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Two-pronged Saudi aggression condemned; FCO silent on Alkhalifa persecution of HR defenders

Alwihda Info | Par Bahrain Freedom Movement - 12 Avril 2015

The two-pronged Saudi aggression has led to flare-up of emotions among the natives of the Gulf. While continuing the merciless bombing of Yemen and the obliteration of whole communities in the poorest Arab nation, the Saudi clan dispatched its terror machines to the Eastern Province of the Arabian Peninsula to attack peaceful civilians. On Sunday 5th April scores of armoured vehicles heavily laden with soldiers and machine guns attacked the town of Awwamiyah to arrest its youth following anti-war protests in the area. Houses were attacked and at least four natives were arrested and taken to the notorious torture chambers run by the Saudi clan. There were skirmishes with the people that led to the death of one of the regime’s attackers. The houses of Ali Al Zayed and Mohammad Al Faraj in Awwamiyah Town were raided. The brothers of Martyr Zuhair Al Saeed (killed by Saudis on 10th February 2012) were arrested in those raids.

The Bahrainis, on their part, continued their protests against the illegitimate Saudi war on Yemen. Protests and demonstrations swept across many of the towns and villages, but the regime’s mercenaries used large amounts of chemical and tear gases as well as shotguns against the peaceful protesters. Bahrainis have rejected the participation by Alkahlifa clan in the aggression, which is offensive, not defensive war on the people with no international legitimacy. The scene of an eventual Saudi and Alkhalifa defeat is gradually emerging especially in light of the refusal by Pakistan and Turkey to take part in the aggression.

On the internal front, the Alkhalifa regime escalated its persecution of native Bahrainis, encouraged by the prospect of increased Saudi support should they need it. On 2nd April the world-renowned human rights activist, Nabeel Rajab, was arrested and charged with undermining the regime’s credibility and accusing a government institution of improper conduct. Nabeel has stood up against the enormous human rights abuses committed in the past few weeks against the political prisoners at Jaw Prison. He has been remanded in custody until 4th May as revenge and punishment. Tens of international human rights bodies have reacted angrily to the repeated attack on Bahraini human rights defenders especially Nabeel Rajab. Index on Censorship has condemned the arrest and called for Rajab’s immediate release: “Bahrain must stop the harassment of Nabeel Rajab,” Index on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg said. “The country has committed publicly to respecting human rights, but continues to flout its international commitments by denying its citizens the right to peaceful protest, peaceful assembly, and to free expression.” Also, PEN International has called on the Government of Bahrain “to drop all charges against prominent activist and internationally recognised human rights defender Nabeel Rajab. His arrest, in response to his speaking out about an outbreak of violence at Central Prison in Bahrain, is yet another attempt to suppress his legitimate right to freedom of expression. “ PEN International calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all those currently detained in the Kingdom of Bahrain solely for the peaceful exercise of their right to free expression. They were infuriated also by the arrest and torture of Hussain Jawad, another prominent human rights activist. Bahrain’s dictator, on advice from foreign experts, has extended his detention despite the repeated calls for his release. His trial has been repeatedly adjourned and is now due to be held on 22nd April. Scores on international human rights bodies have reacted angrily to Mr Jawad’s torture.

The arrests, detention and kidnapping of native Bahrainis has continued unabated. In the week from 30th March to 5th April at least 44 people were arrested including one woman and eight children. On 5th April a popular orator, Sayed Sadiq Al Maliki, was summoned by the prosecutor’s office for interrogation. He was detained for one week. From Bilad Al Qadeem Hajji Saleh Al Basri and Ali Muhanna were arrested after last night’s protest calling for the release of Sheikh Ali Salman. From Sanabis, Fadhel Abbas, in his teens, was taken to Wing No 1 at Jaw Prison after being snatched by members of Alkhalifa Death Squads. On his return on 5th April from London where he was studying, Elias Fakhrawi was arrested at the airport. Ahmad Ali Yousuf from Abu Saiba/AlShakhoura was arrested. He had been sentenced to eleven years for taking part in anti-regime protests. From Duraz, five native Bahrainis were arrested: Ali Mohammad Hajji, Mohsin Ali Baddao, Sayed Ali Sayed Alawi and Sayed Nasser Sayed Majed. From Sanabis Ali Al Singace was detained. Yesterday the regime exacted revenge on the eldest activist in the country. Hajji Majeed (nicknamed Hajji Sumood (steadfast)) was subjected to horrific treatment after taking part in a protest calling for political rights and relese of political prisoners.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8th April 2015

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