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Vanke Attended UN Climate Change Conference in Morocco Along with Other Chinese Enterprises to Join Hands to Tackle Climate Change

- 17 Novembre 2016

(Marrakesh, Morocco, Nov.17, 2016) The 2016 UN Climate Change Conference was successfully held in Marrakesh, Morocco. Delegates from the Chinese government, NGOs, enterprises, and other sectors attended the conference and took part in the China Pavilion Enterprise Day, a side event sponsored by the Vanke Foundation. Director Xie Zhenhua China's Special Representative on Climate Change, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the President of COP 20, the former Minister of Environment of Peru and WWF’s practice leader of Climate & Energy project, Andrew Steer the President and CEO of World Resources Institute, Wang Shi the Chairman of Vanke Group and founder of C-Team, along with Ken Berling, President and CEO of Climate Reality Project gave keynote speeches at the event and briefed on the efforts of Chinese enterprises to tackle climate change, save energy, and reduce emission.

The theme of this year’s China Pavilion was “Together to A Sustainable Urbanization”. During the conference, Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke Group, Qian Xiaohua, President of SEE Conservation, Tong Shumeng, Vice President of SEE Conservation, Chen Jinsong, President of China Urban Realty Association (CURA), and Tian Ming, Vice President of CURA, successively gave briefs on the preliminary achievements of Chinese enterprises in carbon emission reduction and the program of “Chinese Real Estate Industry’s Green Supply Chain Action”. Meanwhile, White Paper for Chinese Real Estate Industry’s Green Supply Chain Procurement Specifications, China’s first guide for the green supply chain procurement, was also released on the China Pavilion China Enterprise Day.

It’s an internationally accepted and effective market-oriented emission reduction mechanism to reduce the overall emission of industrial chain through the green supply chain management and procurement. “The Chinese Real Estate Industry’s Green Supply Chain Action” was jointly launched by dozens of Chinese real estate enterprises, including CURA and Vanke Group and currently involves 70 enterprises whose total annual sales add up to more than 1 trillion CNY. They made a joint commitment under the guidance of a common procurement guide: They will manage their own supply chains, make their whole supply chains green and improve environmental benefits and resource utilization efficiency from multiple dimensions, including the source of raw material procurement, production process and end consumption and undertake their responsibilities for China’s social development and environmental protection.

Wang Shi said, “The strength of one enterprise is limited, so it requires the concerted efforts of all sectors of society to tackle global climate change.” In 2014, Vanke Group joined WWF’s project of “Climate Saver” and promised to reduce its cumulative carbon dioxide emission by 5.3 million tons by 2018. In 2014, the green buildings of Vanke Group accounted for 36% of China’s green buildings. As of now, they account for 50%. According to the Chinese Real Estate Green Supply Chain Index Research Report released in 2016, Vanke Group ranked No.1 among the 132 listed Chinese real estate enterprises with a green supply index of 96.35, making it a leading enterprise in green supply chain management.

Presently, China accounts for about 20.09% of global carbon emission, making it the No.1 carbon emitter around the globe. Specifically, China’s real estate industry accounts for 40% of China’s carbon emission and 8% of the global carbon emission. This shows that China’s urbanization requires the establishment of green supply chains to enhance the coordinated development of economy, society and environment. Wang Shi believes that enterprises at the core of industrial supply chains play a critical role in making the whole chain green and that the establishment of green supply chain procurement specifications is conducive to guiding green procurement and consumption and in turn, stimulating the synergistic emission reduction of supply chains to promote the coordinated development of the economy, society and environment.

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