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Muslims of SAARC should solve political problems of Muslim-World and restore glory of Islam

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 10 Mars 2015


Sub:- (i)- Muslims of NAME & reputation of Islam in problem and can be helped by Muslims of SAARC (ii)- SAARC Muslims should utilize Russian initiative to solve Syria problem (iii)- Finding initially ~ 2 million Muslim volunteers for 6 years from SAARC for glory of Islam, should not be problem (iv)- SAARC Muslims should ensure financial assistance of $ ~ 6 Billion per year to Russia from Muslims world-over (v)- Involvement of all Muslims and Muslim countries in this mission will revitalize Islam (vi)- Once Syria is normalized the problems in other Muslim countries can be solved (vii)- Indian involvement will be very helpful

Dear Editor

Media reports that Boko Haram the Nigeria-based terrorist organization (which is expert also in kidnapping of school girls in hundreds for sexual exploitation) has formally joined ISIS, wouldn't have raised grave concern all across the world had ISIS not indulged in anti-human-rights activities by resorting to unnecessary violence, brutalities, war crimes etc especially against minorities, women, children, old people. If human-rights catastrophic situation in Syria is also included (which was the main reason for the rise of ISIS) the present situation in NAME region does not bring any good name for Islam. The people who wish well for Islam and want peace everywhere on this earth should not be surprised if they find that Muslims of SAARC region (despite bloodshed in AF-PAK region) can solve this gory problem in NAME comparatively easily (given the seriousness and size of the problem) as given below :-

(1)- Fortunately Russia (which has great influence on Syrian regime) has started showing interest for solving problems in Syria. This is a great opportunity for Muslims to solve their problems world over if ~ 10 million volunteers can be mobilized over a period of 6 years as mentioned at

(2)- These ~ 10 million volunteers under the command and control of Russia need not be mobilized in first stage but in 5 stages of ~ 2 million each. First stage of 2 years for Syria and remaining stages of 1 year. Second stage for Iraq third for Middle East , fourth for North Africa and fifth (if necessary which is highly likely) for AF-PAK region. The first batch of ~ 2 million volunteers will be mainly Muslims from SAARC which has ~ 700 million Muslim population (1.7 million Muslim volunteers from SAARC + 0.3 million Hindus etc volunteers from India / SAARC).

(3)- According to a report released last year by a Washington-based think tank the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), in the US war against the ISIL (ISIS) terrorist group in Iraq and Syria “On an annualized basis, the lower-intensity air operations could cost $2.4 to $3.8 billion per year, the higher-intensity air operations could cost $4.2 to $6.8 billion per year”. Apart from this report of CSBA entire world knows that despite this US lead war there is no guarantee that peace will return to NAME region. .

(4)- In case UN does not come forward to carry out this mission (with volunteers) then Russia can carry-out these missions and can take care of all other expenses of these missions (by taking contributions from other countries including from USA and its Allies too who will be able to save Billion of Dollars of money every year by closing their military operations against ISIS etc in Middle East). But personal expenses of volunteers like (food, cloth except duty dress, soap, tooth-paste, Hair oil etc) should be provided by Muslims all over the world. This cost will be ~ 6 billion Dollars per year for ~ 2 million volunteers ( Rs 15, 000 per month as is the cost for personal expenses in India hence 3,000 Dollars per year per volunteer).

(5)- Given the tradition of Zakat etc in Islam, this $ ~ 6 billion per year can easily be given by Muslims world over. There are ~ 300 million Muslim families world over and if every Muslim family gives merely ~ 10 Dollars per year ( less than One Dollar per month) donation then it will be $ ~ 3 Billion per year. This donation can be given in ‘Daan Patra’ ('Donation Boxes' placed separately with this purpose written on these) placed in all the Mosques and at all Muslim pilgrim centers of the World (including famous at Mecca, Madina, Karbala, Nazaf, Dargah Garib Nawaj at Ajmer, Nizamuddin Dargah Delhi in India etc etc). Remaining $ ~ 3 Billion (rather more) can easily come if merely half dollar is donated from the sale proceeds of every barrel of Petroleum oil exported by OPEC and other oil producing Muslim Countries.

(6)- It does not require an expert on Socio - political mobilization to understand that involvement of all Muslims (Sunnis and Shias) and Muslim countries in these missions will revitalize Islam. Once this $ ~ 6 Billion is arranged by Muslims from World over for ~ 2 million volunteers for 2 years - it will create such tremendous momentum with success and peace in Syria that not only Muslims but remaining mankind will come forward to finance the entire mission of ~ 10 million volunteers in the interest of global peace. For this to happen Muslims from World over have to conduct meetings / conferences to chalk-out this program. India will be right place for these meetings / conferences because India not only has ~ 250 million Muslims but Hindus will also come forward as volunteers and all Indians have experience of working the largest democracy on earth which will be immensely helpful in establishing democracy in Syria and in other NAME countries.

(7)- Here two matters / issues are worth mentioning (i)- Due to mobilization of SAARC in these missions its problems like Kashmir, river water sharing, illegal immigrants etc will find peaceful solution satisfactory to all (ii)- Due to mobilization of SAARC and entire Muslim-World in these missions the problem of Israel - Palestine will also find solution which will take care of concerns of Jews too which are mainly from (A)- Unnecessary paranoid and acute insecurity complex of Jews born out of Jewish absurd desire of living separately in a Jewish State through two nation theory (B)- Unreasonable nuclear policy towards Iran while (instead of going for global de-nuclearization) granting some divine right to nuclear countries including India and Pakistan to have nuclear WMDs.

(8)- Fortunately in India one such ‘First High Profile International Conference on Intellectual Crises of the Muslim Ummah: Rethinking Traditional Solutions’ is taking place at Aligarh Muslim University on 6-7 April, 2015. Muslims can persuade the organizers of this Aligarh conference to include this agenda of mobilizing ~ 2 million Muslim volunteers from SAARC and $ ~ 6 Billion from entire Muslim-World for these missions. Indian Muslim and their NGOs, religious organizations etc can organize other global seminar / conference also.

(9)- It will serve the purpose (i)- If Muslims of SAARC etc can send their representative in Moscow April talk [through Government of India (GOI) as leader of SAARC for this mission] or in case GOI does not show interest then as representative of Muslims from SAARC and from rest of the World (ii)- If Muslims in their countries keep contact with Russian Embassies and Consulates regarding this matter.

It is hoped that Muslims of SAARC will rise to the occasion and (in tandem with Muslims from rest of the World) will bring peace and succor to entire Muslim World and also glory to Islam as mentioned above which may even lead to some new political realities / alignment between Russia, SAARC and some countries of NAME region for the benefit of all involved and rest of the mankind.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

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