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Peaceful Kashmir solution impossible after Saudi Arabia sponsored Caliphate

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 31 Décembre 2015

Edina - MN, USA

Sub:- (i)- Sunnis want unnecessary-blood-shedding ISIS to disappear only when replaced with human-rights-friendly Caliphate led by Saudi Arabia (ii)- Kashmir solution / ‘Akhand Bharat’ impossible after Saudi Arabia sponsored to-be Caliphate (iii)- Ram Madhav need not be cowed down rather should press for ‘Akhand Bharat’ (iv)- Pakistan will live either with India (Akhand Bharat) or with ‘Saudi Arabia sponsored Sunni Caliphate’

-- Practically everyone has tried in media to play-down or pooh-pooh the recent controversy over a remark by Ram Madhav (the General Secretary of ruling BJP and with RSS links) about ‘Akhand Bharat’ (India with Pakistan and Bangladesh), but it is a much serious issue (due to Saudi Arabia sponsored to-be Caliphate) than being projected.

Given the history of Indian sub-continent it was clear to everyone that without unification of Kashmir there is no Kashmir solution and neither Pakistan nor India will ever give to other side whatever area of J&K (Kashmir) is with them. Like Bangladesh (which after separation from Pakistan demolished two nation theory, the basis of India’s partition on religious basis hence should have been assimilated back in India but not) at some point Pakistan would have agreed to independence of at-least Muslim Kashmir (on both side of LOC) if not of entire J&K in order to bring a new Muslim country (carved out of India) in existence but for the same reason India would never agree to it.

Hence it left only one solution, the military solution, to Kashmir problem. Pakistan, smaller than India, tried to take Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc but unlike Hindu majority Goa India never tried to take Muslim majority POK militarily. Moreover after India and Pakistan both became nuclear power in 1998 the only solution left was ‘Akhand Bharat’ (starting with unified India and Pakistan), which could become reality under international pressure if nuclear India tried military solution against nuclear Pakistan to retrieve POK.

This was the main reason that I also tried (but did not materialize) this military solution by taking the help of Indian Judiciary where Government of India (GOI) was to be questioned by High Court / Supreme Court that instead of taking POK why military of GOI is training guns at Indian citizens, the people of J&K, under AFSPA etc as mentioned at:-

But after this month’s coalition of 34 Sunni Muslim countries (10 more such countries are claimed to be joining this coalition in near future and which is rightly perceived by Western commentators as precursor to Sunni Caliphate) declared by Saudi Arabia (SaAr) to fight terrorism of ISIS etc the situation has changed fundamentally as given below:-

(1)- In normal circumstances this month’s UNSC resolution about Syria would have satisfied every one that now solution to Syria problem and its political stabilization through elections will soon be there. But Sunni leader SaAr knows better that its rival Shia leader Iran (which is engaged in thick Shia - Sunni war with SaAr in not only in Syria and Iraq but also in Yemen) has got and will further get tremendous boost (i)- After USA brokered nuclear deal with Iran releasing sanctions against Iran and providing over 100 Billion Dollars to Iran (ii)- After Russia intervened militarily in Syria in September, 2015 on the side of President Assad Government in Syria supported by Iran (iii)- After Sunni ISIS (which came in existence due to gross injustice to Sunnis in Syria and Iraq) is eliminated with the help of Sunni SaAr (which will bring huge unpopularity and ill-will for SaAr from Sunni Muslims across the World if ISIS is not replaced with human-rights-friendly Caliphate led by SaAr).

(2)- The idea of Sunni Caliphate started by ISIS (which did not go further because it indulged in unnecessary violence and cruelties) has now become the need of Sunni leader SaAr, also for the simple reason that the World comprises mainly of four major groups the Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus. The Christians are economically & militarily powerful hence their many countries of developed West do not matter. Chinese and Hindus are solidly in one country each. It is only Muslims of developing world who are living in different countries hence are unable to become reckonable military power (crucial for deciding any international dispute / issue especially in this age of globalization) because their resources are divided in meaninglessly repetitive / similar assets & activities . Therefore Sunni Muslims all over the world (who are bleeding and weeping profusely in many countries) find the idea of one Caliphate for them (as given by ISIS), very attractive.

(3)- Idea of Caliphate (given by ISIS) has tremendous appeal among Sunni Muslims (~ 85 % of ~ 2 Billion Muslim population) across the world due to one more reason. ISIS Caliphate is prepared to face militarily any power (including superpower West, the Christian USA & its Allies and Russia) in order to protect Islamic way of life (as is seen by ISIS may be wrongly being unnecessarily violent, regressive and anti-human rights). But its ultimate courage / sacrifice is appreciated by Sunni Muslims.

(4)- Therefore SaAr will try to establish Sunni Caliphate (to start with) in geographically continuous NAME region which will not show any cowardice while protecting its vital interests. Remaining countries (out of 44 Sunni Muslim countries) may join this Caliphate or come in alliance with this Caliphate in order to achieve its stated objective of fighting terrorism of ISIS etc. and to solve other problems being faced by Sunni Muslims. Therefore it is only a matter of time that this Sunni Caliphate first comes in existence in NAME region and then Pakistan etc are asked to join this Sunni Caliphate (especially nuclear Pakistan).

(5)- Once this Sunni Caliphate of SaAr crosses the geographical barrier of Iran and enters AF-PAK region then to make remaining Muslim Countries (out of these 44 countries of alliance) Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives as members, will simply be a cakewalk for this Sunni Caliphate (which will influence ~ one Billion Muslims of South & South-East Asia, half the population of Muslim World). And then Pakistan is bound to press for military solution to Kashmir problem (which, as per media and Kashmiri separatists, has already claimed the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc). Pakistan (in this Caliphate of reckonable military power equal if not bigger than India) will certainly try to achieve militarily solution to Kashmir problem without any concern for nuclear catastrophe (because at-least the Jihadis of this ‘Sunni Caliphate’ will consider it further martyrdom in the service of Islam).

Therefore India should not be carried away & be-fooled by recent bonhomie between PMs Modi and Nawaz Sharif. Rather Ram Madhav need not be cowed down and should press through his party BJP, RSS, his party’s Government etc for ‘Akhand Bharat’. Because before Sunni Caliphate of SaAr claims Pakistan, the Hindu majority India should try to take POK militarily so that international community may work for ‘Akhand Bharat’ otherwise what to talk of ‘Akhand Bharat’, Hindus should be prepared to forget even ‘Bharat’.

Regards & Happy New Year

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Edina - MN, USA

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