria then in any case Assad is going to be thrown out of power. Regarding war crimes committed by Assad and his government they can be brought to justice even after normalcy returns to Syria [after elections under SECULAR constitution by Syrian Election Commission under overall surveillance of UN Election Commission (UNEC) with wide powers to UNEC during & about elections in Syria (as is with Election Commission of India)]. Hence USA should agree to Russian condition of keeping Assad in power for carrying out elections (after preparing voter list after getting displaced Syrians back in Syria in a time bound program of UN under UNPKF which is already getting enlarged by 30,000 more troops etc as Obama has announced at UN Peacekeeping summit. This UNPKF may be enlarged even more given global support for the solution of Syria problem)

(3)- Democracy in NAME will succeed mainly with the active support of modern and progressive Muslims of NAME region. Due to wrong interpretation of Islam present day Islam in NAME countries has become anti - human rights (especially of women, minorities, petty offenders, blasphemous etc) but modern and progressive Muslims of NAME region find it difficult to break the stranglehold of Jihadis (and clergy etc of misinterpreted Islam). Hence USA should introduce a new institution /mechanism of Mandatory Protocol MP-1 (and not Optional Protocol OP-1) of ICCPR along with mechanism for protecting & enforcing human rights in Syria.

(4)- In the interest of making human rights enforcement mechanism effective a separate task force of HR Enforcement (HRETF) should be kept under UNPKF in Syria which can be pressed in action on the request of Syrian Human Rights Commission (or otherwise under MP-1 of ICCPR of UN). Here it is important that the cost of UNPKF should be recovered from Syria (as it is not a poor country but an oil rich country) in a decade or two once normalcy returns to Syria after elections.

(5)- Democracy will succeed in any country when people take the responsibility to run the country. In any country whoever runs the institution of health and education runs the country. Therefore USA should ensure that people of Syria run these institutions (first the institutions for health and the educational institutions can be taken up later on which will be much easier once people of Syria succeeds in running their health care institutions).

(6)- Before doing anything in this matter Obama will have to come out of false US Propaganda under the influence of unbridled usurers. Obama wrongly said in UNGA speech that only capitalism (Private) can bring prosperity. USA has unique history hence let us not discuss it but Europe is also using only so called private capital but see its lack of economic progress, huge unemployment etc. Moreover Obama ought to understand that USA does not use merely private capital though it is a different matter that USA like other countries has squandered State-capital (therefore public debts born out fiscal deficits in western countries too is over 60% or even up-to 200 % GDP). Therefore Obama should understand that Americanism is not private capitalism rather joint-capitalism (Private plus State capital which is supposed to be used mainly to remove unemployment). Hence Obama should not have any ideological barrier in using public programs at-least for health care in Syria.

(7)- For this a modified system of ESI (‘Employees State Insurance’ with contribution from employees, employers and government) should be launched to provide health care in Syria for every employee (whether in organized or in unorganized sectors) and to economically humble employers / self employed. In this Modified-ESI (MESI) following should be there to avoid traditional problems of ESI (as were faced in Indian ESI) :-

(i)- In management in addition to representatives from government the elected representatives of employees and of employer should be there

(ii)- There should be first appellate tribunal nominated by employers which can look into leave (suspected to be unnecessary) granted by MESI doctors to ailing employees (second such appellate tribunal may be nominated by government)

(iii)- Throughout his / her life every Medical care / facility should be free to every member (and his / her dependent family member) of this Modified ESI.

(8)- Here USA should be especially careful that no system of reservation etc to any particular group should be kept in Syrian constitution because only universal adult franchise & Federalism (with civilian / economic matters with States and martial matters with Union / Central / Federal government) are enough to run any democracy successfully.

(9)- USA should also ask UN that in addition to UNPKF the provision should be kept for volunteers (of UN registered HRNGOs) who (Muslims, Hindus, Christians etc) will come in huge numbers from SAARC & further East Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia etc (the total region having about half the Muslim population of the world). These volunteers (especially Muslims) will be interested in bringing peace & stability in Syria, also due to the reason that misguided Jihadis (terrorists mainly ISIS) in NAME region are creating bad image for Islam. These volunteers will also reduce the financial burden of UN peacekeeping programs in Syria and later in remaining NAME.

In view of above mentioned USA / President Obama first should make Arab-spring a success in Syria through new institutions / mechanism of MP-1 of ICCPR & HRETF and by introducing MESI and volunteers ( of UN-registered-HRNGOs) in Syria within a time bound program of 15 months. Once Arab-spring succeeds in Syria the new US President (who will come in White House after 15 months) will easily take care of the success of Arab-spring in rest of NAME region.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Jefferson City - MO, USA

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