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The English Premier League kicks off on BBC Africa

Alwihda Info | Par Alwihda Info - 4 Août 2015

From Saturday 8 August, football fans in Africa can follow the exciting live action of the new season of the Barclays Premier League in four languages. BBC Africa will bring commentary from matches of the world-famous league to football fans across the continent - in French, Hausa, Somali and Swahili.

Broadcasts are available on BBC FM stations and partner radio networks. The programmes provide live match commentary and also interaction with pundits and fans across the continent via satellite links, telephone, SMS and social-media channels. Live updates from matches will also offered via live pages for each of these services on, giving fans the chance to keep up with the matches wherever they are.

Solomon Mugera, BBC Africa Editor, says: “We know that the English Premier League has millions of supporters from all across Africa and are very happy to be launching the season once again. Our commentary brings the thrill of these matches directly to fans, and there is more to come. In response to our audience’s growing interest in all things English Premier League, we want to give them an all access pass to players and clubs as well featuring the people who are the league’s heartbeat: its fans. Look out for our new and exciting online extras to support this season.”

Details of Services:

BBC Hausa

Weekly on Sharhin Gasar Premier League, commentators are Aminu Kado and Aliyu Tanko.

BBC Hausa reaches an audience of 18. 1million every week across Nigeria, Niger, and parts of Ghana and Benin. It is broadcast via 14 local FM stations.

BBC Hausa has over 872,000 fans on Facebook and over 110,000 followers on Twitter (as of July 2015).

Hausa-speakers anywhere in the world can access BBC Hausa multimedia content at

BBC Afrique (French)

Weekly on Samedi Foot, commentator is Emmanuel Coste.

BBC Afrique reaches an audience of 12.7million every week and provides content for 23 countries across Africa. It is broadcast via eight local FM stations.

BBC Afrique has over 382,000 fans on Facebook and over 124,000 followers on Twitter (as of July 2015).

French-speakers anywhere in the world can access BBC Afrique multimedia content at

BBC Somali

Weekly on Tabinta Tooska ah ee Tartanka Premier League-ga Ingiriiska ee Sabtida, commentators are Ahmed Abdinur and Mohamed Deysane.

BBC Somali reaches an audience of 3.5 million every week across Kenya, Somali, Djibouti and parts of Ethiopia. It is broadcast via four local FM stations.

BBC Somali has over 299,700 fans on Facebook and over 32,000 followers on Twitter (as of July 2015).

Somali-speakers anywhere in the world can access BBC Somali multimedia content at

BBC Swahili

Weekly on Ulimwengu wa Soka, commentators are Salim Kikeke and Hamisi Kizigo.

BBC Swahili reaches an audience of 16.6 million every week across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and parts of Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi. It is broadcast via 21 local FM stations.

BBC Swahili has over 973,000 fans on Facebook and over 55,000 followers on Twitter (as of July 2015).

Swahili-speakers anywhere in the world can access BBC Swahili multimedia content at

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