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Hollande doing drama by talking about Islamic terrorism without demanding

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 25 Janvier 2016

Bengaluru, India

Hollande doing drama by talking about Islamic terrorism without demanding (i)- Maulana in plane hijack case (ii)- Kashmir solution

Sub:- (i)- Entire world is afraid of taking action against India centric Jihadi terrorists of Pakistan due to potential of regime change in Pak (especially after ISIS factor) due to unresolved Kashmir problem (ii)- If Kashmir problem is not resolved without further delay, ISIS has every chance of getting established in Muslim Kashmir-AF-PAK region (iii)- World community should call bluff of India which goes round the world crying but does nothing to resolve Kashmir problem.

-- Visiting French President Francois Hollande is doing drama (quoting even November 13, 2015 terrorist attack at Paris) when he is showing sympathy with India which has been facing Islamic terrorism for decades (latest the January, 2 terrorist attack at Pathankot allegedly by JeM headed by Maulana Masood Azahar).

Had Hollande been serious about fighting Islamic terrorism then he should have demanded that Pakistan hand-over Maulana regarding his prison escape through plane hijack by his Jihadi terrorist colleagues as mentioned at:-

But like everyone else France also knows that as per media reports ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis (from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India etc) have laid down their lives for Muslim majority Kashmir (J&K). Hence any action against Pakistani Jihadi leaders (on the complaint of India which has done nothing to resolve gory & chronic Kashmir problem) will trigger a backlash in Pakistan which will culminate in regime change in theocratic Pakistan especially in Today’s time when ISIS has become darling of Jihadi terrorists all over the world and that too when ISIS is trying very hard to establish Caliphate in Khorasan region (which includes Pakistan on priority as it has nuclear weapons).

What ISIS can do in Indo-AF-PAK region is evident from the fact that (what to talk of AF-PAK region where ISIS has already entered in a considerable way) earlier India was denying that ISIS has any presence in India. But (in view of Jan, 26 Republic day celebrations in which Hollande is chief guest) after arrest of dozens of ISIS sympathizers / recruits from different parts of India the Muslim Kashmir-AF-PAK region will fall in the lap of Sunni ISIS if Kashmir problem is mishandled (not resolved) by the political leadership of not only India and Pakistan but of Afghanistan and rest of the world. This is bound to deeply influence ~ one billion Muslims (mostly Sunnis) of South and Southeast Asia, East of Shia Iran (once geographical barrier of Iran is broken)

Therefore if France and rest of the world-community is serious about fighting Islamic terrorism then they should call the bluff of India which goes round the world crying (about Islamic terrorism) but does nothing to resolve Kashmir problem (which is the key for eradicating Islamic terrorism in SAARC region).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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