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Rohingya-crises windfall for Jihadis and brings Sunni-Caliphate one step nearer to realization

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 14 Septembre 2017

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Half of Sunni-Muslim-world population (East of Shia-Iran) is ALSO NOW angered with another religion (ii)- Entire Sunni-Muslim population angered with another religion / sect of Islam (unsupported by powerful USA / West in contrast to Israel) is a ticking bomb.

----As expected United Nations so-far has done nothing worthwhile about Myanmar crisis similarly as it so-far has done nothing worthwhile to solve humanitarian crises in NAME / Syria. The on-going crises in Buddhist majority Myanmar (from where out of minority community about four hundred thousand Rohingya-Muslims have fled the country and ~ 1,000 killed, due to excesses by security forces of Myanmar in the wake of Jihadi-terrorist attacks on several police stations in Myanmar) has brought Sunni-Caliphate one step nearer to realization as explained below:-

(1)- There are four major human groups in this world namely Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus. The call given by Baghdadi of ISIS in 2014 caught the imagination of Sunni-Muslims (~ 85 % of total 1.8 Billion Muslims out of ~ 7.5 Billion population of the world) for the simple reason that Muslims are the only people who do not have one military authority hence Muslims are militarily weak with the result nobody bothers about solving the problems of Muslims who are bleeding and weeping profusely all over the world including in NAME / Syria, AF-PAK-Kashmir regions etc. Other three major human groups have their military under one authority namely Christian West through NATO, Chinese and Hindus due to being one country.

(2)- For some time after 2014 Caliphate lost initial appeal due to (i)- Unnecessary violence / cruelties perpetrated by ISIS especially on children, women and old people (ii)- Efforts by Saudi Arabia (SaAr) to launch a military alliance of about 40 Sunni-Muslim countries with former army Chief General Sharif of Pakistan as Chief Commander of this Sunni-NATO (as is popularly known) in the interest of bringing peace in NAME region (including and especially in Syria). (iii)- Approval of Sunni-NATO by US President Trump who motivated Muslim countries present at SaAr on May 21, 2017 to take-on Iran to change the regime in Iran and to eliminate terrorism by Shia Jihadi terrorists sponsored by Iran in Sunni majority countries of NAME (including in Syria).

(3)- But Prez Trump and SaAr did nothing about above mentioned with the result humanitarian problems in NAME (including Syria) remain as usual. Moreover problems in AF-PAK-Kashmir region remain unresolved where also Muslims are bleeding & weeping as usual. This was already reviving the appeal of Caliphate (whether under the leadership of Baghdadi or some other Jihadi from ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc if Baghdadi is dead, as per media reports which have reported many times Baghdadi as killed). But there was one big problem for Caliphate in roping-in Muslims East of Pakistan & Kashmir in favor of Caliphate because there was no enemy of Muslims from other religion in this region (having Muslim majority countries of Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia and countries having Muslims as minority but in substantial numbers as Philippines etc). Even Muslims of India have not been alienated so far (up to 2014).

(4)- But now with said Rohingyas crises the Sunni-Muslims East of Shia-Iran (which is ~ half of Sunni-Muslim population) have turned against Buddhist Myanmar. Even in Hindu majority India the way Muslims are being treated under present dispensation including by media (with government at Centre and in majority of States by BJP of Hindutva Forces) alienation of Muslims is increasing by the day (incidentally Buddhism is also considered a variant of Hinduism as is evident from Section 2 (1) (b) of Hindu Marriage Act where Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs and Jains are all termed as Hindus)

In the backdrop of Rohangia-crises such grave development about Sunni-Muslims in East of Iran is a windfall for Jihadis and especially for Caliphate and if nothing is done by world-community (to address this phenomenon of blood-thirsty Caliphate’s fast increasing appeal in entire Sunni-Muslim world) then it may be too late.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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