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Obama after rightly signing NDRPEO should now lift civilian sanctions and instead order martial vessel embargo & attack on Iran

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 21 Mars 2012

Sub:- Obama after rightly signing NDRPEO should now lift civilian sanctions and instead order martial vessel embargo & attack on Iran.


Ref:- (i)- USA should constrain all nukes having countries to participate in this embargo and attack on Iran


(ii)- US confusion between martial, political and civilian issues - the main reason of Iran crises.


(iii)- When USA believes in “Under Control Martial Power To Others” (UCMPTO) policy then why meaningless civilian sanctions on Iran?


(iv)- If USA does not want humane global denuclearizing then it should be serious at least about UCMPTO policy.


(v)- Though important in itself but Palestinian specific issue should not be mixed by USA with Iranian nukes global issue.


(vi)- Instead of relying on IAEA / NPT regime report on Iran’s nuclear program why Obama penalizing Israel by putting unbearable burden on it in this matter?



On Friday Obama rightly signed‘National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order’ (NDRPEO). It has sent a correct message to rest of the world that now USA seems to be emerging out of its confusion between martial, political and civilian issues and which have been the main reason of Iran crises (martial issue of nuclear program of Iran and vessel embargo on Iran, political issue of State for Palestinians and civilian issue of economic sanctions on Iran). But merely this NDRPEO is not enough and USA needs to do the following extra in order to resolve the Iran crises:-


(1)- After victory in cold war presently the leader of uni-polar and free world, the USA is concerned about two pressing global problems, one in Syria and other in Iran. But it is evident that Syria problem does not need NDRPEO. It is mainly meant for large scale war which may erupt in NAME region too due to most likely impending Israel attack on allegedly fast nuclearizing Iran.


(2)- In this Israel – Iran crises there are two highly important issues (i)- Palestinian issue and (ii)- Nuclear program of Iran.


(3)- Though important in itself but Palestinian specific issue should not be mixed by USA with Iranian nukes global issue. In this Iran crises Palestinian issue is relevant for Israel and not for USA. Due to short sighted policies of USA & Allies (since the days of Balfour Declaration) instead of adopting ‘Secular One State’ policy the Palestinians were unnecessarily driven out of their land and forced to seek the absurd solution of ‘Two State Solution” (one State for Jews and other State for Palestinians) without realizing that this has made practically every Muslim in this world (secretly or openly) a sworn enemy of Jewish Israel and this has engendered ‘Insecurity Complex” in Israel and which is causing so much noise all over the world about existential threat to Israel in the face of nuclear Iran.


(4)- As far nuclear program of Iran it is a larger issue and involves every country of the world. Though it would have been better had USA adopted humane policy of forced de-nuclearizing through UN in a time bound program to get mankind rid of these WMDs. But to be fair to USA if it is pursuing the policy of “Under Control Martial Power To Others” (UCMPTO) then USA is not the first to practise this policy. Through-out the history of mankind dominant powers have been doing so. Even in India as recent as during Mughal rule of 16th to 18th century various kings / rulers in India were granted ‘Mansabdari’ by Mughal emperors at Delhi / Agra where these Kings were expected to keep certain accepted (by Mughals) number of army and fire power with them. More or less this arrangement was followed by Britishers too in India. Where, apart from other functions of Residents, British Crown used to keep a watch regarding these martial matters too through Residents in the courts of hundreds of rulers of Princely States of India.


(5)- In a nut shell if USA & Allies allow themselves and other countries including Israel, India, Pakistan etc to keep nuclear weapons (in pursuant to this UCMPTO policy) and do not allow Iran (in pursuant to this UCMPTO policy) to have these nukes then nothing wrong or new in it. Because USA & Allies think that unlike others Iran under Ayatollah is not manageable.


(6)- Now in order to implement this policy of UCMPTO, it is for the IAEA / NPT regime to report on Iran’s nuclear program. There is no valid reason why Obama should penalize Israel by putting this impossible and unbearable burden on Israel in this matter.


(7)- What is unethical about the thus far behavior of USA in regard to this UCMPTO policy is that when USA & Allies have been imposing sanctions on Iran for years then it is evident that they believe that the nuclear program of Iran is not merely for civil purpose but for military too. Then why USA & Allies have not taken martial& effective remedy of imposing vessel embargo and military attack on Iran (which is imperative under UCMPTO policy and that too in relation to nuclear WMDs endangering large part of mankind) and instead resorted to dereliction by way of either imposing civilian measures like meaningless and ineffective economic sanctions or by taking excuse of irrelevant (in this case of Iran crises) political issue of Palestinians.


(8)- No doubt (other than USA & Allies) most of the rest of the world does not have sympathy with Israel on Palestinian issue. But that does not mean that Israel (which has been made, by USA & Allies, to suffer said acute ‘Insecurity Complex’) should have been placed in such an excruciating situation that it is now single handed and pathetically moving round the world to stop the military nuclear program of Iran which otherwise is the ethical responsibility of USA (in view of its UCMPTO policy and which thus far has been pursued by USA in the matters of nuclear armaments).


(9)- Therefore Obama should immediately stop harassing Israel unnecessarily and should, without any further delay, take the responsibility of UCMPTO policy and after rightly signing NDRPEO should (along with its Allies) now lift civilian economic sanctions on Iran (which is lengthy and ineffective measure). Instead USA & Allies should impose martial vessel embargo forbidding foreign Ships to enter or any ship to leave the port of Iran (which is a quick solution and will also be liked by rest of the world which is in the grip of fear of petroleum crises due to lengthy remedy of economic sanctions).


(10)- Moreover USA & Allies should also, without any further delay, attack militarily at suspected nuclear sites of Iran where (as per AIAE / NPT regime) Iran is in the process of making nuclear armaments (and should not leave this burden on Israel alone to initiate this military attack on Iran).


(11)- But more important than any thing else - USA should constrain all the nuke having countries (including India, Pakistan, Russia, China) to participate in this vessel embargo and attack on Iran. Because any law (including international law related to UCMPTO, IAEA, NPT etc) is meaningless if not recognized and enforced by law enforcing agency (in this case all the nukes having countries who are beneficiaries of this international law).




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