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Dialogue with Islamist

Alwihda Info | Par - 9 Août 2013

I am here to defend the legality of the military raped. I do not understand what is the role of the army? is not it to protect its people? I see, we all see that the army instead of going to fight Israel, she is hiding in the city. What's she doing in town? kill the people? is not it? the military has no place here in town.

Dialogue with Islamist
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He agreed to talk to Alwihda during a visit in the stronghold of the Islamist Al Rabya adawya where supporters of the ousted president, Mohammed Morsi, camp for over a month. They demand the release and rehabilitation of President Morsi, imprisoned by the military since July 3, 2013, in an undisclosed location. Mohammed, who claims to have resisted the army swear by God that he is ready to give his life for his battle against the army he said. Mohammed began the interview by asking questions that he himself placed on the role of the army.

Mohammed: I am here to defend the legality of the military raped. I do not understand what is the role of the army? is not it to protect its people? I see, we all see that the army instead of going to fight Israel, she is hiding in the city. What's she doing in town? kill the people? is not it? the military has no place here in town. You see the barracks are next to us in the neighborhoods. What was she doing this army in the city? (He gets mad ......) Do you know what she did and how many people she killed? We are more than 500 dead and 10,000 wounded. Is not it a crime? We are not against the Egyptian army but against criminals at the head of the army who kidnapped our legitimate president and suspended the constitution. The coup of General Alsissi and his band does not.

Alwihda: Why do you refuse to acknowledge that what happened on June 30, is a popular uprising against your power and the army intervened to prevent a bloodbath?

Mohammed: And the bloodshed was averted? (Pissed ...) I tell you that we are more than 500 dead and 10,000 wounded since the military intervention and God knows how many deaths will still yen. Should not you take us for fools. The generals have concocted coup with people Mubarak relying on disaffected youth. Has been a popular scenario and not a popular uprising.

Alwihda: Egyptian Islamists accuse of destroying the country and "fraternaliser" state. The army intervened to thwart the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood. What do you want your events? Is not it a waste of time to oppose the most powerful army in the region?

Mohammed: you kidding or what? We want to make Egypt the most stable countries in the region on the political, socio-economic and military, but not Islamize the country since Egypt is already a Muslim country. The opposition was unable to fight in the elections, she turned to nostalgic military leaders of the Mubarak era to dismiss a democratically elected president and thrown into prison. Do you find that normal demonized Islamists, chase, censor their newspapers, ban their eight televisions, freeze their assets and ultimately prevent them from demonstrating or doing politics? Is it because the army is powerful, we must let it go after you? Not at all. We will continue our work until the fall of the military regime. I promise you that these criminal leaders will be arrested and tried as is happening now in Turkey.

Alwihda: The government is asking you to stop demonstrations and vacate before Saturday. What will you do?
Mohammed: What government? the government ..... what's his name? ... what's his name the president of the army? (Laughs) I do not even remember his name (laughs) ... it is a guignolet is a puppet government that we do not recognize. We are ready to let go on the condition of release and rehabilitate our president kidnapped by the army.

Alwihda: So you're ready for a confrontation with the army from Saturday?
Mohammed: The answer must be asked for the coup. We are in our right to protest against the removal of a president kidnapped by a military coup. Unable to escape the fate and what God wants us to welcome him with joy. I was wounded twice during the event and Ramses during clashes Nasr Street where the army and police killed more than two hundred dead. I stayed a week at home before returning to Al Rabya adya. This is to tell you that we are committed and coup group to consider the consequences if we are provoked.

Alwihda: According to you what the consequences of the use of force to disperse you?
Mohammed: We demonstrate peacefully but if we are attacked, it will take several years to return to the current stability.
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Dialogue with Islamist
Alwihda: You are accused of possessing weapons and hide behind women and children to protect themselves? What kind of weapon you have to Rabyal Al adawya and Alnahda?
Mohammed: (laughs) We have missiles, tanks and fighter planes (irritated) Not be serious. Our only weapon is the "testimony". If we are armed why use women and children? Is not this a contradiction? The coup using all means to demonize us to justify the force they are preparing to use against us. They say we are terrorists supported by foreign as Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi ... they lie.

Alwihda: It was found that liberals and Muslim brothers attack the U.S. while apparently America has nothing to do with your problems. Obama refrained from interfering in Egyptian your business? Is it not time for both sides to seize this opportunity of neutrality to help you to find a solution?

Mohammed: What neutrality? Do we need to prove the anti-Islamism of the Great Satan? (Laughter) must be stupid not to know that America has never digested the advent of an Islamist state in my country and it's crazy to think otherwise. Morsi was the first president to have discussed a proposed "Arab common defense", the first president who broke the barriers of Rafah to allow Palestinians to stock up on food. It is open to Arab, African and Muslim world. America is behind the coup and the general Alsissi recognized when he said in the Washington Post that he was in daily contact with the U.S. Secretary of Defense. America has difficulty recognizing that what happened is a coup.

Alwihda: And if the government forgets you in your roundabouts?

Mohammed: No, we will not live in the streets. We'll go to plan B occupying strategic locations such as the airport and the paralysis is complete.

Alwihda: Tell me everything that feeds the world?
Mohammed: The food is not lacking. Everyone supports by providing one or more menus with him. In the bag that I wear, I have three menu. There are organizations that offer thousands of free menus.

Alwihda: These associations belong to the party of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Mohammed: Not necessarily. You know the military coup united Egyptians of all persuasions. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are only 20%.

Alwihda: While hoping that Egypt found a peaceful from its difficulties, what is your conclusion.
Mohammed: Despite the evil propaganda against us, you dared to visit us and you're surprised that we are normal people, peaceful and not terrorists. Thank Alwihda the first African newspaper that took the time to come on site to discover the reality. Thank you anyway, and we invite the African press to be interested in what happens to us as we are primarily African and the position of the African Union has been an honor for Africa.

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