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Open letter to King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and President Khalifa bin Al Nahyan of UAE

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 8 Février 2016

Bengaluru, India

Your Excellencies
King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and President Khalifa bin Al Nahyan of UAE

Sub:- (i)- Your Excellencies (YEs) should depend on ‘Mahaveers’ and not on ‘Veers’ for Syria solution (ii)- India (mainly ~ 200 million Indian Muslims) can be relied upon to provide effective and preferable non-violent assistance to solve Syria problem (iii)- Even objection of Government of India (if at all there) will not come in the way.

-- Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said in a public meeting at Mumbai -”[Those who dispense justice with violence are ‘Veer’ (brave like military etc) but with non-violence are ‘Mahaveer’ (Supreme brave)]”.

Hence while the media-reported offer of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and UAE to provide troops for fighting ISIS and to solve problem in Syria is laudable but it does not have chance to solve the problem because:-

(i)- Without putting adequate number of committed people (not necessarily military boots) on ground problem in Syria will not be solved.

(ii)- The precondition that said efforts of KSA & UAE should be led by the USA will not materialize for the simple reason that after fiasco in Afghanistan, Iraq and even aerial intervention in Libya the USA has lost appetite for putting boots on ground in any country.

(iii)- Syrian regime has already hinted at military response (which of course will be with the military support of Russia) to such military intervention by KSA & UAE by saying that - Syria would resist any ground incursion into its territory and send the aggressors home “in coffins” - hence it will lead to unnecessary and avoidable bloodshed

(iv)- Despite proposed military intervention KSA & UAE do not have (or have not disclosed) any strategy and plan to bring permanent stability and peace to Syria

Therefore YEs should seriously think about non-violent solution to gory problems in Syria, which can be emulated in other troubled countries of North Africa and Middle East (NAME). For this YEs should do the following in view of given below:-

(1)- First and foremost YEs should keep three points in mind (i)- The human rights of tens of millions of Muslims who are bleeding and weeping profusely in Syria / NAME for the last five years are to be restored without further delay (ii)- Hindus too but especially ~200 millions Muslims in India want to end fratricidal war (between Shias and Sunnis being stoked by others) and are prepared to do ANYTHING to restore peace in Syria / NAME (iii)- History will never forgive YEs if do not utilize the services of these non-violent Indian Jihadis (in the true sense of the word) for solving gory problems of Syria (and later in NAME) and instead leave the gory problems in Syria / NAME unresolved.

(2)- USA will not come that easily on the side of KSA & UAE in military operation but effective USA help and assistance can easily be got (through American Muslims) for HR non-violent mission (HRNVM) through former US Presidents who are always ready to help and assist for the cause of human rights. These former US President can be made ‘Margdarshak’ (Philosopher-guide) of this HRNVM and for Human Rights Volunteers (HRVs).

(3)- Non-Muslims can be spared but Muslims all over the world who can help and assist HRNVM but will not do so are bound to invite the wrath of Allah and Prophet Mohammed if what is said in Quran and by Prophet Mohammed has any truth in it. Being the global leader of Sunni Muslims (Holy sites of Mecca and Medina being on the soil of KSA giving immense wealth and influence to KSA) the KSA should take special interest in this HRNVM, otherwise Allah and Prophet Mohammed will see to it that rulers of KSA get exemplary punishment.

(4)- As per global norms of military, paramilitary and police personnel in any country even in troubled times in Syria this HRNVM (in a country of ~ 22 millions) number of Human Rights Volunteers (HRVs) required will be less than 1 % which is maximum two hundred thousands (these forces whatever already available in Syria are extra). YEs should invite these HRVs from India who will come from all religions, mainly from Muslims (both Sunnis and Shias). Leaders of these HRVs, Syrian regime, representatives of KSA,UAE, representatives of Syrian opposition and representatives of any other stakeholders will decide the plan of elections in Syria with in time bound period of one year after preparing voter list within six months (after inviting all the displaced Syrians to come back and rehabilitate in Syria).

(5)- In order to discourage Russia, a warring party in Syria, to inflict violence against these HRVs, Russians (including Russian Muslims) will also be included as HRVs (similarly some others with different identities).But even then in case violence takes place against HRVs and some or all HRVs are killed then HRVs as ‘Mahaveers’ will take it as likely hazards of this HRNVM.

(6)- Some may think that it is an Utopian idea and will not attract HRVs for such hazardous HRNVM. In response to this I can only say India is different and let KSA & UAE declare publicly that KSA & UAE are prepared to utilize the services of HRVs from India under the banner of KSA & UAE in the interest of bringing permanent peace and stability in Syria (through elections) and we will show that India will be able to register ~ 200,000 HRVs (0.1 % of only Muslim population in India) at the embassies of KSA & UAE for getting visa to KSA & UAE. [further Visa for Syria for these HRVs can be arranged by KSA & UAE when these HRVs reach USA or UAE]. In case Syria refuses visa to theses HRVs they will enter Syria in a non-violent march to carry out elections in Syria under HR friendly Democratic Federal Constitution. (KSA & UAE may think of any other plan & program to use these HRVs for bringing peace in Syria in a non-violent way)

(7)- It is expected that Government of India (GOI), will not come in the way of these HRVs going in Syria through KSA & UAE for this HRNVM. In case GOI does not allow these HRVc to leave India for this HRNVM by sea or air then these HRVs will march to Indian border / LOC for the purpose of going in border sharing countries (especially Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc) in the interest of ultimately going to KSA & UAE for this HRNVM. In case GOI stop these HRVs at border / LOC then of-course these HRVs will offer arrest and fill the prison in protest. [In case these HRVs are constrained to fill the prison by GOI then other Indians (especially Indian Muslims in millions and millions) will also fill the prison along with HRVs at border / LOC which is bound to constrain GOI to see reason]

(8)- It is expected that Muslim leaders from the only Muslim majority State (J&K) will take active interest in HRNVM and may be even in the leadership of HRVs. Not only Kashmiri separatist Muslim leaders like Yasin Malik, Syed Geelani, Mirwaiz, Shabir Shah etc but incidentally (rather a blessing in disguise) due to Governor rule in J&K nowadays Farooq and Omar Abdullahs, Mehbooba Mufti and their party leaders are also free and they should take more than active interest in this HRNVM and in recruiting HRVs for this mission (this will help in solving chronic and gory Kashmir problem too).

(9)- Here it is in context to add if KSA & UAE consent then the leadership of HRVs (not necessarily of HRNVM) can be given to Yasin Malik. Because he relinquished the path of violence and has been following the path of no-violence. India has tradition of venerating such people as was done in case of Valmiki (who was even a dacoit who not only killed innocent people but unlike Yasin also plundered them) who wrote original Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’. Hence Yasin Malik has every right to experience the majesty of non-violence which can be known to only ‘Mahaveers’ and not to ‘Veers’.

(10)- Syria is oil rich country hence the cost of HRNVM can be recovered from Syria by KSA & UAE over a period of time once peace returns to Syria.

It is hoped YEs (King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and President Khalifa bin Al Nahyan) will not mind pursuing above mentioned out of box non-violent solution in the interest of bringing succor to tens of millions of profusely bleeding and weeping Muslims in Syria / NAME.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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