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Hindu India through All Party Meeting ensures, Muslim Kashmir bleeds & weeps permanently

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 13 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- ‘Naukari peshaon ki jamat’ (Club of wage earners) the Indian Parliament can’t be expected to have creativity (ii)- For centuries of Muslim cruelties Hindu India taking revenge against Muslims through Kashmir (iii)- Hindus have taken out Hindu Kashmiri Pandits and have left Muslims at the mercy of Hindu Military with AFSPA etc (iv)- Hindus justify this by blaming Muslims for ethnic cleansing in Kashmir but forget such in Jammu during partition (v)- Without retrieving PoK there is no Kashmir solution (vi)- Only a genuinely secular party (presently none) in power at center can retrieve PoK (vii)- As Muslim religious leaders are also callous & apathetic about plight of Kashmiri Muslims (viii)- At least Muslim Farooq / Omar / JKNC should be concerned about plight of Kashmiri Muslims

-----During just conclude session lot of meaningless noise was raised in both Houses of Indian Parliament where MPs had shed crocodile tears over the hardship being faced by Kashmiris (due to unrest and curfew for the last 35 days). If anybody in beleaguered Kashmir expected anything better from this ‘Naukari peshaon ki jamat’ (Indian Parliament the club of wage earners who have now stared getting fixed salaries and allowances), then he / she was living in his / her make believe world.

Because MPs get wages from government of India (GOI) hence they are loyal to GOI and not to the people of India. This is evident from the fact that practically all opposition political parties have been saying that GOI should ensure that use of pellet guns is stopped and AFSPA etc are removed gradually from J&K. But in Rajyasabha (Upper House) where ruling BJP (part of Hindutva forces) is not in majority there also resolution was passed without mentioning these two measures (to be taken by GOI) which is for the simple reason that Hindu India does not want Muslim Kashmir to get succor.

Kashmiri Muslims do not understand that nothing is more a music to the ears of Hindus of rest of India than the sound of cries / weeping etc emanating from Muslims of Kashmir. Because for centuries of Muslim cruelties (by Muslim invaders and even rulers) the Hindu majority India is now taking revenge against Muslims through Kashmir. That is the reason Hindus have taken out Hindu Kashmiri Pandits and have left Muslims at the mercy of Indian security forces with AFSPA etc (with gross and horrible stories of human right violation of Kashmiris by these security forces despite NHRC which remains as white elephant as ever)

Hindus try to justify these cruelties on Muslim Kashmiris by giving example of cruelties perpetrated by Muslims against Hindu Kashmiri Pandits during late eighties and nineties (which of-course should be condemned in strongest terms). But Hindus very conveniently forget that just before and after partition in 1947 Jammu was reduced from Muslim majority to Hindu majority region by the same technique of ethnic cleansing as mentioned at:-

The lack of seriousness on the part of Hindu India to solve Kashmir problem is evident from what PM Modi said at this all party meeting on Friday. He did not inform when PoK will be retrieved (first by talking to Pakistan and then even militarily if necessary). This dereliction on the part of Modi is understandable because PoK can be retrieved only by a genuinely secular party in power at center and there is none in India at the moment, including BJP.

To be fair to Hindus in rest of India their political parties alone cannot be blamed for not being secular (which will bring relief to Muslim Kashmiris) when even Muslim Farooq / Omar / JKNC are also not concerned about plight of Kashmiri Muslims and are not trying to be secular etc and are not trying to come in favor of complete merger of J&K to India as mentioned at:-

Given this situation God only knows how Kashmiris will get succor when even religious leaders like Mirwaiz is also not coming forward to help profusely bleeding & weeping Kashmiri Muslims as mentioned at:-


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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